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One of the things that’s tough when you’re spiffing up your house is figuring out a way to display your collections without looking like a crazy person. Though, let’s face it—you could have nothing but a single pair of mouse ears in your house and there’s always gonna be someone who will spot it and decide you’re a Disney fanatic and spend the rest of her life sending you crap with Mickey Mouse on it.

When we finally realized we needed professional help (with the apartment, that is!), we found up-and-coming interior designer Leslie Landis through her home tours on Apartment Therapy. She’s been helping me redirect my bright-color mania into an interior style that’s more sophisticated than I am capable of on my own (i.e., less like an exploded box of crayons). I really really wanted a classy-looking living room, and she delivered!

Part of the way she managed this was to restrict most of our Disney tchotchkes collection to our apartment’s two built-in bookcases and the library of Ikea Billy bookcases in our living room. We took everything off the shelves and decided where all the lights should sit. Then she spent two days figuring out how to put it all back in a way that looked good. Of course, now we’re terrified to move even one book lest her perfect design come undone, but at least it’s kept us from acquiring more!

I like how you can stand in the entrance and think our living room looks pretty darn grown up…

 photo 082.jpg

…And then turn around and it’s a DISNEY-SPLOSION!!!!

 photo Carriatrick - 055 1.jpg

Patrick’s beloved Sideshow Muppet busts.
 photo 074.jpg

Kevin Kidney & Jody Daily’s Disneyland Cast Member figurines, one for each land!
 photo 073.jpg

Leslie also helped us liberate some of our Beastlies, which live mostly in display cases after Nacho (a.k.a., The World’s Bitey-est Cat) zombiefied a bunch of them.

 photo 078.jpg

 photo 079.jpg

 photo 075.jpg

Why yes that IS a bear carved out of Ivory soap by a third-grade me!
 photo 076.jpg

 photo Disneyland LA - 1247 1.jpg

I’ll do a separate post on our Mary Blair dining room, but here are the wonders Leslie wrought with the bookshelf!

 photo 084.jpg

And here’s what she did with the office shelves!

 photo 143.jpg

Thanks to the Roots for all these lovely photos of our Disney mania!


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