Fozzie Bear: The Cake!

November 4, 2014

Since I’m not going to have time to write a full trip report of our 72 hours at WDW in September, I’ll try breaking up the interesting bits into individual posts. I’ve already covered Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings 2014 Bridal Showcase and Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party + Villains’ Sinister Soiree. Today is all about the cake!

Because I am the only one cake-obsessed enough to maintain the DISboards’ Official Cake Chatter thread, I like to order a cake each time we go to Walt Disney World so I can post more info and inspiration for that thread’s fans. I have had many great experiences working with Chef Brian at the Contemporary Resort over the years, so I turned to him when I decided I wanted to surprise Patrick with a cake featuring his favorite Muppet.

Unfortunately, Disney is scared to let its pastry chefs re-create character likenesses lest they turn out off-model, so my initial idea to do a Fozzie version of this Animal cake wouldn’t work. The only likeness they’re allowed to do is a screen print of a “character jamboree”-style image featuring all the main Muppets. I kinda hate screen prints on cakes, so that was out.

Instead, I asked the chef to create a Fozzie-inspired cake covered in brown buttercream “fur,” wrapped in Fozzie’s polka-dot tie and topped with his hat. This is how it turned out…

The cake turned out EXACTLY as I’d pictured it, with amazingly accurate buttercream fur in exactly the right shade. The moment he spotted it, Patrick exclaimed, “Fozzie!” and his face lit up like a kid’s. Priceless!

Even better, this cake tasted fantastic! I have officially found my all-time favorite Disney cake flavor combo. I asked for chocolate cake with a filling of layered chocolate ganache and peanut butter buttercream frosting (NOT mousse cuz Disney’s peanut butter mousse is so bland). I was trying to replicate the taste of BoardWalk Bakery’s late, lamented chocolate-peanut butter cake slice, and it worked! The fudgey chocolate ganache made all the difference, and the buttercream “fur” all over the cake didn’t hurt!

For complete details on ordering a custom cake, check out my How to Special Order a Cake at Walt Disney World page. If you already know the drill and just want the options and phone numbers for each park and resort, see Walt Disney World Cake Options by Location.


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