Those of you who see this annually, bear with me. I get a lot of questions this time of year about helping decorate Dick Van Dyke’s house for Halloween. It was this crazy fluke that we knew somebody who knew somebody who helped Van Dyke stage his legendary Halloween displays.

Dick Van Dyke LOVES Halloween—he says it’s like Christmas for him, and he likes to go all-out to have the most gruesome, over-the-top display on the block. So for five years we had the privilege of being on the team of folks who helped him, er, execute his vision. In 2013 Van Dyke decided to hang up his gore-covered boots, and he’s since been celebrating in a more low-key fashion. But we’ll always be grateful for the short time we got to participate in his annual tradition.

I didn’t get up the gumption to start documenting things until our third year, but you can read more details and see photos from the three years I did document below…

Halloween at Dick Van Dyke’s House

Halloween 2011: The Biggest Yet!

Halloween 2012: Monster Alley!

(…with bonus shots of James Cameron’s Halloween display!)



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