Last week we attended the preview for Van Eaton Galleries’ upcoming auction, The Story of Disneyland, which features a mind-boggling array of art and artifacts from the Disney parks amassed by a single collector. Patrick had a chance to chat with him a bit and learned that he’s been collecting for 30 years and found a lot of the items in estate sales and by being in the right place at the right time. Now he’s down-sizing in preparation for a move. But what I want to know is, if this is the stuff he’s selling, what treasures must he be keeping?!

While most of the best lots are way out of our price range (anyone wanna give me 15 grand for that Enchanted Tiki Room flower boat?), the auction also includes more affordable ephemera, including gorgeously illustrated pamphlets and colorful shopping bags. (Just be sure to check eBay first if you’re considering bidding, since some of the items can be found there for a lot less than the estimated bid amounts for this auction).

The preview was like a smaller, friendlier museum exhibit, including carts out front dispensing free churros, popcorn and Dole Whips. I loved being able to get up close to original artwork by John Hench, Herb Ryman and Sam McKim, not to mention being closer than anyone ever used to be able to get to the booze-drinking pirate or the tiki birds!

Here’s a TON of photos Patrick took for you guys. You can find complete details for each item (and its estimated selling price) in the official auction catalog.

 photo IMG_6060.jpg
 photo IMG_6061.jpg
 photo IMG_6062.jpg
 photo IMG_6063.jpg
 photo IMG_6064.jpg
 photo IMG_6065.jpg
 photo IMG_6066.jpg
 photo IMG_6067.jpg
 photo IMG_6069.jpg
 photo IMG_6070.jpg
 photo IMG_6071.jpg
 photo IMG_6072.jpg

 photo IMG_6068.jpg

Original Storybookland building perched atop a table and chairs from Club 33

 photo IMG_6073.jpg
 photo IMG_6074.jpg
 photo IMG_6075.jpg
 photo IMG_6076.jpg
 photo IMG_6077.jpg
 photo IMG_6078.jpg
 photo IMG_6079.jpg
 photo IMG_6080.jpg
 photo IMG_6081.jpg
 photo IMG_6082.jpg
 photo IMG_6083.jpg
 photo IMG_6084.jpg
 photo IMG_6085.jpg
 photo IMG_6086.jpg
 photo IMG_6087.jpg
 photo IMG_6088.jpg
 photo IMG_6089.jpg
 photo IMG_6090.jpg
 photo IMG_6091.jpg

 photo IMG_6092.jpg

I love how the Sign Department’s own sign is more elaborately detailed than just about anything actually in Disneyland!

 photo IMG_6093.jpg
 photo IMG_6094.jpg
 photo IMG_6095.jpg
 photo IMG_6096.jpg
 photo IMG_6097.jpg
 photo IMG_6098.jpg
 photo IMG_6099.jpg

 photo IMG_6100.jpg

Original finial from the roof of the Dole Whip booth at Disneyland’s Enchanted Tiki Room, which was saved from demolition by an Imagineer when the shack was rebuilt in 2000.

 photo IMG_6102.jpg photo IMG_6101.jpg
 photo IMG_6103.jpg
 photo IMG_6104.jpg

 photo IMG_6105.jpg

How amazing is this TIki Room Hostess dress? That pattern!

 photo IMG_6106.jpg
 photo IMG_6107.jpg
 photo IMG_6108.jpg
 photo IMG_6109.jpg
 photo IMG_6110.jpg
 photo IMG_6111.jpg
 photo IMG_6112.jpg
 photo IMG_6113.jpg
 photo IMG_6114.jpg
 photo IMG_6115.jpg
 photo IMG_6116.jpg
 photo IMG_6117.jpg
 photo IMG_6118.jpg
 photo IMG_6119.jpg
 photo IMG_6120.jpg
 photo IMG_6121.jpg
 photo IMG_6122.jpg

 photo IMG_6124.jpg

 photo IMG_6125.jpg

“Back off, man!”

 photo IMG_6126.jpg
 photo IMG_6127.jpg
 photo IMG_6128.jpg
 photo IMG_6129.jpg
 photo IMG_6130.jpg
 photo IMG_6131.jpg

 photo IMG_6132.jpg

Original John Hench concept art for men’s Haunted Mansion costume

 photo IMG_6133.jpg
 photo IMG_6134.jpg
 photo IMG_6135.jpg
 photo IMG_6136.jpg
 photo IMG_6137.jpg

 photo IMG_6138.jpg

These apples from Snow White’s Scary Adventures are super-rare because so many of them were stolen.

 photo IMG_6139.jpg
 photo IMG_6140.jpg
 photo IMG_6141.jpg
 photo IMG_6142.jpg
 photo IMG_6143.jpg
 photo IMG_6144.jpg
 photo IMG_6145.jpg
 photo IMG_6146.jpg

 photo IMG_6147.jpg
 photo IMG_6148.jpg
 photo IMG_6149.jpg
 photo IMG_6150.jpg
 photo IMG_6151.jpg
 photo IMG_6152.jpg
 photo IMG_6153.jpg

 photo IMG_6154.jpg

Fish from Submarine Voyage!

 photo IMG_6155.jpg

Devil from Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride!

 photo IMG_6156.jpg
 photo IMG_6157.jpg
 photo IMG_6158.jpg
 photo IMG_6159.jpg

 photo IMG_6161.jpg

 photo IMG_6162.jpg


 photo IMG_6163.jpg
 photo IMG_6164.jpg
 photo IMG_6165.jpg
 photo IMG_6166.jpg
 photo IMG_6167.jpg
 photo IMG_6168.jpg
 photo IMG_6169.jpg
 photo IMG_6170.jpg
 photo IMG_6171.jpg
 photo IMG_6172.jpg
 photo IMG_6173.jpg
 photo IMG_6174.jpg
 photo IMG_6175.jpg
 photo IMG_6176.jpg
 photo IMG_6177.jpg
 photo IMG_6178.jpg
 photo IMG_6179.jpg
 photo IMG_6180.jpg
 photo IMG_6181.jpg
 photo IMG_6182.jpg
 photo IMG_6183.jpg
 photo IMG_6184.jpg
 photo IMG_6185.jpg
 photo IMG_6186.jpg
 photo IMG_6187.jpg
 photo IMG_6188.jpg
 photo IMG_6189.jpg
 photo IMG_6190.jpg
 photo IMG_6191.jpg

 photo IMG_6194.jpg
 photo IMG_6195.jpg
 photo IMG_6196.jpg
 photo IMG_6197.jpg

 photo IMG_6199.jpg

 photo IMG_6202.jpg
 photo IMG_6203.jpg
 photo IMG_6204.jpg
 photo IMG_6205.jpg
 photo IMG_6206.jpg
 photo IMG_6207.jpg
 photo IMG_6208.jpg
 photo IMG_6209.jpg
 photo IMG_6210.jpg
 photo IMG_6211.jpg

 photo IMG_6212.jpg

Hard to shoot cuz it was up so high, but this is Herb Ryman’s concept for the entry to Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom

 photo IMG_6213.jpg
 photo IMG_6214.jpg
 photo IMG_6215.jpg
 photo IMG_6216.jpg
 photo IMG_6217.jpg
 photo IMG_6218.jpg
 photo IMG_6219.jpg
 photo IMG_6220.jpg
 photo IMG_6221.jpg
 photo IMG_6222.jpg
 photo IMG_6223.jpg
 photo IMG_6224.jpg

 photo IMG_6225.jpg

Seat from the Chicken of the Sea Restaurant – you know, the one in the pirate ship!

If you’re planning to bid, best of luck! And I’d love to know if you win anything!


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