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October 2010

It may take me a few days to sufficiently recover from our trip to begin a report, but I wanted to post these preview pictures of our fabulous trip to Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party with the Roots. Patrick went as Harrison Hightower, complete with Shiriki Utundu puppet, and I was Constance Hatchet, the "new" Haunted […] Read More →

I'm off to Walt Disney World today for a half-work, half-play trip, so you know what that means.... another trip report is in the works! We'll be trying a whole bunch of new stuff this time, so expect to see copious photos and plenty of commentary on First time staying at the Dolphin and at […] Read More →

I've just uploaded the last three installments of my report on our trip to Tokyo! Now you can read the entire thing in one sitting (better put on a pot of coffee or six). The last few installments still need a bit of photo formatting, but I wanted to get the whole thing posted before […] Read More →