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January 2011

As I was preparing the next update to my Christmas trip report, I discovered I'd missed a bunch of pictures Patrick took during our D23-sponsored turn through Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. To go straight to the new content in the Extended Director's Cut of Day 6, Part 3: Mickey’s Very Merry Not-So-Scary Christmas Party, […] Read More →

On this week's episode of Inside Disney Weddings we cover everything you ever wanted to know about planning a dessert party during one of Disney's fireworks shows. Besides being a unique addition to a Disney's Fairy Tale Wedding, these are available to anyone staying at a Disney-owned resort—which means you can add one to your honeymoon […] Read More →

I've updated the Disney Weddings section of my site to include pictures of the five standard cake choices in the Escape Collection wedding package at Walt Disney World. For some reason, Disney doesn't have pictures of these on the official weddings site, so I asked my pal Jensey to shoot them while we were wedding-stalking […] Read More →