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November 2012

Today's installment covers the first half of Epcot's actual birthday, October 1. I decided to celebrate it by revisiting all the films in World Showcase, buying all my anniversary merchandise 3 days earlier on the Interwebz, and stalking Epcot historian @ProgressCityUSA. Also, by eating my way around the World Showcase's Food & Wine Festival booths. […] Read More →

Today I'm finally wrapping up the saga of the second day of my trip, which was jam-packed with Epcot-aversary goodness by D23. The last part of the day was the World Key dessert reception in Siemens' corporate lounge inside Spaceship Earth. The only other time I'd had a chance to visit the lounge, most of […] Read More →

For the last five years, we've had the honor of being on the team of volunteers who help Dick Van Dyke bedeck his house in Halloween horror at the end of October. For the full scoop on how we got started and why Halloween is Van Dyke's favorite holiday, see this post. And to see […] Read More →