Trip Report Update: Celebrating Epcot’s Birthday With Its Movies

November 12, 2012

Today’s installment covers the first half of Epcot’s actual birthday, October 1. I decided to celebrate it by revisiting all the films in World Showcase, buying all my anniversary merchandise 3 days earlier on the Interwebz, and stalking Epcot historian @ProgressCityUSA. Also, by eating my way around the World Showcase’s Food & Wine Festival booths.

What I didn’t do was spend another day sitting in a convention center watching the same anniversary panel presentations, so I’m afraid this installment will not have any of those in it. I hear you can read all about them on the aforementioned Interwebz, so if you’re not interested in a bunch of photos from World Showcase with silly captions, I bid you a fond farewell…

Otherwise, read on!

Happy birthday, Epcot! We’re lined up to give you all our money!


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