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D23 – The Official Disney Fan Club

This category represents everything I’ve written about D23, from the Walt Disney Studios tour to Sip & Stroll at Epcot’s International Food & Wine Festival. It’s a great way to learn more about the kinds of events D23 offers, how they’re run, and whether they’re worth the money—with plenty of photos!

I promise to provide an in-depth look at Walt Disney Imagineering's entire D23 Expo 2013 Parks & Resorts pavilion in a future post, but I'm too excited not to bring you these photos first. Hands down, my favorite part of the pavilion (and Patrick's favorite thing at the whole Expo) was this amazing model of a […] Read More →

By now you've already seen every other Disney-focused blog's breakdown of D23 Expo 2013. But after being so vocal about my negative experiences at Expo 2009 and Expo 2011, I figured I'd better chime in with my opinions on Expo 2013 too, since my experience was so dramatically improved from last time. With the exception […] Read More →