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Disney Weddings

I talk about Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings a LOT! There’s a whole section of this site devoted to Disney weddings, plus one for my Disney wedding podcast (see tabs at top of page). This category corrals all my posts about Disney weddings and is a good place to look for recaps of events like the Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings’ bridal showcases on both coasts. You’ll also find links to the parts of my various trip reports that deal with wedding-related things (often photos of ceremony and reception locations or special-event coverage).

Last weekend, Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings held its 2015 bridal showcase at the Grand Floridian Convention Center. Because there was cake, I was there... This year's showcase occurred only 6 months after last year's, apparently due to presenter David Tutera's schedule. The cast members I talked to said the next showcase wouldn't be for another year. You […] Read More →

On Saturday, Patrick and I joined a gaggle of giddy brides, several starry-eyed mothers of brides, and a handful of highly evolved grooms at Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings' 2014 Bridal Showcase. Disney is starting to pick up the pace on its bridal showcases, narrowing the gap from two years to one year and now planning the next […] Read More →