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I guess this category is kinda broad, since just about everything I write is Disney-related. Still, it’s a good catch-all for articles that don’t fit in other categories and a fine online time-waster!

My absolute favorite part of the Walt Disney Family Museum is their ginormous “Disneyland of Walt’s Imagination” model in the last room. I think it might be Patrick’s too, because he took more than a hundred photos of it on our visit last month. If I stick all of these in the already-picture-packed next installment […]


I thought you guys might like a trip report on our entire long weekend in San Francisco to see the Walt Disney Family Museum. It’s not all non-stop Disney, but it might give you some ideas of sights to see when you’re in the Bay Area visiting the museum yourself. We wanted a whole day to […]


Last weekend, I took Patrick to San Francisco on a birthday trip to the Walt Disney Family Museum to see the exhibition MAGIC, COLOR, FLAIR: The World of Mary Blair. I intend to do a full trip report on the experience for those who’ve been thinking about visiting the museum, including lots of photos of the permanent collection […]