Disney Movies

I leave the film criticism to others, but occasionally we attend Disney movie-related events that may be of interest to others. You’ll find all those posts here!

When the Muppets got rebooted (again… sorta) in 2012, I wrote a post urging you to go see the movie twice because I’d spent my own first viewing peeking through my fingers in terror that Disney was about to ruin a beloved franchise. It took a second, more relaxed viewing to just let go and enjoy the […]


On Sunday, Patrick and I joined 698 other hardy souls who braved rain and butt-fatigue to view the 86th annual Academy Awards arrivals from bleachers along the red carpet. About half of our fellow “bleacher creatures,” (as proclaimed by many a homemade T-shirt) were winners of a People magazine contest. The rest of us had […]


Later this week, annual passholders can pay $290 for dinner and a sneak peek at a new exhibit coming to Disney California Adventure, “The Art of Frankenweenie.” Or they can see it here now for FREE! The same exhibit has been touring the country, and we got to give it our patented bazillion-photo treatment at […]