Trip Reports

By now you’ve already seen every other Disney-focused blog’s breakdown of D23 Expo 2013. But after being so vocal about my negative experiences at Expo 2009 and Expo 2011, I figured I’d better chime in with my opinions on Expo 2013 too, since my experience was so dramatically improved from last time. Crowd Control With […]


At last, we’ve reached the end of “Aulani to Walt Disney World: Our Fifth Anniversary Vow Renewal Extravaganza!”—the first trip report I’ve actually finished in, like, years. So… HOORAY! THRILL as we battle crowds in the Magic Kingdom! CHILL as we take an air-conditioned nap in Hall of Presidents! SPILL your drink as you desperately […]


In this week’s installment of Aulani to Walt Disney World we wrap up our last full day at Walt Disney World with a small private event for our anniversary: a dessert-less dessert party on a balcony high above the Italy Pavilion. The spot’s too tiny to allow food service, but it’s a great place from […]