Luau Beach – Polynesian Resort

Location # 1 – Castle View


Location #2 – No Castle View

ShakyCam Video Tour!

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  • Mari
    May 6, 2017


    Do you know if they allow an escape package with Luau Beach as the ceremony venue? I’ve tried researching online but haven’t seen it done. My dream is to have a Hawaiian Themed ceremony but unfortunately I have more than 4 guests.


    • Carrie
      May 7, 2017

      Hi Mari! So, unfortunately they are completely inflexible on Escape ceremony locations. The package is designed for them to be easy to pull off, so they offer almost no modifications. They can help you do a Hawaiian-themed ceremony at Sea Breeze Point by adding floral and decor. Alternatively, you could do a small Wishes event and take your pick of locations. If they won’t let you use Luau Beach (though they have done receptions there in the past), there are two beaches at the Beach Club you can choose from. If your date falls in Jan-April or July-August you can take advantage of their Wishes Catered Event pricing, which brings the cost almost down to Escape pricing (though tax and service charge are extra). This episode of the podcast talks about the pros and cons of Escape vs. the Wishes Catered Event (just know that it was recorded before the new date restrictions I mentioned were imposed):

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