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  • Cathianne
    July 30, 2013

    I am debating my options for a Disney wedding/ wedding reception. My preference is to have a very small ceremony (not for cost reasons we’d just like it to be extremely private), but both our families we feel need to have something to come to and celebrate with us. So we are looking into a wishes wedding as well as thinking about doing a memories ceremony, but then renting out a place for a lunch reception then a dessert party that night (that way they feel like they are getting a lot out of their trip even though they are not coming to the ceremony).
    Sorry for all the background!
    My question is I have seen Narcoossee’s and Jiko’s as really the only places a lunch like that would be possible – probably 60-80 people max. How do able is this? Will Disney catered events be the ones I would work with for the reception? Are these the only places you know of? Any tips or other suggestions you can think of to pull off what I am thinking?
    Thanks so much!!

    • Carrie
      July 30, 2013

      No worries—background is helpful! There are lots of other places you can do a private lunch reception—it doesn’t have to be a restaurant. Depending on your final group size, you might want to look into the Attic, Ariel’s, Atlantic Dance Hall, California Grill, Citricos (OK, so those two are restaurants), and in-park spots like Living Seas Salon, American Adventure Parlor and Monsieur Paul. I have links to photos of all these spots and more on this page. If you do a Memories Collection event, you would indeed need to book your lunch and dessert party through Disney Catered Events. But since you have the guest numbers and the means for a Wishes reception, I would suggest booking one and just inviting fewer people to the ceremony, if that’s what you want. That way everything will be streamlined through one planner.

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