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Plan a Small Private Event at Walt Disney World

There are a couple of ways to set up a small private event at Walt Disney World. For an event at the Grand Floridian, call Private Dining at the Grand Floridian (407-824-2474). For an event anywhere else on property, call Disney Catered Events (meetings@disneyworld.com or 321-939-7278).

Grand Floridian Private Dining: 407-824-2474

You can work with Private Dining (a.k.a., room service) at the Grand Floridian to arrange dinner somewhere in the hotel or at the Marina during Wishes. The cost is $95/person plus 18% service charge and 6.5% sales tax. There’s also a $75 charge  for the services of the butler who meets you in the lobby and serves you at your table. If you need more than 2 hours of butler service, additional hours are billed at $25 each. You will be sent a standard menu to make choices from, but you can also request food from any of the resort’s restaurants for a hefty surcharge.

Here’s a link to a great detailed report of an anniversary party there, and here’s a sweet surprise birthday party.

Disney Catered Events: meetings@disneyworld.com or 321-939-4648

To plan a private catered event anywhere else on property, including the theme parks, you’ll need to work with Disney Catered Events. They tend to tell you that you must have at least 10 people to book an event, but once you get past the person who answers the phone and start working with an event planner, there should be no problem if you have fewer than 10. The only requirement is that you be staying at a Disney-owned resort.

This page links to photos of nearly every event venue at Walt Disney World. I also have a post with detailed pricing info and photos of event locations inside Disney’s Hollywood Studio. If you own a copy of PassPorter’s Disney Weddings & Honeymoons, detailed pricing for every venue is listed in Chapter 3: Wishes Collection and in Chapter 5: Additional Events.

Basic Dessert Party Pricing

NOTE: These food and beverage minimums are for dessert parties only. Certain locations have higher minimums for a full meal.
  • Venue Rental Fee: $150-$500, depending on location
  • Food & Beverage Minimums: $250-$2,500, depending on location
  • Viewing Fee: $10/guest for Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings events or $12.95/guest without admission for Disney Catered Events
  • Backstage transportation may be required at an additional cost
Wishes at the Grand Floridian
  • Venue Rental Fee: none
  • Sago Cay Pointe (10-75 guests) Food & Beverage Minimums: $1,250
  • Marina Patio & Terrace (20-100 guests) Food & Beverage Minimums: $2,500
  • Viewing Fee: none
  • Wishes Soundtrack Fee: $500 up to 50 guests / $650 50-75 guests / $775 75-100 guests
Wishes at the Contemporary
  • Venue Rental Fee: none
  • West Rotunda Courtyard/Patio (20 to 80 guests) Food & Beverage Minimums: $500
  • Porte-Cochere (50-500 guests) Food & beverage Minimums: $1,250
  • Viewing Fee: none
  • Wishes Soundtrack Fee: $500 up to 50 guests / $650 50-75 guests / $775 75-100 guests
  • Venue Rental Fee: $250
  • Small Patio (up to 40 guests) Food & Beverage Minimums: $400
  • Large Patio (40-100 guests) Food & BeverageMinimums: $750
  • Viewing Fee: $12.95/guest without admission
  • Backstage transportation may be required at an additional cost
A Note About Transportation…
Whether or not you are required to hire transportation for your in-park event depends on its location. Usually Epcot venues close to the International Gateway do not require transportation because everyone can meet the included event guide at International Gateway and walk in. Some couples have also arranged to have the guide meet their guests at Epcot’s main gate. If your coordinator requires you to book transportation, this does not have to be a pricey chartered motor coach unless you have a large group. Groups of about 40 or fewer will find it cheaper to take multiple $40 one-way vans backstage.

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