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Return to the Scene of the Crime: First Anniversary at Walt Disney World!

This is the story of our return to Walt Disney World to celebrate the anniversary of our marriage in Epcot, and how you really can go home again, if by “go home again” you mean “wring nearly as many free desserts outta Disney as you did on your honeymoon”…

Day 1: Always the Most Boring Installment

Day 2: How Many Safari Rides Is Too Many?

Day 3: Rainy Day in the MK—Plus, Swimming with Ducklings!

Day 4: Real Orlando with the Roots!

Day 5: The Lost Day

Day 6: Rainy Day at Epcot

Day 7: Three Theme Parks In One Day + Dessert With Dinosaurs!

Anniversary Day, Part 1: Back to Morocco & The Attic

Anniversary Day, Part 2: IllumiNations Dessert Party!

Day 9: Freezing Our Buns Off at The Magic Kingdom—Plus, Dinner with The Roots!

Day 10: Dancing Around the World… Showcase!

Day 11: The Last Day!

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