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2 Haunted Mansions, 1 Day… Plus Free Dining!

This is the story of how we rode the Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World and Disneyland on the same day. It’s also the story of our first experience with the free Disney Dining Plan, which taught us that, yes, it is indeed possible to have too much free dessert.

Day 1: Let the Eating Begin!

Day 2: Epcot! Cake! IllumiNations Cruise!

Day 3: Corporate Loungin’ at Epcot and Farewell to The Adventurers Club

Day 4: Magic Kingdom! Sara Lee “Podium Cake”!! And the Revenge of Free Dessert!!!

Day 5: Hangin’ Wit’ Da Roots

Day 6: Animal Kingdom vs. Epcot

Day 7: Eating Our Way Around the World… Showcase!

Day 8: Quest for the Haunted Mansion on Both Coasts

Day 9: One Day at Disneyland… with The Roots!

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