My Book Is Now In Print!

I’m excited to announce that after more than a year in e-book form only, my book, PassPorter’s Disney Weddings & Honeymoons, is now available as a real, live printed book that you can carry in your purse or shove under a wobbly table leg! Right now it is available exclusively in PassPorter’s online store, but by spring 2011 you will also be able to order it from or your local bookseller. However, the PassPorter Store will always have the best deals, including 30% off if you use the code in the back of the e-book version.

The e-book is still a great planning resource because of its 100 interactive organizer pages for tracking wedding details—like the budget worksheet that automatically calculates Florida sales tax and Disney’s service charge on the appropriate items. It will also be updated more frequently, due to the constraints of printing schedules, and updated versions are always available to download for FREE through your account in the PassPorter Store.

Still, there’s nothing like being able to thumb through an actual book (pipe down, iPad owners!), so I hope you’ll check it out.

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  • Chilly
    November 6, 2010

    Congratulations Carrie!

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