Private Party Locations at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Last month I did a series of guest posts over at Studios Central that took a detailed look at private event spaces inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Because some of these may be attractive to those planning Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings, I’ve combined the series into one mega post here that covers pricing, capacity and event concepts for numerous venues inside the park.

I was on a tour of the park’s wedding venues last fall when I began to see that virtually any area of Disney’s Hollywood Studios could potentially be made into an event space. While Epcot has only its dedicated event venues, and the Magic Kingdom is off-limits to all but the largest corporate events, Disney’s Hollywood Studios seems to be one giant event space waiting to be subdivided.

Today, I’ll walk you through the park to look at some of the most popular spots, along with lesser-known venues and places that really should be venues if they aren’t already. But before we begin our tour, let’s cover a few event-planning basics.

Fees & Requirements
With the exception of those held at a handful of venues, most private events cannot start until 90 minutes after the park closes. This allows time for the park to clear and for the event team to set up the site. Additionally, many venues require you to pay for transportation backstage, which starts at $25 one-way for a 4-person town car and goes all the way up to nearly $500 for a chartered 50-person motor coach.

Each event space has a venue fee, plus a minimum amount you must spend on food and beverages. For private events at Fantasmic! there is a $12.95/person viewing fee for guests who don’t have park admission (events held after park hours do not require admission). There is a 21% service charge on the cost of food and beverages, and 6.5% sales tax is applied to everything except transportation, entertainment, photography/videography, and guides for the event—even the service charges get taxed!

If you want to keep one or more rides running during your event, there is an additional fee for each. These vary by attraction, but you can figure on anything from $3,000 to more than $17,000. A cheaper alternative is to do a ride mix-in—which gets your group escorted to the head of the line at an attraction—for about $15/person. The trick is that these can only be done during park operating hours, and most events take place after hours.

In this article, I’ve listed pricing information where I have it. Some of the locations I cover were only pointed out to me on my tour and require a custom quote from Disney. All information is subject to change at any time and seems to do so frequently. For example, since we held our party at Tower of Terror, it’s been reported that park management has imposed a 20-guest minimum on all private events, despite the fact that many of their event spaces are listed as being available to groups of 10. However, I’ve seen rules like this come and go many times over the years, so I always encourage people to call up and find out what the policy is at the moment.

If you are interested in holding a private event at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, contact Disney Catered Events at 321-939-7278. You will be assigned an event planner based on which Disney resort you will be staying at.

Sunset Boulevard

Perhaps the most glamorous place in all of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Sunset Boulevard offers a number of unique special-event venues—including the boulevard itself! (More on later.)

Tower of Terror Courtyard
One of the most iconic party settings in all of Disney’s Hollywood Studios is the courtyard at the exit of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Events here have a venue fee of $2,000 and a food and beverage minimum of $1,500. If you want to keep the ride running during your event, there is an additional charge of $6,500.

Tower of Terror Terrace
If Tower of Terror Courtyard is out of your price range and you have 10 people or fewer, the attraction’s terrace is a lovely setting for an event. The venue fee is $500, and the food and beverage minimum is $45/person. Although we were originally told the event space was the far corner of the terrace, when we arrived we found our table set up right in front of the doors, which gave us a great view into the lobby.

Hollywood Hills Amphitheater – Fantasmic!
There are a couple of ways to do events at Hollywood Hills Amphitheater. One is at the back of the theater during Fantasmic! Often these are dessert parties, but you can do a full meal too.

There are two patios to choose from. The small one holds up to 40 people and has a food and beverage minimum of $500.The large one can hold 40 to 100 and has a $750 food and beverage minimum; each patio has a $250 venue rental fee. There is also a $75 setup fee and a $12.95 viewing fee for each guest who doesn’t have park admission. Fantasmic! parties are among the few private events you can hold during park operating hours.

Both Patios


Small Patio


Large Patio

View from the large patio toward the stage

View of the show from the patio railing

Another place where you can hold an event in Hollywood Hills Amphitheater is in the tree-lined walkway, after the park closes. While this doesn’t sound like a particularly glamorous place for a party, it does have a nice view of Tower of Terror and plenty of room for a dance floor.

Theater of the Stars – Beauty & The Beast
Disney has designed a special event concept for Theater of the Stars called the Be Our Guest Dinner. The evening starts with passed hors d’oeuvres and drinks in the courtyard at the back of the theater.

Eventually Mrs. Potts and Chip appear and welcome guests to the event from the stage. Then the curtain rises to reveal that dinner will be served on the set of “Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage.” Cogsworth and Lumiere also make an appearance as guests take their seats and a plated meal is served. During dinner, Belle and the Beast make their way to each table to thank everyone for coming. At the end of the night, all the characters assemble to bid guests farewell.

The Be Our Guest Dinner is available for up to 50 guests. There is a $1,000 venue fee and a $4,000 food and beverage minimum. The $11,290 entertainment package includes all six Disney characters, plus a major domo and a pianist.

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith Courtyard
Events here have a venue fee of $2,000 and a food and beverage minimum of $1,500. Capacity is 50 to 300 people. If you want to keep the ride running during your event, there is an additional charge of $6,500. Disney also recommends a Theme Park Dance Party Package ($6,300) for groups of more than 100.

Hollywood Boulevard

The Great Movie Ride
Perhaps the most iconic place to hold a private event on Disney’s version of Hollywood Boulevard is the Great Movie Ride, inside Grauman’s Chinese Theater. Disney has created an elaborate event concept that uses three different sets inside the ride, plus and optional dance floors inside and outside the show building.

The event starts with guests assembling in the forecourt of the theater, where they are “discovered” by a director who wants to cast them in a feature consisting entirely of classic movie scenes (and you thought there were no original ideas left in Hollywood).

The Director then leads guests into the attraction to dazzle them with cocktails in the Chicago street scene and a gangster shootout that turns out to be part of the “filming.” From there, guests are led to the Wild West set for a plated dinner, complete with entertainment by Ma and her Western Trio.

After dinner, the Director leads guests through the rest of the ride to Munchkinland, where the Good Witch and dessert are waiting. There is also the option to add a DJ and dance floor inside the “black box” portion of the ride where the movie clips play or outside near the Sorcerer Mickey hat.

The Great Movie Ride is available for 51–80 guests with a seated dinner or up to 225 for a walk-around reception. The venue fee is $3,000, and the food and beverage minimum is $2,000. Use of the Great Movie Ride requires an $8,845 entertainment package, which includes a Director, two Gangsters, a Pianist, Ma and her Western Trio, and the Good Witch. Prices start at $7,500 for a DJ and dance floor.

Hollywood Brown Derby
The Hollywood Brown Derby can seat 270 guests for breakfast or dinner. The venue fee is $250, and the food and beverage minimum is $2,000. Using the restaurant for dinner during park operating hours requires a buyout of $250 plus an additional amount that must be custom-quoted by Disney. Restaurant buyouts run into the thousands of dollars because they must compensate for revenue lost by closing the venue to park guests that night.

Parties of 10 or fewer may be able to reserve the restaurant’s tiny Bamboo Room when it is not in use for Disney’s Dine with an Imagineer experience. There is no venue fee, and the food and beverage minimum is $1,500. The services of an event guide ($90 for 4 hours) are required. Catering is provided by the restaurant during its operating hours and by Hollywood Studios’ catering team after hours.

Animation Courtyard

The Magic of Disney Animation
The Magic of Disney Animation building is an economical option because it comes with built-in entertainment for guests—namely, the interactive kiosks lining its walls and the various displays of animation art. It also has built-in photo backdrops if you decide to spring for a character appearance. Capacity is 20–100 people. The venue fee is $1,000, and the food and beverage minimum is $1,000. An animation experience like the one available to park guests costs $500. A 30-minute character appearance costs $900 for one, $1,350 for two, or $1,800 for three. DJs start at $1,500.

Disney Junior – Live On Stage!
This cavernous kid-centric spot can be transformed into a nightclub (mainly through lighting effects) complete with DJ on the elevated stage. The venue fee is $1,000, and the food and beverage minimum is $2,000. A DJ costs $2,500. Capacity is 240 guests.

 photo DJLVenueBuffetSet-Up.jpg

Voyage of the Little Mermaid
Dine in the nautically themed queue for the Voyage of the Little Mermiad show. The venue fee is $500, and the food and beverage minimum is $500.

Mickey Avenue

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow
After a plated dinner for 30 or a stand-up reception for 50, your guests can view the exhibit of props and costumes from the film. The venue fee is $500, and the food and beverage minimum is $1,500. A 30-minute visit from Jack Sparrow himself costs $900.

 photo P1110676.jpg

 photo P1110682.jpg
 photo P1110683.jpg
 photo P1110670.jpg

Commissary Lane

Hollywood Hideaway
Tucked behind The American Idol Experience is a small event space known as Hollywood Hideaway. Although its black, gray and brushed chrome décor is straight out of the ’90s, this venue has the advantages of both indoor and outdoor spaces and availability during park hours. It is also one of the least expensive event spaces in the park. The venue fee for Hollywood Hideaway is just $300, and the food and beverage minimums are $400 for breakfast, $520 for lunch, $800 for an evening reception, and $1,500 for dinner. Capacity is 50 guests.

Pixar Place

When the park closes, the toys come alive at Pixar Place for a carnival-style party just for you! While most events at Disney’s Hollywood Studios start with guests being escorted to the venue by guides, for a party at Pixar Place you can hire Sarge and the Green Army Men from the Toy Story movies to do the honors. Once they arrive at Pixar Place, guests can enjoy a meal or desserts, unlimited rides on Toy Story Mania!, character meet-and-greets, and a DJ spinning from the back of an oversized Hot Wheels car.

Capacity is 1,500 with 60% seating (meaning not everyone will get a chair). The venue fee is $2,000, while the food and beverage minimum is $5,000. Keeping Toy Story Mania! running will set you back $8,500, and the entertainment package of Sarge, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, a DJ and the Hot Wheels car costs $4,695. Additional Pixar characters can be added at $900 for one, $1,350 for two, or $1,800 for three. Green Army Men come in sets of three: $1,800 for one set, $2,150 for two.

Enhancements include an a cappella group to perform a Pixar version of “Name that Tune” ($9,630), oversized toy and game props for décor ($360), a giant leader board outside Toy Story Mania! to track top scorers ($3,390), and even the entire Pixar Pals Countdown to Fun parade ($35,000)! While you’re at it, why not throw in a Fireworks Finale launched from the Sorcerer’s Hat to cap the night ($14,550)?

Echo Lake

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular
One of the most expensive event concepts at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the Cairo Dinner Show on the set of the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular literally puts guests in the show.

Once again, the premise is moviemaking: As the evening starts, guests watch Indy retrieve the golden idol and dodge the giant boulder. But when the Director yells, “Cut!” his next task is to enlist guests as “extras” for a banquet scene, handing them costumes and parting the set to reveal dinner served in a mock Egyptian marketplace. A DJ and a belly dancer entertain guests as they hit the buffet.

At the end of the night, guests enjoy the thrilling conclusion of the show, complete with stunts and explosions. The experience is available for groups of up to 300. The venue fee is $3,000, while the food and beverage minimum is $4,000. An entertainment package that includes Act I and Act II of the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, the belly dancer, the DJ, and stage décor costs $17,140. For $750 you can add the “Executive Reveal” in which Indy’s stunt double is revealed to be one of the guests (he or she gets to keep the jacket and hat). For $700 you can add a fortuneteller. A henna artist costs $960, while a temporary tattoo artist and assistant cost $1,400.

For photos of the Cairo Dinner Show event, check out this post on

Streets of America

Backstage Prop Shop
Like Hollywood Hideaway, the Backstage Prop Shop is one of the few event venues in Disney’s Hollywood Studios that can be used during park operating hours, and at a fairly accessible price. You may remember this space from its former life as a queuing area for the Studio Backlot Tour. Now it’s open only for special events, but all the disused props, set pieces and parade elements remain.

Capacity is 100 people, but it decreases with use of a dance floor. The venue fee is $300, while the food and beverage minimums are$400 for breakfast, $520 for lunch, $800 for an evening reception, and $1,250 for dinner. Disney’s optional event concept for this space includes an elderly prop master who lets guests in and shows them around while telling stories about the props. He’s eventually joined by his buddies, a geriatric band of Dixieland jazz musicians who drop by for a jam session and regale guests with songs and stories. This entertainment package will set you back $4,515. Additional characters—a starlet, a movie producer, a director, Mickey and Minnie in movie star garb—are available at the standard character rates: $900 for one, $1,350 for two, or $1,800 for three. A roaming magician costs $760.

Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano
For instant atmosphere, you can’t beat Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano, and for a fee you can have the whole place to yourself. The restaurant holds 225 people, and the venue fee is $250 plus an additional buyout amount that must be custom-quoted by Disney. The food and beverage minimum is $1,500.

Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show
There are a couple of options for holding an event in the Lights, Motors, Action Theater, depending on group size.

Groups of up to 100 can have a plated dinner at “Café Parisienne,” the Mediterranean village backdrop for the stunt show, for a $1,000 venue fee and a $2,500 food and beverage minimum. The $5,645 mandatory entertainment package includes a mock maitre’d and an accordionist (but, thankfully, no mime), along with event lighting, a greens package and a custom image on the theater’s huge screen.

For $1,700 you can add a décor package consisting of picket fencing, street lamps, and a red carpet for guests’ arrival. A faux harvest moon runs $2,760, a chalk artist is $815, a caricature artist costs $585, and a chair-balancing acrobat and assistant cost $3.025. For $2,000 you can have either a pair of singing chefs, two jealous lovers who interact with your guests, or a strolling improv comedian dressed as a French policeman.

The entire set of Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show is available to groups of up to 850 for a buffet with 100% seating or groups of up to 1,025 for a reception with 60% seating. The venue fee is $2,000 and the food and beverage minimum is $7,500. No entertainment is required, but all the options listed above are available. A DJ will run you $6,300.

San Francisco Street
Almost as expensive as the Cairo Dinner Show, the event concept for San Francisco Street is an elaborately over-plotted affair that starts with a modified version of the Studio Backlot Tour and then brings in no fewer than 10 Streetmosphere performers to dust off myriad moldy clichés about San Francisco, from aging hippies and a Berkeley literature professor to a bicycle messenger and a flamboyant dressmaker—let the hilarity ensue! Eventually a pregnant woman, a straight-arrow cop, a karaoke host, and a frustrated insurance adjuster-turned-undertaker figure into the plot somehow. But wait, there’s more! At the end of the evening, your CEO/guest of honor will get frisked, cuffed and booked by two police officers for violating a noise ordinance. That’ll teach him or her!

A buffet dinner with 70% seating for 150 guests has a venue fee of $3,000, which includes a tram and a modified version of the backlot tour. The food and beverage minimum is $2,500, but an entertainment package including all of the aforementioned performers plus games and a DJ costs $13,630. Among the optional enhancements are spin art ($1,050), a caricature artist ($585), airbrush tattoo artists ($2,095), a henna artist ($1,050), spin art ($1,105) and a fortune teller ($700).

Coast-to-Coast: Streets of America and Sunset Boulevard

For the generous corporation that wants to show its employees a good time, there’s the Coast-to-Coast party, which offers guests dinner and attractions on the Streets of America, followed by dessert and more attractions on Sunset Boulevard. As guests arrive, a throng of photographers, screaming fans and autograph seekers herald them as celebrities. During the buffet dinner on New York Street, strolling Streetmosphere performers like cops, stage mothers and a “flim-flam man” entertain guests. Star Tours: The Adventures Continue and Muppet*Vision 3-D are open too, and a DJ provides the musical backdrop. About an hour and a half later, guests are escorted across the park to Sunset Boulevard for dessert. There they’ll mingle with starlets, gossip columnists and a film director, dance to another DJ’s playlist, and ride Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith and The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror as often as their constitutions allow.

The Coast-to-Coast event is available for up to 2,000 guests with 60% seating. The venue fee for Streets of America and Sunset Boulevard is a flat $5,000 for both, but there are separate $10,000 food and beverage minimums for each location. The price of keeping all four attractions running is $20,000, and an entertainment package featuring two DJs, Streetmosphere performers, and the screaming fan entrance costs $29,030. The price for just the screaming fan entrance is $4,500, plus $850 if you want a photo station set up to capture each guest with the performers. A four-actor package of Streetmosphere performers costs $3,600, while an eight-actor package runs $5,100.

In addition to all the entertainment enhancements previously mentioned in this article, you can request a juggler ($815), two stilt walkers ($1,375, or $1,630 for jumping stilts), a face painter ($525), a balloon artist ($700) or the five-piece band Mulch, Sweat and Shears ($3,235). For another $4,900 you can dress up the transition between East Coast and West Coast with a mock power-outage, complete with blinking lights and flying sparks. Décor enhancements include a custom 20-foot logo burn (starting at $12,465) and customized banners for Sunset Boulevard ($760), New York Street ($1,260) and the subway fence ($600).

Start saving your pennies now!

(Updated 4/26/2013)

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  • Patri
    October 28, 2014

    Hi Carrie!
    I am from Brazil and I am planning my 30th birthday party next year in september. I am such a big disney fan and I would love to have a special party inside of any theme park or resort. It would have like 30 or more pleople and I am thinking about have some food, music and a special area.
    How can I start to see like prices and infos about hours, how long, price that I would pay per person or if there is a package…? The main thing that I would love to have is Mickey appearence, is it possible?
    thanks for your help!!!

    • Carrie
      October 28, 2014

      Hi Patri! That sounds like fun! The place to start is Disney’s Catered Events (1-321-939-7278). Once you have a reservation number for your stay at a Disney resort, they can help you plan a party anywhere on property (except the Magic Kingdom). Your planner can send you “event concepts” that show a location and the types of events you can hold there. I also have photos of almost all the event spaces on THIS PAGE, so you can look there to get ideas.

      You can definitely have Mickey Mouse come to any event that is indoors or shielded from public view (like Whitehall Patio or a theme park location after the park has closed). Pricing is based on a venue-rental fee plus a minimum amount you must spend per person for food and beverage. These vary by location, and some spots don’t have venue-rental fees. Hope this helps!

      • Patri
        October 28, 2014

        Hi Carrie,
        You Helped me a lot!
        One last question: that place, Disney’s Catered Events, has a physic address where I can talk and plan with anyone?


        • Carrie
          October 28, 2014

          Yes! The planners are scattered in offices at various different resorts, but if you were already in contact with a planner, you could arrange to meet with him or her in person on your next visit to Orlando.

  • Rachael
    October 5, 2014

    Hi Carrie

    Thanks so much for all this information! My fiancé and I would love a Toy Story wedding. We’re getting married april/may 2016 do you think it will still be available then? We only have 50 guests but this would cover the food expenditure listed here, is there a minimum number of guests? Also is hiring the ride mandatory? I’m not sure we could afford to hire the ride too. I think the entertainment package with added games and soldiers would be amazing!

    Any information you can give would’ve great!

    Thanks so much

    Rachael x

    • Carrie
      October 5, 2014

      Hi Rachael! Unless construction on whatever replaces the tram tour prevents it, Pixar Place should still be available in your timeframe. There is no minimum number of guests and you are not required to pay for the ride. Hope this helps!

  • Sharon
    August 22, 2013

    Hi Carrie,

    When you did the ToT meal – did you know The Roots were joining and if so how did they allow pics to be taken? Also can you use Disney Photography for it?

    • Sharon
      August 22, 2013

      Also meant to say – we plan to have to get married and plan the memories wedding. It will just be the 2 of us plus our 6 year old daughter – where do you suggest we go to have a nice romantic dinner where pics will be taken of us?

      • Carrie
        August 23, 2013

        I think only the character meals have a photographer stationed at them. Or did you just mean you want to hire a photographer to shoot you at dinner? Because they can go pretty much anywhere. For romantic dinners, we like California Grill, Monsieur Paul, Artist Point and Narcoosee’s (though we’ve never had great food at the latter…). If you want to do a private event, the easiest thing to plan would be dinner at the Grand Floridian on one of their balconies. More info is here:

        • Sharon
          August 23, 2013

          Thanks so much for the quick response. Would we be able to wear wedding attire if we planned a dinner at the Grand Floridian?

          • Carrie
            August 24, 2013

            Yes! The only place you can’t wear wedding attire is inside the parks.

    • Carrie
      August 23, 2013

      Hi Sharon! Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings doesn’t prohibit outside photographers inside the parks anymore, and Disney Catered Events never did. You can hire Disney Event photography if you want, though.

  • joyce booker
    May 1, 2013

    I am interested in having a very small private birthday party for my grandson at one of the disney or universal parks. He will be 1 year old. Can you offer suggestions? Thanks

    • Carrie
      May 2, 2013

      Check out this post on how to plan a small private event at Walt Disney World. You can either go through Private Dining at the Grand Floridian to hold an event there or work with Disney’s Catered Events to plan events elsewhere. Depending on what you’re looking for, it could be anything from brunch with characters to a dessert party during Fantasmic!

  • Tracy
    January 6, 2013

    Do you have any pricing for just the Chinese Theater Courtyard without any of the Great Movie Ride tie-ins?


    • Carrie
      January 7, 2013

      Unfortunately, I don’t. But I imagine it might be around what Rockin’ Roller Coaster’s courtyard costs. The big cost would be if you wanted to bring in a DJ or any other kind of amplified entertainment.

  • Valerie
    September 20, 2012

    Carrie –
    Do these private party event locations count towards overall DFTW expenditure minimums?

    • Carrie
      September 20, 2012

      Yep! Every expense paid to Disney for the day of the wedding—including the fees for use of a Disney venue—counts toward DFTW’s overall expenditure.

  • Ellen
    March 26, 2012

    Hi there, wondering if you could direct me to the right contact person or departmentat Disney to discuss a corporate event for next May 2013 for 1000 – 1200 adults? Hopefully this referral will score you some Disney points. Open to any advice you might have as to best venue area for reception, buffet dinner, and live music concert, or private firework display. Thanks so much! Ellen

    • Carrie
      March 26, 2012

      Hi Ellen! Boy, I wish they gave out Disney points! 🙂 Your best bet is to check out the Disney Meetings website or call 1-321-939-7129 to get the process started. For a group that large, you would probably want to do entire streets at Hollywood Studios, like New York Street for dinner, a fireworks display in the central area near the Sorcerer Mickey hat, and then dessert and/or dancing on Sunset Boulevard.

  • Chloe
    February 15, 2012

    Do you know if the pricing is different for the treeline walkway as opposed to the ampitheater patio?

    I take it that if you were using a venue in park hours your guests would need theme park admission?

    • lurkyloo
      February 15, 2012

      I was not given the venue pricing for the walkway on my tour—you’d have to have your consultant contact the park to get the price—but I would assume that it is different from that of the two patios. Perhaps more in line with pricing for Tower of Terror courtyard. Usually the theme park admission is what they call a “viewing fee,” and since you wouldn’t actually be viewing anything (like Fantasmic! or IllumiNations) it could be that you wouldn’t have to pay for admission. If your guests are bused in and out backstage, they are not really able to take advantage of the rest of the park, so a fee would be unnecessary.

  • Laura Martin
    February 13, 2012

    If I were to buy ride tickets for guests do they have to change clothes. also which place restaurant do they use for the backstage prop show? I also don’t see any menu for a lunch reception. Is there one ?

    • lurkyloo
      February 15, 2012

      The only clothing restrictions are on wedding attire for the bride and groom. Hollywood Studios’ kitchens cater for Backstage Prop Shop. Menus will be provided by your Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings event planner.

  • Laura Martin
    February 13, 2012

    Is the Disney Jr venue open during the day for lunch

    • lurkyloo
      February 13, 2012

      No, because it features a show that run throughout park hours.

  • Carolina
    January 16, 2012

    Is an event under the hat not possible? Can’t seem to find any information on it. Thanks.

    • lurkyloo
      January 16, 2012

      I haven’t heard much about events there since they installed a mini gift shop under the hat. It may still be possible to move all that stuff and have an event, in which case the last I heard it required a DJ package starting at about $6,000. When it was used, the space was used in conjunction with another location (like the Great Movie Ride) so no info was provided on a venue fee. Put it this way: It will be very expensive, possibly along the lines of the Sunset Blvd and New York Street pricing, because it is outside and not near any of the necessary facilities.

    October 15, 2011


    • lurkyloo
      October 15, 2011

      I have never seen an event there, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an option. Everything seems to be fair game at Hollywood Studios, so I say, ask! 🙂

  • Shawn
    September 2, 2011

    Thanks for the info! I’ve compiled a long list of potential venues because I keep seeing conflicting information about what is available and what the restrictions are. I’ll probably still ask about the Brown Derby. Excited for the Site Visit in a couple of weeks, though I’m not sure exactly what to expect. Been digging around different boards, etc., but haven’t seen much on that specifically…just the Planning Session.

    Shawn aka “Hoop-Dee-I-Doo”

    • lurkyloo
      September 2, 2011

      The site visit is pretty chill. They just drive you out there, walk you around, and kind of talk you through the options for setup, the restrictions, etc. You’ll have fun! Oh, and take lots of pix!

  • Hoop-Dee-I-Doo
    August 23, 2011

    I had the SAME thought about the Commissary Lane shot! 🙂

    I’m starting to plan a Disney wedding and am interested in the Hollywood Brown Derby. Do you know if you can have a DJ and/or add a dance floor there? If so, how much would that run? My Site Visit is coming up next month, but I have a MILLION questions in the meantime. Thanks!

    • lurkyloo
      August 23, 2011

      I should tell you that when I started researching this article a few months ago, I was told that the Brown Derby is no longer available for weddings. However, this stuff changes all the time, so I left it in. Definitely ask your planner about it in case it’s already changed! The DJ set-up usually comes with a dance floor and starts at around $1,200. They are sometimes more expensive inside the theme parks, though. Let me know if I can answer any other questions!

  • Elizabeth
    August 2, 2011

    Is it just me or does that sixth shot under Commissary Lane look like someone’s about to conduct an autopsy?

    These types of articles make me lament my life as a generally broke person.



    • lurkyloo
      August 2, 2011

      LOL on the autopsy! Re: brokeness, it seems like more and more the various Disney fan sites are doing private events in the parks—like I think AllEars is doing breakfast in the Prop Shop in December. So you may be able to see some of these places sooner than you think!

      • Elizabeth
        August 2, 2011

        I will check it out…cool! I have a pass and I’m there all the time, but something about being there when the public isn’t is so fun!

        • Cathy
          December 22, 2016

          Do you know if Cinderella carriage available for children’s cinderellas birthday party for pictures and short ride any place available for party with theme and prices please

          • Cathy
            December 22, 2016

            How many children can attend party everyone would have a ticket already

            • Carrie
              December 22, 2016

              Any number of children may attend events at Disney. There is no restriction.

          • Carrie
            December 22, 2016

            Supposedly people have asked about getting Cinderella’s glass coach for events other than weddings and been turned down. However, Disney used to advertise quinceaneras pretty heavily, and I believe those allowed use of the coach. Your best bet is to contact Disney Catered Events at (321) 939-4648.

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