Wedding Colors & Cake

As you prolly figured out from the invites, our colors are turquoise and orange, with the super-secret stealth color fuchsia (don’t tell anyone)! I picked Pantone colors because – for printing, at least – you can get an exact match no matter where they are duplicated. They show up differently on computer screens, though, so if you hate these colors, just remember they don’t look *anything* like this!

We’re going for a “vaguely Moroccan” theme in some of the elements, but didn’t want to do a full-on attempt at capturing a culture we know very little about. The cake is about the most themed element.

Our flavors are (top to bottom) chocolate with peanut butter cup mousse, red velvet with cream cheese, and chocolate with peanut butter mousse. It’s kind of a narrow spectrum, but after years of getting fruit- and liqueur-filled cake at weddings (both of which I hate), I decided to be selfish in this department!

This is our cake knife.

I wish they made a goofy little server to go with it – maybe we could use this spatula…

…Or this cheese knife! What do you think?

This was going to be the surprise groom’s cake until I decided the money would be better spent elsewhere. Maybe for our anniversary, though – it’s so cute!

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