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I was going to design my own invitations but kinda ran out of time, so I copied ones I saw in a magazine and liked but couldn’t afford (gulp!). I am very lucky to have a friend who owns a letterpress stationery business, so he printed the invitation cards, the reply cards, the envelopes, and the thank you notes, which look like blank reply cards (and also come in our supersecret stealth third color, pink).

I designed the folders and the Itinerary/Transportation Schedule and had them printed from a PDF on a color copier at a print house. They look just as good as offset printing but cost half as much!

The labels I found on Martha Stewart I was agonizing over whether it would be tacky to use printed labels instead of hand writing the addresses, but my printer friend pointed out that it would be more tacky if the invitations couldn’t be delivered ‘cuz my handwriting is so bad! I figure, if labels are good enough for Martha, they’re good enough for me!

I agonized over the invitation wording because we are paying for our own wedding and have been out of the house for many years, so there was no need for a line about parents inviting you to the wedding of, etc. Yet the style of the invite needed a line of text above our names to balance the design.

Also, I have an aversion to spelling out all the dates and locations the way they say you should – to me it looks really pretentious (I remember a Dave Barry joke was about being invited to a wedding at “Two Hundred Ninety Eight Harbour Oaks Manour Court Drive Terrace, Next to the Seven-Eleven.” … )


I designed and printed our programs to coordinate with the invites. I copied a neat tri-fold layout in Martha Stewart Weddings and then modified it by gluing down one flap to make a booklet:


And here’s a picture of our Very Stern Transportation Newsletter, which we sent out the other day with the new transportation schedules we had to make. Now that I find out they use the plush Disney Cruise Line motorcoaches instead of regular Disney buses, the picture I used is actually wrong, but what the heck – my guests won’t notice!

Announcement/Reception Invitation

Here’s our etiquette-flouting combo announcement and at-home reception invite. We are further disgracing ourselves by sending these to people who are actually going to be at the wedding because we want to invite them to the reception too…

We mailed these to our hotel in a box so we can mail them out from Florida the day after the wedding… which is coincidentally the third anniversary of the day we met!

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2 Responses
  • Cliff
    May 14, 2013

    Lol very stern transportation letter. Do people without park admission have to be transported to the dessert party? Can someone from Disney escort them back to the party site at a certain time?

    • Carrie
      May 14, 2013

      Correct! If our guests had been Disney park vets, we coulda asked them to make their own way to the International Gateway or the front of Epcot to meet an escort who’d take them to our party. But most of them were newbies, and I couldn’t ask them to navigate Disney transportation in their finery (plus, they’d almost certainly underestimate how long it would take them, especially with the transfer required when you’re going from one resort to another).

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