Great Hall of China – Epcot

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  • Dana
    April 7, 2012

    Hi lurkyloo – long time stalker of your site first time comment now that I’m actually engaged and allowed to plan a wedding – My fiance and I are avid disney nerds and we got engaged in China so we are both drooling at the idea of a wedding at the China pavilion. however nowhere can I find anything on the possibility of an outdoor ceremony at this site, and i can’t find any pictures whatsoever of anyone who has actually been married in or around this site. so:

    #1 do you have any idea if outdoor weddings are possible at this site (and roughly how many people could fit there), and
    #2 have you ever in all of your research seen pictures of anyone actually getting married here, and if so can you direct me towards them

    I feel nervous submitting such wildly specific questions but I figure it anyone knows, you will…

    • Carrie
      April 9, 2012

      Hi Dana! I know that China has been offered in the past as a ceremony site, and I feel like there was a couple who used it several years ago, but I’ve never seen pictures. I wouldn’t let that stop you—it’s kinda fun to be only the first or second couple to use one of the less popular wedding sites in Epcot! I can only guesstimate how many people could fit there, but I’d say at least 50, probably in rows flanking the entrance to the pavilion or maybe very narrow rows down the main path. I hope you guys go for it. You’ll get such great photos!

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