Day 5: Hangin’ Wit’ Da Roots!

This day was the opposite of the previous day – we have hardly any pictures. But that’s because we were hanging out with our wedding photographers and new pals Nathan & Jensey, so we pretty much left the picture-taking to them. We had so much fun with them at our wedding that we made a date to go to breakfast later on in our honeymoon. But then they both got sick and we never got to meet up. So finally, on this trip, we got a chance to spend some quality time getting to know them without the distraction of trying to look fabulous every time they looked our way. Well, mostly not trying….

Just some insurance!

In the morning we met Nathan & Jensey at the Polynesian, our future home and, we almost forgot, Jennifaerie & Rob’s present home – we ran into them at the monorail station. They had just taken “Just Married” pictures with the Roots the day before, so it was like old home week at the Polynesian.

We six rode the monorail to the Magic Kingdom and got to see a sneak peek of their amazing photos. Here’s what we saw:


Jennifaerie and Rob bid us adieu at the end of the line, but it wouldn’t be the last time we saw them….

So Nathan & Jensey & Patrick & I got to spend the morning riding rides and goofing off. Lunch was a decent but not terribly exciting hot dog at… Cosmic Ray’s? The restaurant in Tomorrowland that has three separate food stations, each one greasier than the last. I don’t have food porn of this meal yet because we thought it would be HIGH-larious to ask professional photographers to take pictures of our hot dogs and fries….

Shortly after lunch we achieved our goal of completely wearing Nathan & Jensey out, so they had to go home and recover for a bit. We went back to Pop and collapsed in a heap for a few hours until the maid pounded on our door for no reason. The plan was to meet up again for dinner at Whispering Canyon that night.

On our way to the rendezvous we found out what kind of car Jesus drives…

We killed time wandering around Wilderness Lodge, eventually ending up in the Iron Spike Room in the DVC wing.

I had an idea for a funny photo that didn’t really work out…

Snow White?

On the way back to the main lobby, we saw some muck!

… and took a picture for Wazzo of The Duck!

There was kind of a wait for a table at Whispering Canyon, so when Nathan & Jensey arrived, we took them on a tour of our fave spot at Wilderness Lodge….which… I don’t have a picture of… It’s the alcove on the fourth (I think) floor with a fireplace and comfy chairs, right next to the reading area that looks like a college library…

Finally our buzzer buzzed!

I kinda forgot when I invited them to join us at our Whispering Canyon ADR that it is not the kind of place to have a getting-to-know-you double date, what with all the hootin’ and hollerin’… but we still had a lot of fun! Because there were four of us, you get double the food porn this time.

Flavor of the Day Smoothie… I can’t remember which flavor. I’m gonna go with “pink”… and a peanut butter shake (not on the menu – our waitress kindly agreed to try and whip one up!)

Smoked Prime Rib - with mashed potatoes and season vegetables

Whiskey Maple-Glazed Trout - Served with an arugula-frisee salad

Western Chicken Pasta - with fresh vegetables tossed with Roasted Garlic Chipotle Cream Sauce

Roast Chicken - mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables

I was pleasantly surprised by my trout – not usually something you order at a BBQ joint, but quite moist and flavorful!

After dinner, Nathan & Jensey graciously agreed to come to the Magic Kingdom with us to see Wishes, even though Jensey isn’t crazy about it. I agree – I wish they’d send Walt Disney World a copy of our Disneyland fireworks show… However, this was to be the first time Patrick and I had ever seen it from inside the park standing on Main Street! On our honeymoon, we saw Wishes from inside Cinderella’s Royal Table, from California Grill, and from our balcony at the Beach Club Villas, but never from the normal viewing spot.

So here’s what we saw… (probably not in order)

…And me blogging about watching Wishes from Main Street….

After the show we four parted ways, but not for long – you won’t believe where we met up with Nathan & Jensey a few days later!

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