Last Day, In 36 Bazillion Parts…

So the bad news is, Day 4 was my last day…. but the good news is, I have a ton of gorgeous Root photos of everything we did! It will take a while to post all of them…Despite my late night of merrymaking, I dragged myself outta bed early so I could pack up and check out in time to have breakfast with the Roots in Celebration (don’t worry — the early hour hurt them a lot more than it hurt me!).

So long, Pop Century!

I took the long way to Celebration just in case there was construction on Osceola Parkway, and I found the place all by myself!

I really liked this creek, so I took two mediocre pictures of it.

Just a few more of these, and then we’ll get to Root pix...

Behind one of these doors lurks a ferocious, deadly, wiggly lil’ doggy!


There was some discussion on the blog about Huck’s indecent exposure, so I’ve censored it for ya!

…And let’s just censor that double chin there…

We got Huck a souvenir on our anniversary trip, but it took Patrick a while to get around to “embroidering” Huck’s name on it with white paint. I was so excited to finally give it to him that even MY butt was wiggling when he put it on.

Before we left for breakfast, I got to drool over some sneak previews of recent Root weddings (wiggly butt, drooling – I think whatever Huck had was catching!). And I got to see a bit of the amazing new website they had in the works, which was designed by adorable Disney-wedding-havers Justin & Lu!

Then we walked over to Market Street Cafe, site of two happy honeymoon breakfasts for me and Patrick and the place where you can have eggs benedict with a coconut cream pie chaser, just cuz you’re on vacation.

This is not Market Street Cafe, so don’t go looking for coconut cream pie here...

This is Market Street Cafe


We were seated in a nice window booth, and I called Jensey first, so I got to sit next to her—whohoo!

Here’s me explaining how to get SO hammered...

We tried that Disney tourist trick of wearing the same color so we could find each other in the crowd

My Eggs Benedict on biscuits with a side of grits

Jensey’s French Toast with a big honkin’ gob of brown sugar

Nathan’s some kind of sandwich, with bonus wiry black hair!

That’s right – there was a grody hair in Nathan’s sammich. Everybody say it with me: eeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww! We told the waitress and she was not really as shocked as I’d expected, but we mostly just wanted them to know, not make a big fuss.

However, a big fuss is what they got when she informed me they didn’t have any coconut cream pie. Boooooo!

But then, a few minutes later, she reappeared and….


Unfortunately, the pie also came with a different kind of surprise—another wiry black hair! At that point it was less about getting the cook a hairnet and more about getting him some Rogaine…

The manager came over and apologized, and I think they comped us the pie and the sandwich, which was nice. But sheesh!

After brunch Nathan & Jensey took me to the Celebration post office to meet their extraordinary postman, who remembers every little detail of every customer’s life and has an unusual interest in guessing what they’re mailing. We wanted to see if he would remember when he held up the line so he could try to guess what was in the package they mailed me last Christmas, and then they’d introduce me so he would know one more detail about their lives. (“So I see this letter is going to your large pale friend who lives in Los Angeles and likes to stalk Disney weddings…”)

The great thing about hanging out with Nathan & Jensey is they take such flattering photos of you…

This phrase has never been uttered before ever in the history of mankind: Cute post office!

When we arrived, their postman was not there.

Maybe he was in the back brushing up on his Root trivia…?

I decided to buy a stamp so I could send my pal Spanky a postcard from Disney World on her birthday, then dropped it into my wallet and forgot all about it until a week later (sorry Spanky!!!). Nathan & Jensey tried to buy something too but they totally broke the computer and then the line backed up behind us and Nathan was laughing nervously and telling anyone who glowered in our direction, “Just something with their computer … totally not our fault…” I’m not really sure, but I think this “Drobo” thing had something to do with it.

Finally, the lady helping us called for someone to open another register, and who should it be but the Roots’ snoopy postman – hooray! As they had suspected, he did indeed remember my Christmas package (prolly cuz he never did figure out what was inside). And you can be dang sure he’s gonna remember me (“So… how’s your friend who bought a stamp to mail her friend a birthday card and then totally blew it?”)

Eventually, we were no longer in the post office.

We decided to split up and caravan to Downtown Disney so we could try out the new Flights of Wonder balloon ride.

Waiting in my car for the caravan to begin

Oh boy! Here they come!

The switch for the video function on my camera is irritatingly located between the “shoot” and “review” modes, so I am constantly accidentally taking random, boring mini movies instead of pictures. If you would like to see what seven seconds of driving through Celebration in a Ford Focus looks like (and you are not prone to motion sickness) here it is:

On the way back to Walt Disney World, the Roots led me past the REAL offices of Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings. This was very exciting for me, and snapping pix with one hand as I drove felt like the pinnacle of my stalking activities for the trip. I dunno why I’m so interested – I guess cuz it’s like seeing backstage. I imagine all the wedding planners toiling away in their third-floor cubes, hollering into their phones things like “I said ORGANZA you nitwit – the bride must have organza!!!” and “What do you mean you don’t want a DJ? Who’s going to lead the Chicken Dance?!”

Fake Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings office

Real Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings office!

I wonder what’s in these other buildings…

…Maybe this one is where Disney dreams up new ways to part us from our money!

At last, our journey took us back to those hallowed gates…

Up Next: My Second-ever Daytime Trip to Downtown Disney!
… Hmmm… not very compelling, is it?

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5 Responses
  • Suzanne
    March 10, 2013

    Unfortunately, the pie also came with a different kind of surprise—another wiry black hair! At that point it was less about getting the cook a hairnet and more about getting him some Rogaine…

    *pounds fist on table* *wipes tears from eyes*

    I’m going to eventually reach the end of your trip reports, and then I will mourn. The hilarity! The organza! If ever we are in the Kingdom of Magic at the same time, your slice of peanut butter chocolate cake is on me. I am MinnieDaisy on the Dis boards, hold me to it.

    • Carrie
      March 10, 2013

      Yay! So glad you’re enjoying the trip reports! And that you’re going to buy me some peanut butter chocolate cake! You’re on! 😀

  • Hope
    February 15, 2012

    What double chin? And while we’re on the subject, what under eye bags? I’ve had the tremendous good fortune of seeing you in person a few times and I have never noted any of that. So anyone else reading the comments – don’t believe Carrie. She’s just as lovely in real life as she is in these pictures. 🙂

    • lurkyloo
      February 15, 2012

      Aw, shucks… flattery will get you EVERYWHERE! 🙂

      • Hope
        February 15, 2012

        Just being honest! 🙂

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