“Reception” Planning

Like the Memories Collection at Walt Disney World, Aulani’s doesn’t include any kind of reception or even a cake. I knew I had to have cake for our vow renewal, so I asked about the price for adding on a “cake and Champagne”-style reception like they do for Escape weddings.

Are you ready…?

Five HUNDRED dollars! They wanted a $500 food and beverage minimum for four people to eat cake and drink sparkling cider. And let me refresh your memory on where we’d be doing this:

So we went with Elena’s other suggestion, which was to order a cake and have it delivered to brunch at ‘AMA ‘AMA restaurant after the ceremony. We asked her to make our reservation for 10am, which gave us 2 hours to take photos around the resort with the Roots.

Here’s what the restaurant looks like. When I get my photos back I’ll have shots of the primo table they gave us, and the cake!

I thought about taking the Roots out to a luau later that night as another sort of reception, but, as I detailed in this section of my trip report, the more I read about luaus, the less I wanted to attend one. Instead we went to the free Starlit Hui, held on the Halawai Lawn where they do Wishes weddings.

I’d read about how people line up 30 minutes or more early so they can get a good spot to put down their mat for the show. I decided to ask my planner if it would be possible for them to reserve a spot for us, on account of our vow renewal and all, and she worked with the entertainment team to make it happen. When we got there, we asked for the cast member Elena told us about, and she took us to a mat they’d set down for us in the front row! Originally we’d been asked if we wanted mats or chairs, but I didn’t wanna be the jerk sitting in the only chair in front of scores of people on mats—lol!

Our view:

Looking back at the crowd:

Hopefully I’ll have some of the Roots’ photos of the Starlit Hui for my report when I get to that part. It was tricky to shoot such fast-moving action!

And speaking of photography….

This Way to Photography!

2 Responses
  • Hope
    March 19, 2013

    What did you think of the Starlit Hui? I’ve heard good things about it. I think it’s cool that they gave you VIP seating (though I wish it had been an automatic perk and not something you had to remind them about). That is so crazy about the cake and sparkling cider price! It almost sounds like they just wanted to discourage you from that so they made it crazy expensive. lol Good call on the brunch instead.

    • Carrie
      March 19, 2013

      That thought did cross my mind… The Starlit Hui was cute and a great substitute for an expensive luau for someone who doesn’t care about luaus. But it isn’t really a luau, so some guests will want to book one of those elsewhere, I think.

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