Engagement-Photo Guest Book

I really fell for the idea of using a big coffee table book full of our engagement photos as our guest book at the reception. Of the websites that offer this service, Blurb.com is the one I decided to go with because they had more layout options and way better prices, and they offer dust jackets. Plus they have a huge 11×13 size I couldn’t find elsewhere.

I thought I’d just plug some of our photos into one of their layouts and send it off, but it turned into a big (fun!) project when I realized what all I could do with Blurb’s software. I have a background in graphic design, so the perfectionist in me spent hours tweaking each layout. Luckily, Patrick is a Photoshop pro, so I had him touch me up in a few places (shhhhh!), and he even replicated his face in a shot where it was obscured by a branch!

We are really happy with the finished product – the glossy book jacket makes it look like a coffee table book. I insist that we wear framer’s gloves when we handle it, pretty silly considering that people will be balancing canapés in their hands while they write in the book at the reception…

Click to see inside the book!

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