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While most of my family and friends seem to think that 6 months is plenty of time to plan a wedding, those of you who’ve planned a wedding know that the bridal magazine timelines start at 12 months, and many people begin planning even farther out than that! When we finally decided to go for a Disney wedding, I felt like I’d been plunged into the process midway. I also stopped reading bridal magazine timelines because they made me hyperventilate…

We set up a planning session about 3 weeks after we signed the contract. We were tentatively planning for a Japan ceremony, and I was pretty sure I wanted the Attic for the reception, just from pictures I’d seen. This is where I wished we’d had more time to research, because I feel like there are probably a lot of cool and unusual places you can have a reception and ceremony at Walt Disney World, but Disney is not forthcoming about alternatives. When I asked for nonstandard reception sites, they sent me info on Whitehall Room and the lawn at the BoardWalk Inn.

Having seen them, I love the sites we picked, but for a long time there was this little nagging doubt at the back of my mind, like “Maybe there’s someplace even cooler…”

All the gory details of the planning session can be found here.

When we saw Japan and Morocco in person, we instantly fell in love with Morocco. At first I really wanted to use the interior courtyard with the balcony above it. I loved the wall fountain as an altar, and I thought it would be really cool if when we exited there were people up above showering us with petals. Patrick and our Sales Consultant looked at me like I was crazy… Patrick said the place felt claustrophobic.

We also considered this area, but it would have been a weird setup with seating, and our walk to the altar would have been about 20 seconds (this is a big deal to me because, as you’ll hear later, I have very specific music I want for each portion of the processional, and it’s way longer than 20 seconds).

Patrick and our Sales Consultant convinced me that the main courtyard would be best. I really wanted to have the seats face the archway but use the fountain as our altar.

However, this would have put the guests out on the walkway. And as I know now, the #$@%! Epcot Segway tour runs along the walkway. Even with the seats between the fountain and the archway, the tour will still be coming awfully close. Here’s what it will look like when the Segway Tour ruins my wedding

This is as close as we got to seeing our initial Dessert Party site, UK Terrace, since the BoardWalk Inn chef moved up our tasting by 30 minutes. I’m hoping the high wall and permanent umbrellas don’t spoil our photos.

I always liked the Attic in pictures (mostly because it looks like it needs NO decoration), but I fell in love with it when I saw it in person.

First of all, the floors are SO shiny! I suppose that’s a silly reason, but… MAN, are they shiny! And I love all the windows (though they may be murder for picture-taking) and the view.

This is where we want to put our sweetheart table – our WP just about had an apoplexy but finally agreed we could sit there. I guess they usually put you right by the open door to the deck…?

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2 Responses
  • Alicia
    February 6, 2017

    How did seating work out in the attic? We are looking at doing our brunch reception there but are worried about having to split guests inside and out based on the table arrangement. Looking to have about 20-30 people there…

    • Carrie
      February 6, 2017

      We had 32 people and it was fine. A few guests sat together indoors and the rest sat outdoors. It was very casual for brunch (no assigned seating), and people just came inside for the cake cutting or went outside for the speeches and first dances.

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