Day 3, Part 2: Our Introduction to Osbourne Family Shreddin’ Festival of Totally Awesome Lights!

After we walked back to our room and changed for dinner, we walked from the BoardWalk over to the Dolphin for our dinner at bluezoo.

As we walked over the bridge to the Swolphin, Patrick paused, held his camera up to the hotel and commanded, “All right, SMILE, you piece of garbage!” If I’d been drinking milk, it woulda shot out my nose…

“Uh…. Cheeeeeeese..?”

We got there a little early for our reservation, so we poked around a bit. I asked Patrick to shoot Fresh Market because sometimes brides use it for wedding-related meals.

Patrick loves him some architectural models…

In the lobby we discovered The World’s Widest Christmas Tree. I dunno… this photo doesn’t give you the scale of the thing – it was abnormally wide around the bottom. (Obviously it likes to eat at bluezoo too!)

We were also kinda shocked by how badly executed the decorations were – check out the rumpled bathmat of snow…

It still wasn’t time yet for the restaurant to open, so we went back and sat in the foyer and made the hostess nervous.

At last, we were ushered past the iced fish display and skewers of “dancing” fish (it’s quite macabre, really) to our table.

Fish – On ICE!

“Dancing” machine!

We got a table along the back wall of windows but could have had our pick. The place was cannon-practice empty!

I told Patrick he had to take pix of the carpet cuz I love it so much.

After months of dreaming about my replicating my May meal here for Patrick, I let my eyes get a bit too big for our stomachs when it came time to order. Instead of splitting an appetizer and a meal like we usually do, I had us each order our own scallop and short rib appetizer. Then we got the Simply Fish to split, with crabmeat butter sauce and a totally gratuitous (and outrageously priced) abalone add-on because I’m still trying to figure out what abalone tastes like (having only had it twice). It turned out to be waaaaaaay too much rich food all in one sitting.

Do not eat this if you plan to finish dinner!

Teppan Seared Jumbo Sea Scallops — braised beef short rib, silky cauliflower puree

Simply Fish – We picked salmon done on a teppanyaki grill, served with warm crabmeat, dijon mustard, and chives suspended in PURE BUTTER!

Sorry this looks like monster chow – it’s the abalone add-on. The meat was cut into thin strips and just tasted like “chewy.” The vegetable… matter it was mixed into was quite tasty, though.

How about some more glamour shots of the restaurant to clear away the memory of that grody-looking abalone dish?

This is part of the private room. It runs the length of the restaurant and can be divided into thirds for smaller parties.

More carpet…. Sorry…

We were stuffed to the gills (if you’ll pardon the expression) so we skipped dessert. But if you know me, you know that I was not really going to pass up the opportunity to eat that chocolate-peanut butter concoction on their dessert menu, so I asked how late they were open with the intention of returning after Osbourne Lights.

We left bluezoo with our stomachs heavier and our wallets lighter and waddled down the path toward Hollywood Studios.

I was excited to see what all the fuss was with the Osbourne Family Dancing Lights. We came around the corner and….

"Holy crap!"

The only thing is, I’d just assumed that they would be playing traditional instrumental Christmas carols, but our introduction to the Osbourne Lights was set to the squealing faux hair-metal of Trans Siberian Orchestra.

We banged our heads accordingly….

Eventually we figured out that we’d stumbled on one of the special music breaks that happen every 15 minutes and that we wouldn’t be perpetually compelled to play air guitar.

This is what it looks like when you don’t bring The Roots!

OMG! Is it on me? …It’s SOAPING!!!

"The lights are on the TREE. You know, the one next to you...?"

It started to get WAY crowded because Fantasmic! had just let out, so we ducked off the main drag and went to investigate the Muppet store and catch the last showing of MuppetVision of 3D.

We allllmost got this for Patrick but decided that his wearing it would just be overkill…

This turned out to be a great idea – by the time Muppetvision 3D let out, San Francisco Street was almost empty, and it was possible to enjoy the Osbourne Lights sans crowds. We later found out they keep them on for something like an hour after park closing – a great time to go!

This is also what it looks like when you don’t bring the Roots with you

Tastes like soap!

On the way out, we saw this!

…And this!

On the way back into the Dolphin, Patrick spotted this priceless opportunity for a gag photo and we spent about 15 giggly minutes attempting to capture it…

We discovered bluezoo a bit more hoppin’ than when we’d had our solitary meal there at 5:30, but we still got seated right away for dessert in the bar area.

(He just loves those stringy glass things they have!)

Warm Chocolate Cake - with liquid ganache center, maracaibo chocolate cream pudding, peanut ice cream (no that’s not butter on the side – it’s a teeny-tiny extra scoop of ice cream!)

Somehow, it wasn’t as amazing as I’d remembered, but it was still fun to be out on a hot date with Patrick and all the hipsters at bluezoo!

When we left the Dolphin and headed back to our hotel, we rounded the corner just in time to catch IllumiNations over the BoardWalk – cool!

And then, as if the day couldn’t get any better, we came home to this: Our first Towel… Donut…?

Maybe it’s a snail taking a nap inside his shell….

Up next: We finally meet up with the Roots again, plus: 58 degrees, eh? Feels like Water Park Weather!

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4 Responses
  • Katelyn
    May 3, 2013

    Your towel reminded me of my Disneyland wedding. My mom, bless her heart after paying for our DFTW, was staying at the Main Gate Motel 6 while we honeymooned at the Disneyland Hotel. When she got back to her motel room the night of our wedding, there was a (Direct Quote from my Mommy) “Tidy Pile of Cat $#it” on the welcome mat to her room. When she went to the front desk, they sent Security to handle it! Security! I thought it was more of a housekeeping thing. But yeah, that’s what I think of when I see your towel donut. 🙂

    • Carrie
      May 3, 2013

      Oh my gosh! That is funny and sad at the same time!

  • Lisa
    November 20, 2010

    Great day, great pictures and I love the “donut” WTH? LOL

    Also Bluezoo, just for future reference….

    You can buy a gift certificate for there. It is a $25 gift certificate and you can get it for like $2 when they are having the 80% off sales. Right now the 80% off code is GOBBLE.

    • lurkyloo
      November 21, 2010

      Thanks for the tip!

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