Day 5, Part 3: Private Osbourne Lights + DISapalooza ’09!

The last part of today’s report may be a little sketchy because I was so tired by the time I wrote about it in my journal that my handwriting got squigglier and squigglier til it pretty much became just wave shapes. Gulp!

After the dessert party, they herded us all down the street to where the Osbourne Lights were s’posed to be… but weren’t!

I mean, they were there, but they were turned off until Disney could find the one lone kid at this pricey adult-y event to throw the switch. It was nice to get to experience that “WOW!!!” moment since we’d never ever brave the crowds to see them turn the lights on during regular park hours.

"Hooray! We found a kid!"

"So did you just wanna go ahead and do it yourself, mister?"

Now I almost can’t believe this, but Patrick didn’t take *any* pictures of the lights! I think it was because he knew we were going to have scads of amazing photos taken by the Roots, so why bother?

I’ll just refresh your memory about what Osbourne Lights look like. The presentation started with the street looking like this…

… but when they threw the switch, it looked like THIS!

And this is about where the stage for the presentation was set up:

Unfortunately, the guy they had doing the presentation seemed to have attended the same public-speaking school as the woman with the PowerPoint. I think there was probably an interesting story in there, but most of the talk was devoted to describing in excruciating detail the series of phone calls required to bring the lights to Walt Disney World.

"So then Jennings called me back, but I was at lunch, so he had to leave a message…"

"I am totally never going to get a word in edgewise."

That went on for, I dunno, an hour? It felt like an hour. So after an hour of standing in one place looking at this guy, they finally gave us a few minutes to wander around and enjoy having the lights all to ourselves. They also began distributing the shwag, which was a D23 Christmas ornament.

How it later looked in action!

At this point we spotted someone who looked like an event guide and started the line of people who needed an escort over to DISapalooza. After waiting and waiting and waiting til the guide thought there were enough people, off we went on our yards-long journey over to Pixar Place.

As you can tell by this picture, it was very exciting!

Meanwhile, Nate and Jensey were making their way to Disapalooza to meet us (and, like us, they had to run back to the room for their tickets!). Here’s what they saw on the way in!

It was such a treat to see the Roots again, and boy were they putting in their time—between the JuLu meet-up and DISapalooza they attended a wedding (just as guests, fortunately) over at American Adventure Rotunda! We forgot to ask them to shoot the food, so after these funnel cake shots, the rest are all ours…

I was sorta underwhelmed by the food choices, but fortunately we’d just had a fabulous meal on D23, so it didn’t matter. They were going for a carnival theme—great idea!—which meant not a lot of substantial food.


  • Grilled Sausages and Peppers with Rolls
  • Mini Corn Dogs with Mustard
  • Tortilla Chips with Nacho Cheese and Jalapenos
  • Green Apple Slices with Caramel Dip
  • Sugar Dusted Funnel Cakes
  • Bags of Cotton Candy
  • Peanuts in the Shell
  • Buttered Popcorn

Apparently people complained about this

My main beef with the menu was that the cotton candy was all fruit-flavored—gack! I kept picking up bags of it in different colors hoping to get normal cotton candy, but no dice. This meant Patrick got to eat a lot of cotton candy. A LOT!

Hmmm… even I thought that series was a little gross, and I’m married to him!


"Back off, ya faceless freak!"

One of the highlights of the party was getting to meet DISer figmentfan814 (Vanessa) and her husband, Kris, plus DISer acwinsett (Andreah) and her husband, Brian. Vanessa and I have known each other through PassPorter for years but had never met in person, and Andreah and Brian had just been married at the Wedding Pavilion on the 8th! …

Off we all went to Midway Mania! Er, Toy Story Mania. They should just call it Midway Mania in Florida too. I mean, it’s the same ride!

Jensey wants you to find the Hidden Mickey in this picture

Hey, no fair!

Even Santa loves Midway Mania!

I guess we know who won THAT round!

…And who won THIS round!

"Ding, ding, ding—REMATCH!"

After we parted ways with our DIS buddies, we went over to the Toy Story photo op across the way.

Bang, bang!

Patrick took this one—so cute!

I worry that Nate and Jensey were overwhelmed by the DIS party. It was a lot to take in after a long day, and there were a LOT of people there—even I felt kinda daunted. You don’t realize how big the DIS is til a fraction of its participants show up for a party and overrun the place! However, our pals’ faces lit up when we ran into this guy:

Tim is a longtime friend of Jensey’s and an event manager at DHS who was working both the D23 shindig and DISapalooza that night. I can totally see why Jensey adores him—on first acquaintance he instantly makes you feel at ease and like you’ve known him forever. When I went back to Disney in October, he was the one who lead us on our Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings site visit at Hollywood Studios, and I realized that he is the perfect Disney cast member—enthusiastic, friendly, knowledgeable and genuinely excited about his job.

Why, look at this adorable picture Tim took of Nathensey and, uh, Atrick!

After that we were all pretty much pooped, so we started to head out.

Looks like a horse needs a cowboy…

How you get that shot… (the secret is Jensey's adorable camera strap!)

Wouldn't it be great if Hollywood Studios were always like this?

I’m kinda sad that DISapalooza was on the same day as the D23 event, because you couldn’t help but draw comparisons. I think if this had been the only event we had scheduled during our trip, we would have thought it was amazing. But after an entire day filled with small-group VIP experiences, it felt kinda ho-hum: some greasy carnival food, a photo op, and a couple spins on one ride (and how many times can you really ride Midway Mania before your arm gets all noodley?)… On the other hand, it was only 25 bucks, so what am I complainin’ about?! It still would be a fun addition to a Christmas trip to Walt Disney World—I highly recommend it!

Up Next: Cinderella Castle Suite Tour & Root Shoot at Bay Lake Tower!

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5 Responses
  • ATG
    December 15, 2010

    AW! No pick of Mr. Spell! I’ll have to get one on my next visit to WDW. I lurve this report. I gots to get planning for a WDW trip. I haven’t been since 2008!

    • lurkyloo
      December 16, 2010

      I think Patrick might’ve shot Mr. Spell – I’ll see if I can dig up a pic! As for planning, I highly recommend “PassPorter’s Walt Disney World” and the touring strategies of Tour Guide Mike! 😉

  • Chilly
    December 15, 2010

    I can now see the Chicken hidden mickey – that’s disney detail.

  • Chilly
    December 14, 2010

    Jealous you get to meet Bullseye!

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