Day 8, Part 1: Christmas Decoration Tour of the Monorail Resorts

Hope ya like Christmas, cuz this installment’s lousy with it!

I started my last full day at Disney off right with two room service kids’ breakfasts (cuz they don’t have just one “everything breakfast” and also you get milk!).

Mickey waffles with sausage + eggs, hash browns, bacon and a biscuit!


The plan was to take it easy in the morning by touring the monorail resorts to look at their Christmas decorations. In the afternoon I was scheduled to meet Jensey for the Finding Nemo lunch package they do at Tusker House, plus a backstage tour that Patrick arranged but didn’t get to go on!

I sashayed out of my $$$ Bay Lake Tower 1-bedroom to find this still in the hall. It had been there since the previous day.

Bad show!

My chariot awaits!

The then-newly expanded Chef Mickey's

View from the monorail platform

The Polynesian’s Christmas decorations were fairly subdued compared to those of the other resorts.

My next stop was the Grand Floridian, where I was momentarily distracted by this fabulous gift basket in the window at Basin.

The Grand Floridian pretty much pulls out all the stops at Christmas. It’s not my taste, really, but it definitely puts you in the Christmas mood!


Mizner's Lounge

Of course the crown jewel is the life-size gingerbread house. I’d heard so much about it over the years, but you really have to see it in person to appreciate the countless hours of work that go into it.

Now they always say the GF gingerbread house contains a gift shop, but that makes it sound like you can actually go inside it. Really, it’s more like a gift counter, and only employees can go inside it. Boo!

"Nyah, nyah! Bet you wish you were in heeeeeeerrrreeee!"

There’s almost always a line to buy stuff, too, but it gives you time to fantasize about gnawing on the gingerbread house itself…

Judging by how fast these cast members were moving, I'd say they've been gnawing on the gingerbread house all day!

(Sock-O!) "Only *I* get to be in Lurkyloo's picture!"



Patrick would have loved the little Christmas villages on the eaves…

I spotted the head pastry chef out and about in the lobby fielding questions about the house.

I picked up a chocolate-covered gingerbread shingle for Patrick (he later declared it delicious) and an Oreo pop and a cookie for me. They were just so-so…

In an effort to, I dunno, provide enough photos for my readers to completely re-create the gingerbread house at home, I went up stairs for a different perspective on the thing.

Whaaaa? Real smoke?!


Photo op at the Christmas tree

The Grand Floridian's newish tile floor

I found one wreath I really liked hanging in the upstairs gift shop, M. Mouse Mercantile. They should totally sell this one!

I spotted a festive mini cake in the display window, so I got a couple of shots for the DIS Boards’ cake thread… Turns out it is made of candy and comes in the $$$ in-room celebration package that the WDW Florist can sell you.

Looks like I swung by the Grand Floridian Convention Center to take some pictures of the Whitehall Room & Patio!


I always love it when I stumble across an actual event in progress…

This is the Key West Room, a boardroom you can use for small private events.

Then it was back on the monorail to check out the Contemporary’s decorations.

Sort-of view of Whitehall patio from the monorail

Space-age ordering kiosks for Contempo Café!

Newish Contempo Café

"I'll have one of everything, please!"

This one cracked me up—which leche do you think they left out? And is the price lower as a result?




Little birdies gettin' crunk at the soda machine...

"I'm so high, I'll bet I can fly!"

The Contemporary doesn’t have a life-size gingerbread house, but they do have a temporary counter set up in the lobby selling gingerbread and other Christmas-y treats.


I give you…. the carpet!

I just can’t get over how cool BLT’s lobby is!

Up Next: Backstage Tour of “Finding Nemo: The Musical”!

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6 Responses
  • Katie
    October 20, 2012

    “”I’m so high, I’ll bet I can fly!””

    That quote and the picture with it…BWAHAHAHAHAHA. I audibly laughed for like 15 seconds. So great.

    • Carrie
      October 21, 2012


  • Hope
    December 21, 2011

    Lol @ your Dos Leches joke. Oh Carrie! hehehe

    • lurkyloo
      December 22, 2011

      I hear this year they’ve got it down to “uno leche” to cut costs!

      • Hope
        December 22, 2011

        LOL! I don’t doubt it. 😉

  • Claire
    March 8, 2011

    I can’t wait to go back at Christmas

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