Greetings, and welcome to the trip report for the Lurkyloos’ Christmas trip to Walt Disney World, including a stay at Bay Lake Tower and more stalking of hapless photographers The Roots, who, by agreeing to shoot our wedding, unwittingly signed themselves up to be featured in and take pictures for every future Lurkyloo trip report, in perpetuity.

From the DISBoards’ generic pre-trip questionnaire…

* Who is in your party? Lurkyloo & Mr. Lurkyloo

* When are you traveling? The second week in December, probably, unless something changes… which it very well might…

* Where are you staying? BoardWalk Inn, Beach Club Villas and Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort (a.k.a. BLT – it’s not just a sandwich anymore!)

* What Dining Reservations you have made? NONE because Disney reinstated the stoopid 90-day window for ADRs …and stopped calling them “ADRs”…

* Any special plans, events, etc. that you have planned: Among the plans that we have planned are

  • At BLT: Taking a bubble bath with the bathroom shutters open so I can see through the bedroom to our view of Bay Lake (hopefully they have one-way glass on those exterior windows, or some parasailing honeymooners are gonna get an eyeful!)
  • At BCV: Stalking the Roots on their Disney Christmas vacation
  • At BoardWalk Inn: Stridently requesting a remodeled room so I don’t have to endure the hideous comforters of the old decor
  • At BoardWalk Bakery: Eating of peanut butter chocolate cake slices
  • Also: CHRISTMAS!!!! And possibly Mickey’s Very Merry Not-So-Scary Christmas Party… maybe…. if I can get past paying an extra $110 for a fireworks show, cookies and watery hot chocolate


When I started planning this trip, Patrick had about reached the end of his interest in trips to the Florida parks and was wondering why we weren’t saving our pennies to go to, say, Tokyo DisneySea. We’d been four times in less than two years, including our blowout wedding and anniversary trips, plus a quest to ride Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World and Disneyland on the same day.

So I pitched him on the idea of seeing WDW at a Christmas, something we’d never done, and timed our trip to coincide with our friends The Roots’ WDW “staycation” at Mrs. Root’s favorite time of the year. I shot for the second week in December because everyone always says the first few weeks of December are the “secret” best time to go—hotel prices and crowds are low but all the holiday decorations are up and activities are going on.

It also turned out that the entire Disney fan community would be descending on WDW that week, despite the cancellation of MouseFest. This meant there were tons of special events going on that would make this trip different from all the rest. Then, just a couple of months before the trip and well after any self-respecting Disney fan had already locked in dining reservations and itineraries, D23 announced a special member event right smack in the middle of our trip. Of course we were very grateful it was happening while we were there and that we were even able to get tickets to it, but it kinda threw a monkey wrench into our carefully laid plans…

…only to be topped by the Mother of All Monkey Wrenches, in the form of Pee-Wee Herman’s comeback stage show in Los Angeles, for which Patrick’s company would building and perform puppets. This is a very cool thing and I am very proud of Patrick, but it meant that we had to buy an emergency early-return ticket for him in case the puppeteers were called in to rehearse during our vacation.

And then, just a few weeks before we left, I had to move my dad down from Northern California to a care facility near us. Basically, early December turned out to be the very worst time for us to visit Walt Disney World, but boy did it make for one heckuva trip report!

On to Day 1: Arrival and First Legitimate Dessert Party!

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