D23 Expo Day 3: Saturday, Part 1

On Saturday we got to sleep all the way in til 7am. We awoke to our glamorous parking lot view…

We could also see the building with the DVC model rooms in it - I hope that didn't cost extra!

To save time, we ordered room service breakfast. As usual, this was a big mistake.

$17 Huevos Rancheros

$17 Spanish Omelette

I thought it would be impossible to screw up Mexican food, but I was wrong—mine just tasted like spicy on top of bland. Patrick thought his was OK.

We had a fairly full schedule of presentations we wanted to hit at the Expo that day, so we decided to take it easy that morning and not line up early for the big Parks & Resorts presentation in the Arena at 11am. Instead we poked around the show floor.

What we saw:

The Little House is my all-time favorite children’s book, and Mary Blair’s concept art for the Disney short is dreamy! I took a picture cuz I couldn’t afford the real thing!

Of course we ended up back here…

We took a smoochtastic escalator ride up to the second floor to see the Treasures of the Disney Archives Exhibit.

They had a Herbie…

…And some costumes from Babes in Toyland…

…And some sleigh…

… And OMG – there are some wedding dresses from the Kirstie Kelly fashion show randomly hanging outside one of the conference rooms!!!


OK, so the Expo’s official program said only that *flash* photography was not allowed in the archives, which makes sense cuz it’s bad for the artifacts. But when we got there, we were told that *no* photography was allowed— even from a flash-less iPhone. Not coincidentally, they were selling a flimsy print-on-demand-looking book full of pictures of the exhibits in the archive, so the only way you could get an image of anything in the archives was to spend $20 or $35 on a book. LAME! (OK, so, yeah, this is the book I raced upstairs to purchase on Thursday, but I was kinda disappointed when I saw how few pages it is. At least it was less than 50 bucks…)

So, in order to give you a taste of the exhibits, I have swiped some photos taken by MiceChat’s Fishbulb:


Some of Walt's desk items


Original Mouseketeer costumes


The book from the opening credits of Sleeping Beauty


I love how some of the details are really chintzy-looking closeup but read well on the screen. I guess that’s common with many screen costumes.


Susan Sarandon's crown from Enchanted


Meticulously preserved costumes from the Princess Protection Program and High School Musical movies—one would scarcely believe that some of them are as many as three years old!


Mary Poppins! I couldn't get over the wisp of a scarf—it looks much more substantial in the film!


This TRON costume is another one that is fun to see up close because you realize how jury-rigged it is. It looked like they just drew on a body suit with a Sharpie!


And who knew that disc was just a glorified Frisbee?

Next we ambled down the hall to check out the live auction preview room. It was funny cuz so many of the lots were experiences that most of what was on display were placards describing the lot, not actual stuff to win.

Kevin Kidney & Jody Dailey’s life-size Hatbox Ghost figure was definitely the coolest lot in the auction. It sold for $9,300.


The lot of mouse ears customized by famous designers went for $3,500, and 5 of them were modeled by original Mouseketeers at the auction.


This sold for $3,100

The Haunted Mansion O-Pin House pre-production pin set with poster and figures collection went for $5,100

The lot of 5 Kirstie Kelly bridesmaids gowns was a steal at $900, and the Snow White bridal gown was a similar bargain at $1,400 (the retail markup on the Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings gowns is huge).

Originally I had intended to attend the auction, even if I couldn’t afford the prices stuff was sure to go for. But when they released the merchandise info, I knew I could save my $40 (for the chance to bid) and didn’t even need to sit in the peanut gallery for free to watch the proceedings. Most of the experiences were ho-hum or things we could do ourselves for a lot less. The prime example of this was a progressive dinner at Downtown Disney where you eat each course at a different restaurant. It sold for $2,200… I can do that on my own for just the cost of food! We are also fortunate to already have had the chance to do some of the other experiences they were selling. Judging by the final selling price, our free D23 Disney Studio Tour was worth $13,000. And apparently we should start charging for the LA Disney tour we took our DIS Boards pal Trish on a few weeks ago, cuz a similar one sold for $5,200! Of course, ours didn’t have Dave Smith leading it…

Next we wandered the third floor looking at the exhibits:

Johhny Depp sat here...



Huh. They paid all that money for CG in Prince of Persia and the actors still had to wear actual clothes?


The dragon from the soon-to-be-not-famous Chinese New Year scene of the soon-to-be-forgotten Sorcerer's Apprentice

There was also a room devoted to Disney Home Video, or whatever they’re calling it these days, including screenings on a way-cool 3D TV of various Pixar shorts and 3-D Disney movie trailers, a Disney Movie Club area manned by rapacious ladies pushing free Disney Movie Club tote bags, and a hermetically sealed display case containing a $500 set of every Disney Treasures DVD ever released (which D23 members have the exclusive right to empty their wallets for a few weeks before the general public does).

A little further down the hall was an alcove set up where you could watch an artist at work and check out some maquettes from The Princess & the Frog.

Future Disney Archives artifacts - take pictures while ya still can!

Up Next: Day 3, Part 2 – The Anticlimactic Disney Parks Presentation!

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5 Responses
  • Chilly
    July 31, 2011

    some people really do have more money than sense

    • lurkyloo
      July 31, 2011

      Yes! And I sure wish *I* did too! 😀

  • BorkBorkBork
    July 24, 2011

    I adore Mary Blair. Your highlights of the Expo are very cool! Thanks for standing in all those lines so we don’t have to!

    • lurkyloo
      July 25, 2011

      You are very welcome! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the highlights!

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