Day 12, Part 1: The Boring Part

Today we did what they do NOT say you should do before attending one of the Magic Kingdom’s ticketed parties: We got up and went to a park for rope drop. But we felt we probably should go see Hollywood Studios at least once on our trip, even if it was only grudgingly. We started with a boat ride—always the best part of any trip to DHS!

Ahoy there!

When we got to Hollywood Studios, we did the usual drill and skipped Toy Story Mania (since we have our own at Disneyland) and went straight to Rock n Rollercoaster and Tower of Terror. (OK, technically we have a TOT too, but ours isn’t as good!)

This could have some tangled vines or something in it and still look abandoned while also looking, you know, good…

Little did we know (well, OK, maybe I had an idea) the next time we were here we’d be at our anniversary party shooting pix with the Roots in these very locations!


Disney should build a Tower of Terror-themed hotel—wouldn't that be amazing? Wait… maybe that's a bad idea because no one would want to ride the elevators!

With those two rides under our belts we wandered around trying to think of something to fill the time until our lunch reservation at the Brown Derby. Disney thought maybe it would be a good idea if we went shopping…

Um, these look NOTHING like brownies!

Oh no you don't, Starring Rolls cupcakes—you won't fool me with your good looks again!

Well, let's see… we've ridden the two good rides, looked at all the interesting shops and food, and it's only 9:45… I guess we could give 22 minutes of our lives to the Great Movie Ride…

The best thing about the Great Movie Ride is this carousel horse from Mary Poppins!

Well you’re never going to believe this, but we got the very same lackluster tour guide we got when we rode TGM a year before! You’d think the intervening months would have given him ample time to hone his technique, but they may actually have made him a little bit worse…

"Whaddya mean there's a rampaging elephant headed straight for us…?"

"Here's looking at you, kid…"

"…and you're looking kinda blurry!"

Actually, I was glad we went on the ride cuz Patrick got a bunch of great, empty shots of Munchkinland that I could use to show where you can have a party inside the Great Movie Ride!

Always gotta make a pilgrimage here!


That's right, a *re-creation*—at some point, they DID have copy editors at Walt Disney Imagineering! …Although I might've excised the somewhat redundant "originally built"…

Wait, what month was this? October? They must put each Osbourne light up by hand—with tweezers—if it takes 'em that long!

What's this? A line for Muppet*Vision 3-D?

Muppet*Vision 3-D was popular at that time cuz it had just received a new digital print. Unfortunately, new digital print + old smeared glasses = same crummy experience as before. 

Oh my GAWD, Animal and Beaker have MELTED!!!!

Bad show!

OK, WDI, explain THAT apostrophe to me!

Finally it was time to go lurk in the lobby of Brown Derby for 20 minutes hoping to get seated early cuz we had nothing else to do.


I think this was the Blue Lump Crab Cake with Potato Crust, Green Cabbage Slaw, Cognac-Mustard Sauce, and Rémoulade

The description for this on AllEars seems a bit off from what we had, but here goes: Sterling Silver Pork Chop topped with smoked gouda and apricot preserve served over Napa cabbage, bacon and potato hash with apple cider jus

We had the place to ourselves, got a great server, and really enjoyed our meal. For kicks, I’d ordered a “podium cake” when we checked in just to see if the cakes at Hollywood Studios were closer to those at the MK or the EasyBake Oven variety served at many places in Epcot—all part of my obsession with cake at Walt Disney World. (For the uninitiated, a podium cake is one of the generic, supermarket-style cakes you can order on the spot at any Disney restaurant just by asking at the podium when you get there.) At some point, someone asked us if we wanted anything written on the cake and I’d replied, “Oh, I dunno… how about ‘Bon Voyage’?” because it was our last full day at Disney.

Well, bless their hearts, the staff at the Brown Derby took this to mean we were celebrating some grand occasion. When the cake finally appeared at the end of the meal, it was all done up fancy-like with flowers and a candle, and it was accompanied by two free glasses of Champagne! On top of that, our server took our picture and put it in a little commemorative card for us to take home. We felt like huge impostors and totally unworthy of all that attention!

And, for those of you keeping score at home, the cake turned out to be identical to the kind they serve at the Magic Kingdom.

What a waste of perfectly good free booze! I think we found some diners near us to take it or discreetly poured it into a potted palm or something….

The day was still young (wait—can a day be young, or just a night?) but we had to start heading back to our room to get ready for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary-Except-For-the-Sticker-Shock Halloween Party. This was another great excuse to ride a boat!

Looks like Mickey's sporting half a 'stache, there...

And now, my “Ode to a Friendship Boat”…

Oh, Friendship Boat, I love you so
You take me everywhere I want to go

With a chipper skipper and a horn that toots

Romantic like a carriage, minus the horse doots!

Covering your nose, eh, Quackers? Everyone's a critic...

On the way back, we stopped off at the Swolphin to shoot some of their wedding venues. These are an economical alternative for people who have large guest lists but can’t afford a Disney’s Fairy Tale Wedding or want more flexibility. The Swan even has a beach you can get married on.

This venue is called Crescent Terrace—I was surprised how close it is to the walkway and the waterway, but maybe the trees shield you from prying eyes…

We also stopped in at Garden Grove, which I’d never seen in person before and is every bit as cool as it looks in photos.


The West Terrace is a good venue for smaller parties. It’s right below the guest rooms just like the Wedding Gazebo at the Yacht Club, but somehow I don’t think you get as many people hanging out on their balconies to watch your ceremony.

So I guess we were documenting our every step back to the room in photos here? I dunno…

When we got to our room at the Beach Club we discovered out first towel…uh… thing!

I also dunno what this is… do you know what this is? Is it a bunny with a long tail?

Also in our room was the Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings purse I’d ordered from the Disney Florist and had delivered at the last minute when I realized I had no place in my Haunted Mansion Bride costume to carry my ID, room key, etc. It worked great and even went with my costume!


Up Next: Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party with Harrison Hightower & the Roots!

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20 Responses
  • Katie
    October 21, 2011

    Maybe the towel animal is supposed to be Eeyore O_o

    • lurkyloo
      October 22, 2011

      Now that’s a good theory! I wonder…

  • ATG
    October 21, 2011

    You said “toots”! Tee-hee! Great update! I tried to peep it on my iPhone in ‘Vegas but, my phone HATED me there. Finally got a chance to sit and enjoy (yes, ENJOY) every last bit of it. I am very much looking forward to your MNSSHP pics & post.

    As for the towel, I thought it was a dying swan…

    • lurkyloo
      October 21, 2011

      I love the word “toots”! I found another person recently who also says toots (Princess Chrysty, are you out there?). Also, I like the dying swan towel theory… 😉

  • Katie
    October 20, 2011

    I also thought “long tailed rabbit” when I saw that towel.

    • lurkyloo
      October 20, 2011

      Perhaps its a rabbit-dog (not to be confused with a rabid dog…) 🙂

  • shoshanna
    October 19, 2011

    Still upset that they have discontinued petting as part of the backstage tour ) : Thanks for the fun update…not boring at all!

    • lurkyloo
      October 19, 2011

      I agree! I mean, c’mon, Sea World and Busch Gardens offer tons of tours where you get to meet the animals. Heck, our local aquarium has more interactive experiences than AK!

  • Pinkgirl
    October 19, 2011

    Noooo…. need more….bring on part 2 🙂

    • lurkyloo
      October 19, 2011

      Hang in there! 🙂

  • Hope
    October 18, 2011

    I always love your WDW pics (we’ll get there someday!) and I especially found it neat that the Kermit/Jim Henson signature was dedicated on our anniversary (albeit way way way before we met and before we were old enough to be married lol). I’ll have to find your definitive “where to eat cake” posts when we do get to go so I don’t waste my time, money or tastebuds on the bad stuff. 😉

    • lurkyloo
      October 18, 2011

      Disney was really thinking ahead when they picked that date! 😉 Definitely check out my cake info when you’re ready. The quality varies so widely, it’s ridiculous!

  • Heather
    October 17, 2011

    My son got that Beaker hat on our trip last winter. I can hardly wait til the snow flies to see it again!

    • lurkyloo
      October 17, 2011

      Cute! 😉

  • Elizabeth
    October 17, 2011

    Well, it helps that I have a four year old with me who hasn’t seen most things, but we do go there a lot and always have fun!

  • Chilly
    October 17, 2011

    Even your boring posts are a lot more entertaining than some other peoples TRs.

    • lurkyloo
      October 17, 2011

      😀 Well OK then!

  • Elizabeth
    October 17, 2011

    Aww…don’t disparage the Hollywood Studios! LOL…we were just there yesterday and found plenty to do! And it wasn’t even all food related! (Only some of it.)

    Can’t wait to see the MNSSHP pics!

    • lurkyloo
      October 17, 2011

      Next time, I’ll get you to make us a touring plan before we go! 😉

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