Day 2: More Wedding Sites + Party for the Senses

Today was even better than yesterday! For one thing, I got to sleep in. Eventually I moseyed over to Epcot on a Friendship Boat to meet Carly for more wedding location shooting.

Epcot’s International Gateway seemed unusually crowded to this off-season Walt Disney World visitor.

I stopped in at Guest Services and finally got my Tables In Wonderland restaurant discount card.

Looks like I also got a locker, prolly for my backpack and tripod…

Then it was off to Canada to meet up with Carly here:

While I’d been sleepin’ in and moseying, Carly had been enjoying an exciting morning of sneaking into Epcot’s private wedding venues—and getting thrown out! Her mission into Living Seas Salon had been a success along the lines of our visit to Atlantic Dance Hall the previous day. But when she tried to get into the Norway VIP Lounge, a CM with a little bit of authority and a whole lotta free time had hassled her about being an escort-less member of the media and confiscated her bag! She eventually got it back, but not before learning the valuable lesson that you will get a lot further with Disney as an ordinary tourist that you will as a member of the media…

Undeterred, she next tried to get us into Le Cellier for lunch without a reservation—talk about gutsy! Although we were shut down by the hostess, it didn’t really matter because, just a few steps away, Canada’s Food & Wine Festival booth was slinging cheddar cheese soup and maple-glazed salmon for the masses at better prices.

Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup

Each emboldened by the other, we then sauntered right into Bistro de Paris, which was closed but full of people getting ready for a Food & Wine Festival seminar. You’d be surprised how far you can get if you act like you’re supposed to be there—we even earned friendly waves and calls of “Bonjour!” from the staffers as we snapped and filmed away.

To celebrate, we stopped by the Australia booth for a snack and took a break by the water in the Japan Pavilion. Tip: The Yakitori House only gives out small cups of free ice water, and they are not at all impressed if you ask for it in Japanese!

Lamington (sponge cake dipped in chocolate and coconut) and Grilled Lamp Chop with Roasted Potato Salad and Red Wine Reduction

It was pretty hot, so as we continued on around World Showcase, Carly picked up a slushy and I went for cookies ‘n’ cream gelato.

In Norway we took a break to ride Maelstrom. On the way out, Carly showed me where the “secret” entrance to the Norway VIP Lounge is…

Tip: Kringla Bakery gives out ginormous cups of free ice water!

Then it was time for another break (did I mention that Carly was pregnant? Cuz that was totally the reason that we kept taking breaks—it had nothing to do with my wussing out in the heat…), so we sat on a bench at the back of the Mexico Pavilion and swapped stories about meeting our spouses. Carly’s is fabulous because she and her future husband were both on the college program at Walt Disney World. Even though they didn’t start dating right away, it must be nice to have so many reminders of that exciting time whenever they go back.

I had a bit of time to kill before I could check in for Party for the Senses, so when Carly decided to go shoot venues in Hollywood Studios, I rode the Friendship boat there and back so we could visit a little longer.

Such a pleasant way to travel!

Back at Epcot, I headed straight for American Gardens Theater to check in for Party for the Senses. They give you the option to check in there or in front of World Showplace Plaza, but since they were giving us a special seating area for that night’s Eat to the Beat concert, it made the most sense to check in at the theater.

I wasn’t particularly interested in that night’s act, Taylor… Hicks (not Swift), but I wanted to see how good the Party for the Senses seats are. They are good!

We got that big empty area right at the front!

Dear Lord, when are they going to update the ’90s-tastic stage set at America Gardens Theater? It’s like MC Hammer left it after a gig and they never took it down!

Un-zoomed pic of the view

Zoomed pic

You’d never know how uninterested I am in Hicks’ music by the number of photos I took—I was just so excited about the view!

After the show, an event guide leads the Party for the Senses attendees back over to World Showplace for the start of the party. I’m not very good at walking slowly, so I kinda zipped on ahead, thinking I’d be first in line at the door…

Nope! Not first in line!

OK, so, for those of you not familiar with Party for the Senses, it’s a 3-hour food, wine, and entertainment event where you circulate among tasting stations offering exquisite small bites (usually around a different theme each week) created by a bunch of famous chefs. Except the chefs get less and less famous and more and more yanked outta Disney restaurants every year. I don’t begrudge the Disney chefs their chance to step out of the steak/chicken/salmon box their restaurants put them in, but I do find it galling the way PFTS ticket prices keep rising as the star power keeps falling.

Apparently they used to have full-on Cirque du Soleil shows going on during PFTS. This year it was a big deal because they brought back Cirque du Soleil performers after a year’s absence—or should I say “performer,” cuz the show was one lady in a metal cage. Oh, plus a mopey musical trio of pseudo-mimes…

Also, a couple years back they introduced the Wine View Lounge, a $215 ticket that gets you a reserved seat, early access (15 minutes), a premium bar, and an artisanal cheese selection. I decided not to spend the extra $90 because I don’t drink or need more than the 2 ginormous artisanal cheese tables already included at PFTS. The party is billed as an extravagant experience, so I felt sure the Wine View Lounge would be gilding the lily.

My first inkling that “regular” PFTS is no longer a VIP experience was this…

…a line of people streaming into World Showplace ahead of the rabble who’d merely paid $125 each for the party. Leave it to Disney to create an even more expensive experience out of an already over-priced one!

When they finally opened the gates for the rest of us, it was chaos. We were held again, this time at a curtain just inside the building.

Pity the fool (me) who didn’t grab a wine glass and a portable plate on her way in and had to sacrifice her place in line to go back for one…

When the curtain dropped, the crowd cheered and poured into the room like Dickensian orphans overrunning the Savoy Hotel buffet. More chaos!


The place was PACKED, and lines were already long for all the stations in the front half of the arena. Fortunately, all of the offerings were duplicated in the back half of the space, so the smart folks headed there for food and tables.

Paula Da Silva, 1500 Degrees at the Eden Roc Renaissance, Miami — Steak & Eggs: Grilled Skirt Steak, Crispy Yucca, Fried Quail Egg and Castelveltrano Olive Salsa

Donald Link, Link Restaurant Group, New Orleans — Duck Etouffee with Stone-ground Grits and Pickled Cabbage

I immediately wished I had access to the Wine View Lounge (note that I did not wish I had paid for access)—yes, it is possible to find a few open tables on the fringes of the room, but if you’re flying solo, every time you leave to get another taste, you give up your table and have to go hunt for another. In the lounge, you get a reserved table all night. But, holy crap, $180 extra per couple just for the privilege?! I dunno, man…

“Let’s see… where did I put my wad of cigar-starting $100 bills?”

That guy figured if he was paying $215 for the night he’d better be able to SLEEP there!

Meanwhile, the freaky mime band serenaded us with lugubrious French ballads…

Julie Southern & Kim Gilmore, Disney’s Polynesian Resort, Ohana — Pan-roasted Loin of Ostrich with Sofrito Salsa and a Chimichurri Salad in Yucca Crisp

Benjamin Brown, Pebble Beach Resorts, Pebble Beach, CA — Braised Pork Belly with Fig and Edamame Ragout

I’m going to show you the sign for that one so you can see how dreadfully copyedited most of them were. What’s a pork “belly-fig”? They must’ve left the job up to the notoriously grammatically challenged Disney Parks Blog food writer…

The dessert stations were pretty disappointing—it was all fussy fruit- and liqueur-laced stuff…

David Ramirez, Rosen Shingle Creek, Orlando = Pumpkin Crème Brulee in a Chocolate Tart Shell with a Cherry Morello Sauce

Royal Donaldson, The Grill at ESPN’s Wild World of Sports — Dungeness Crab with Tequila Lime Vinaigrette, Bread Salad and Microgreens

I noticed what looked like it must be the warm-up act for this promised Cirque du Soleil spectacle (or possibly a one-woman stage version of Girl, Interrupted and stopped to take a picture or twenty—she wouldn’t hold still!

….And then it was over and we all realized that THAT had been the Cirque du Soleil show. Huh.

Charles D. Dolson IV, Cinderella’s Royal Table, Magic Kingdom — Moroccan Braised Lamb with Cous Cous

Ted Siegel, Institute of Culinary Education, New York — Orange Lacquered Baby Back Spare Ribs with an Enoki, Radish and Pea Shoot Salad and Szechuan Black Bean and Chili Dressing

Artur Bukalo, Coral Reef, Epcot — Main (sic) Lobster Risotto with Sea Beans and Lime Oil

Nabi Saito & Mizuki Toyota, Japan Pavilion, Epcot — Tokyo Sushi Duet: Pomegranate Sushi Rice and Raw Scallop Nigiri Sushi paired with a Spicy Raw Salmon and Japanese Egg Omelet Maki Sushi rolled in Seaweed and Soy Sheet

Christopher Miller and Richard Tang, Sci-Fi Dine-In, Hollywood Studios — Herb Pheasant Breast, Smashed Root Vegetables, Wild Mushrooms Ragout and Watercress Oil

David Chapman, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, Sanaa — Paneer and Seasonal Squash Tikka with Fragrant Basmati, Squash Puree, and Papadum

Meanwhile… the mimes, they were a-changin’!

Cheese display!


I like cheese. I just don’t know very much about cheese. And I certainly didn’t know you were allowed to put HONEYCOMB on cheese—where has this been all my life?!

Overall… I dunno… I’ve heard Food & Wine Festival vets say they’d rather take the $125 and eat at Victoria & Albert’s than hassle with another Party For the Senses, and I kinda have to agree. Nothing I ate knocked me out, and the experience of fighting my way through crowds, constantly hunting for tables, juggling a bag and a camera and plates and glasses… it’s kinda like eating at a food truck festival, but without the cheesy mac ‘n’ short rib sandwich!

The final insult was the shwag bag you picked up as the door hit you on your way out. I have the Internets. I have seen the kind of stuff that used to be in these bags. This year, unless they paid the extra dough for Wine View Lounge, all the $125-paying rabble got was a cheap prom-style wine glass and (I kid you not) a red foam clown nose. Nice. On another note, watch the blog for the upcoming red foam clown nose giveaway!!!

I made my way out of Epcot and caught a boat back to the Swolphin to see if I could watch IllumiNations from my room.

Wazzo, I believe this Donald’s for you…

Apparently at one point I blacked out.

Looks like a gargantuan, sinister fish has flopped up on the roof of Atlantic Dance Hall!

Smile, you piece of garbage!

The Swolphin’s Food & Wine Classic was still in full swing when I got back.

Pieces of a Dream were still smoothly, gently tearing the roof off the mutha…

I decided that a peanut butter shake from The Fountain would be the perfect accompaniment to my in-room IllumiNations party.

It was… just OK.

I was surprised how much of IllumiNations I could see from my room. It wasn’t close, but I could see many of the low effects on the water.

A lot of my shots are out of focus because my camera thought I wanted a fix on the greasy smudges on my window…

Up Next: First full day of Food & Wine seminars, plus interviewing Sam from for my podcast!

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5 Responses
  • Jen C
    October 17, 2011

    Was that PFTS last year? If it was, you missed the full Cirque show involving the “windows” on the stage. It was at every PFTS I went to last year.

    • lurkyloo
      October 17, 2011

      Really? Cuz I was there the whole night and there was only ever one lady dancing around a cage. Maybe the rest of Cirque du Soleil was out sick that night!

  • Claire
    March 30, 2011

    Hilarious! I love how you can turn a so-so night of overpriced, lackluster eats into a delightfully
    entertaining story. 🙂

  • ATG
    March 30, 2011

    That does not look like a fun time. I vote with saving that moola for a swank dinner at Victoria and Albert as well!

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