REVENGE of Last Day: The Thrilling Conclusion!!!

We still had some time to kill before our SciFi Dine-In ADR, so we wandered over to the Muppets gift shop in honor of Patrick.

Nowhere else in the world will you find such a large collection of inexplicable and off-model Muppet tchotchkes. Take, for example, these magnetic Kermit heads….

From the WTF Department...

Or perhaps you’d like these Kermit-themed novelty glasses, for the novelty indulger in your life…

Or maybe you need a keychain that won’t get lost in your pocket cuz it’s too big to fit in it….

Jensey and I decided it would be HIGH-larious if Nathan re-created Patrick’s photo gag from our anniversary trip. I figured if one of those photos was funny, just think how funny TEN of them would be!!! Hope you haven’t eaten recently…

Wow, maybe Nate shouldn’t have kept eating his sammich after he found that hair in it...

I took these pictures so you could get a little behind-the-scenes perspective on the Artistes at work


Fortunately Nathan had sufficiently recovered by the time we returned to the Muppet Courtyard to be able to take these pictures:

Oooh, Patrick would be so jealous of Rizzo’s loot!


We got to SciFi Dine-In about 10 minutes before our ADR and checked in.

To pass the time, I went for a little drive (Nathan & Jensey wisely decided to stay behind).

The Roots and I sat outside chatting until I realized I’d actually run out of things to say about myself, which meant we had been out there a LONG time, and where the $%&#@! was our table for 3?!

Not only had it been 40 minutes since we’d checked in, but I heard them calling a “Heywood” and feared they’d gotten my name wrong and were giving away our table. I barged back inside to the check-in desk and got uppity with the host. I’m not proud of losing my temper, but dang if we didn’t get seated within about three minutes! (OK, yes, it may have been a coincidence…)

Indignation in Action!


At last…..

I love this place! … Except for the food and the long wait… and I’m not too keen on the bathrooms, either…

Sitting in the cars is the most fun, but it’s a little awkward if you have three people. I arm-wrestled Nate for Jensey (you would think that hauling all those cameras would give him the advantage, but don’t underestimate the muscle-building properties of the editor’s red pen…) so he had to sit in the seat in front of us and turn around for most of the meal.

People complain about the food at SciFi. I figured I couldn’t go wrong with a burger and fries. But it turns out I actually CAN go wrong with a burger and fries! It was nowhere near as good as the ones I’ve had a few times now at the Plaza on Main Street. A shake might have helped a bit, but I’d foolishly decided to have dessert instead.

SciFi’s molten peanut butter chocolate cake was the last thing on my To Eat list. Unfortunately, the one I got was really dry and had only the tiniest dollop of not-very-molten peanut butter in it. Booooo!

Still, the experience almost makes up for the food. You get to sit in a dark, air-conditioned theater eating junk food, watching goofy B-movies, and necking (if your husband isn’t sitting in the row in front of you or building puppets in LA).

Despite the delay, we did not have to rush out of DHS after lunch to get me to my flight, so I am able to bring you shots like this:

Also, this:

And yes, even this:

And because the Roots love palm trees almost as much as they love brides….

Having your picture taken while you’re taking a picture can really throw off your game...

...see what I mean?

Eventually, it was time to go. I discovered that leaving WDW from your least favorite park makes it a little less sad.

“So long, Hollywood Studios!”

“If I don’t see ya in the future, I’ll see ya in the pasture...”

“... Stop following me!”


The hardest part was leaving Nathan & Jensey. I’ll spare you the details of the tram ride to the parking lot, mostly because I was sobbing all over them and wiping my nose with Jensey’s skirt, but I won’t spare you my terrible pictures!

My view of the tram. Nothing more, nothing less.

What I saw....

What the Roots saw

I decided to gas up the rental car at the $$$ Hess station on property to avoid having to get off the highway in scary real Florida on the way to the airport. The Roots led me over there so they could then lead me onto the right ramp to head to the airport.

I don’t know why I was compelled to take so many pictures, but never in the history of Disney trip reports has the trip across the street from Hollywood Studios to the Hess station been so well documented. Behold…

As I was filling up, the Mayor of Lake Buena Vista and his First Lady came over to bid me farewell.

“Care to donate any Cheetos to my reelection campaign?”

Then we were off! Fortunately Jensey got some nice shots of my trip out of Mecca, because I had my hands full trying to drive and weep at the same time.

“Real soon”? Like, how soon? Can you be more specific?! I NEED TO KNOW!!!

The Right Exit

Farewell from the Roots!

Does anybody read the “going home” part of trip reports? I took some pictures, just in case. Maybe you’ll stick it out because you know “Lurkyloo always ends her trip reports with some type of surprise.” [gulp!]

I saw a toll booth!

Later, I went up an escalator!

Yet another smoochless escalator ride...

Then I rode the tram!

Worst Ride of the Day

But before all that, I got my two precious jars of Ghirardelli fudge confiscated by TSA! I was so curious why I got pulled out of line for a bag check, and I was chatting away with the TSA officer as he pawed through my possessions (he complimented me on my orderly packing!), when suddenly I realized what he was looking for…. my heart sank …

I felt like an idiot for not realizing that chocolate fudge and butterscotch-caramel sauce count as liquids, but in my defense, they’re REALLY thick and practically solid! Mr. TSA wasn’t having it. He suggested I go back and check my bag, but consarn it – I hadn’t bought all those tiny toiletry bottles and done all that carryon prep work just to have to check my bag in the end!

So I left $16 worth of delicious Ghirardelli dessert toppings at the TSA checkpoint. I told the guy he should try them, but he got all official and said they were not allowed to do that. His loss!

“At least I still have you, Ginormous Oreo...”

And finally….

(OK, I cheated and took a picture of the poster.)

Patrick was there to pick me up and whisk me to our favorite Cuban restaurant for takeout. After dinner I gave him all his souvenirs at once…

Thus endeth Wedding Crasher: Lurkyloo’s 4 Parties in 3 Nights with 2 Cameras and 1 Fabulous Hat. …But stay tuned, because the Lurkyloos will return in…

A Very Lurky Christmas: Holiday at Bay Lake Tower… of TERROR!!!

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3 Responses
  • Hope
    February 15, 2012

    What a waste of perfectly good yumminess. I would’ve eaten them right there if I were you!

    • lurkyloo
      February 15, 2012

      I can see it now… me sitting in the hard plastic TSA chair demanding a spoon…

      • Hope
        February 15, 2012

        Totally! lol Actually, since you already admitted to having a ziploc in your purse for left overs, you should start carrying around utensils too. 😉

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