Disney Wedding Crashing!

As Jensey and I dragged ourselves toward the BoardWalk Bakery in the sweltering heat, I noticed chairs set up at Sea Breeze Point and said, “Oooh! Chair covers! We should get a shot of those for my book!”

Glorious chair covers!!!

OK, does it bug anybody else that they don't steam out the creases? It drives me NUTS!


And then it dawned on me… this was DISer Lori’s wedding setup, and she was getting married in 20 minutes! I’m not sure how this slipped my mind – I had programmed into my iPhone the daily itineraries of all the Disney brides I’d hoped to meet that weekend, so theoretically I knew where each of them was at every hour of every day. But thank goodness we were lured to the bakery by the siren song of peanut butter chocolate cake, because we got to the BoardWalk just in time to stalk our butts off at Lori’s wedding!

I got very excited and asked Jensey to get as many shots as she could. Lori’s videographer’s wife was there shooting B-roll, and she graciously allowed us to step into her shot to take pictures.

Waiting for cake


When you get married at Sea Breeze Point, everyone assembles in the lobby of BoardWalk Inn and then they send groups down to the gazebo: first the groom, then the guests/vendors, then the bride. We decided to continue on to the bakery and stake out a spot at one of the tables along the BoardWalk so we could photograph the wedding procession on the sly.

Jensey grabbed a table and I went inside to order her cinnamon roll and my peanut butter chocolate cake slice. There I was, standing in line, snapping these pictures…

…when I looked up and saw a runner carrying Lori’s cake! What luck!!!


I chased him out the door hollering “JENSEY!!! He’s got Lori’s CAKE!!!!” and she instantly sprang into Action-Photo Mode (if you push the hidden button on her back, she’ll also yell “That’s right – work it! Work it!” as she shoots!).

Sometimes, when I’m looking at someone and I’m really hungry, this is what I see...

Godspeed, Lori’s cake!

After all this excitement, we got a little break to eat our desserts. When I sat down at the table, there was a penny on it. You know how people sometimes say that they start finding pennies after a loved one passes on, and it’s like a message from that person? Well, to me, this penny was like a little message from Patrick, except without the “being dead” part and more because he is always finding money everywhere we go. I took a picture and put it in my pocket. But later that day when I was changing into a skirt in the ladies’ room at the Beach Club, the penny flew out of my pocket and landed in the toilet! Not sure what the symbolism was there…


So about that Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake…. sweet merciful crap, it was amazing! It was WAY more rich and delicious than the cake they used to have at Sunshine Seasons. For one thing, it’s got a frosting/mousse/whatever layer in the middle that the other doesn’t have, plus you get peanut butter and chocolate frosting. I highly recommend it!


Jensey and I passed a few pleasant moments chatting and enjoying our desserts (I apologize for not demanding that she take a picture of our desserts—I blame the heat and my excitement over the wedding). I was pontificating about religion and the meaning of life when I cut myself off with a shriek of “OMG, it’s the groom!!!” (And yes, I actually said “oh-em-gee” – it started as irony… now I can’t stop myself!)

The groom, Eoghan, is on the left

Jensey started snapping away as the guests passed our table.


Meanwhile I tried to go incognito…

Looks like he’s late for a very important date!

And then…. “OMG it’s the bride!!!”


As she passed, I totally blew my cover and started waving wildly and hollering “Lori! Lori! LOOOOOORIIIII!!!!”


And then – “OMG, she recognized me!!!”

She looked so beautiful!

Lori’s photographer gets his hustle on!

Jensey and I took a few more minutes to finish our desserts and then thought we’d maybe sneak just a few photos of the ceremony on the pretext of going to catch a boat at the International Gateway. Many brides are worried about how public Sea Breeze Point is, and with good reason—it’s right on the path to the BoardWalk. However, at that moment there was no one else on the path, which made two dames tiptoeing sloooooowly by the gazebo accompanied by a chorus of frenzied clicking all the more conspicuous.

I can’t pick – how about all three versions?


Our next mission was to catch a Friendship Boat from the International Gateway to the BoardWalk so we could shoot Lori’s wedding from the back. We took up a strategic position on the boat’s, uh, back porch (as it is known in nautical terms) so we could get a clear shot (geez, we sound more like snipers than wedding stalkers!).


(Waiting for the boat to depart was boring!)



As soon as we got underway, I barged up to the front of the boat and demanded the crew toot the horn when we went by Sea Breeze Point. I assured them that we knew the bride and groom (the crew didn’t need to know whether we’d ever actually met them in person…) and that they would find it HIGH-larious!

I was totally DENIED! They used to do it all the time, but then some bride got P.O. ed when it happened to her, so Disney has forbidden the skippers from tooting the horn. Boooo! (Actually, now that I think about it, I’m totally glad it didn’t happen – I really don’t know that Lori and Eoghan would have found it HIGH-larious… I might have ruined their wedding!)

"Whaddya mean this thing doesn’t have a horn that plays La Cucaracha?!”


OK, so this is where we went from being mere wedding pho-stalk-raphers to being the Lucy & Ethel (or Laverne & Shirley, take your pick) of Walt Disney World. While we were shooting these….


…Lori’s videographer caught us hanging off the back of the boat and snapping pictures as we whizzed by!


In all the excitement, we’d forgotten another of the items on my To Do List, which was to get some good shots of the mock-ups of the Disney’s Fairy Tale Wedding cakes on display at the BoardWalk Bakery, so we got off the boat at the first stop. If you have what’s known as an Escape Collection wedding, you get to choose from one of five designs for your cake:


I also asked Jensey to get some shots of the special occasion cakes on display for my pals on the DIS’ Cake Chatter thread, which is where you go if you have questions about ordering a custom cake at WDW. While we were there, I got the inside scoop on ordering a cake, since BoardWalk Bakery is the only one on property that will let you pick up a fancy cake. I posted all that info HERE if you’re curious.

These aren’t for sale, but you can order one like them with 48 hours’ notice:


While we were there, I broke down and bought a bottle of water at outrageous Disney prices because I’d forgotten to bring one of the ones Jensey picked up for me. I decided I might as well try SmartWater, but, alas, it made me no smarter (and might have made me dumber, seeing as how moments later I forgot to take pictures of Lori’s wedding as we went back by it on another Friendship Boat!). However, it did allow me to bore Jensey half to death with a story about how my brother and I used to pretend we were spokesmodels for water when we were kids!


We stood in a thin sliver of shade and waited for a boat to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. All attempts to not sweat in front of each other were out the window—at that point we were lucky if we didn’t slide into each other when we sat on a bench.


The boat came. We grabbed the first seat inside the door and collapsed in a heap. As we cruised by Sea Breze Point, we could see Lori & Eoghan dancing with Mickey & Minnie (who were even wearing purple to go with the wedding colors). The first mate started spouting inaccuracies about the availability and cost of having Mickey & Minnie at a Disney wedding, but I was too heat-stricken to correct him. (I need to start carrying around copies of my book to dispense to the clueless!)

Up Next: Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Dinner at Shula’s Steakhouse, and Crashing Lori’s Dessert Party!




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10 Responses
  • Lori
    December 13, 2016

    Sometimes I like to come back and read this again. 🙂 I love looking at all of Jensey’s photos. xoxo

    • Carrie
      December 13, 2016

      Me too!

  • Jen
    February 3, 2014

    Thanks for your reply, the info helps! I really appreciate it! Some of the photo captions I’ve read when reading through your posts have me in stitches! I’ve found myself reading form your blog like every night for the last 3 nights!


    • Carrie
      February 3, 2014


  • Jen
    February 1, 2014

    Loved the post! The photos are so awesome! What kind of camera/lens was used?

    I’m looking into planning an engagement party and bridal shower/bachelorette party this year…. My best friend works with DEG, yay! But I was curious, do you know if there are any options for engagement parties if we just want to do hors d’ ouvres and desserts and beer/wine (small group of appx. 25-25 people). Thanks for any advice!

    I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog and have found soooo many great ideas for trips. I am a huge Disney freak (lol) and a former CM (Prof. Intern 2010). My DF and I are planning an elopement to Vegas in December but he wants to have a party with our family to celebrate before hand (possibly in August or September) and because he loves me (really, because he knows how crazy for the mouse I am) he’s conceded in the idea of throwing it at WDW provided it’s not mind-blowingly expensive.

    I look forward to reading more in the future!


    • Carrie
      February 3, 2014

      I think the Roots were both using a Canon 5D at the time—not sure on the lens, but maybe if you grab a pic, the metadata will say? Event-wise, what you describe sounds like a dessert party! They let you add a limited selection of hot and cold appetizers to those without getting bumped up to dinner food and beverage minimums. If you check out this page, it talks about how to plan a non-wedding private event at WDW. You can do dessert parties at IllumiNations, Fantasmic! and Wishes (but only at the Grand Floridian Marina or the Contemporary’s convention center). Hope this helps!

  • Vikki Bradly
    December 29, 2013

    Thank you so much for keeping me sane while I battle the cold that everyone seems to have at the moment… you’re making me laugh so much! 😀
    I would like to officially invite you (& Patrick & Jensey) to stalk my wedding (when it eventually happens), as these extra photos make the day in my opinion! Half the joy of getting married at Sea Breeze Point is knowing that the guys on the friendship boats can see and celebrate with you! (I think that’s when the seed was planted in my brain to want a Disney wedding – the first time I rode a friendship boat!)

    • Carrie
      December 30, 2013

      LOL! Invitation ACCEPTED!

  • Hope
    February 15, 2012

    Is that PB cake the one you keep talking about all the time and that is no longer available? If so, then Boo because it made me hungry!

    I never heard the thing about pennies being messages from beyond, but how neat! 🙂

    • lurkyloo
      February 15, 2012

      Unfortunately, yes. And boo, indeed! But I did manage to get the recipe from BoardWalk Bakery, so one of these days I’m gonna make it, shoot it, and submit it to the Disney Food Blog as an article! One of these days…

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