This is the story my first solo trip to Walt Disney World, which came together unexpectedly about one month in advance and just two months after the amazing Disney World trip Patrick and I took to celebrate our first anniversary!

The Trip

Thanks to DISer WDWPolyPrincess’ trip reports, I had always secretly dreamed of taking a solo trip, even when I was planning our wedding and honeymoon! But then, on our anniversary trip, I had to spend half a day by myself when Patrick got food poisoning, and it felt very scary venturing out alone. So I wasn’t sure how I’d do on this trip…

The occasion was the 10th anniversary of PassPorter, publishers of fabulous Walt Disney World guidebooks (including my guidebook/bridal organizer, PassPorter’s Disney Weddings & Honeymoons!). PassPorter was celebrating all year with events around the country, and this was the Walt Disney World portion of their Decade of Dreams 10th anniversary tour, which included the actual anniversary of the day the first copy of PassPorter’s Walt Disney World reached the first customer, May 3rd.

It didn’t seem remotely possible for me and Patrick to return to Florida from L.A. just three months after our blowout anniversary trip, which used up all my vacation time and all our moolah. Plus, Patrick would be right in the thick of writing and building Swazzle’s summer puppet shows. But on a whim, I put in for a solo-trip quote from the official tour travel agency and discovered that if I did a bare-bones banzai run, I could swing it using vacation hours that would accrue sufficiently by, like, the day I left for Florida.

The parts that sealed it for me were PassPorter’s birthday party in the Living Seas Salon, a Disney wedding reception venue I’ve always wanted to see in person, and the travel agency’s Fantasmic! dessert party that night. Now that we’ve had our own Disney wedding, my new dream is to get invited to somebody else’s Disney wedding, so this was to be about as close to that as I could get without being escorted off the property by security for stalking Disney brides.

Or so I thought! Read on to learn how I ended up crashing not one but TWO Disney weddings that weekend, thanks to the generosity of some amazing brides…

You can read all the trip plans in my Pre-Trip Report, but basically the idea was to do a three-night banzai run, taking a red-eye from LA Thursday night so I could hit the ground running (or possibly staggering) on Friday morning, then depart on Monday evening.

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