BRIDE of Last Day!

When we got to Downtown Disney, our first stop was the Characters in Flight balloon over on Downtown Disney’s Westside. This was the first time in six trips that I’d ever been to the Westside, cuz there’s never been anything over there that interested me.

I was very excited to ride Characters in Flight because, although it had been open a few weeks, no one had ever reported being able to ride it — it’s constantly shut down due to wind. I don’t know why I thought our experience would be any different….

Even as we approached, I got a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach – I couldn’t see a line…

And then:


I find it very telling that they have a classy, permanent-looking sign to tell you the ride is closed. But what on earth does closed “due to weather” mean? I mean weather is a constant…. there’s never not weather… Maybe they just didn’t know how to spell inclement.

The other thing that bugs is, there’s no way to find out if this thing is open before you go all the way down there. Supposedly you can call a hotline, but intrepid Disney investigative reporter Kevin Yee found that the person who answers the Guest Relations number they give you will tell you it’s open even when it isn’t because all they know is the schedule.

The Roots and I were so nonplussed by this stunning setback to my carefully laid plans that all we could do was wander aimlessly around in front of Characters in Flight and (if we were Nathan) take pictures.

Jensey’s favorite movie star! (No, it’s not Elvis...)

What does one even DO here...?

I’m getting bored all over again just looking at it!

Uh... I don’t think anybody’s gonna be celebrating Tonight at Pleasure Island, seeing as how everything on it is closed!...Poor Tonight... it just doesn’t get the props that Today does...

We were snapped out of our disappointment-induced haze by the sight of a snack cart.

Cookies make me feel better even when I'm not eating them!

Better still, I was reunited with my neon blue lemon slushie!!!!

This slushie totally coulda been in our wedding

No, Planet Hollywood. Just... no. Have you even heard about T-Rex Restaurant?

We decided to drive over to the Marketplace because it was frigging hot. I dragged the Roots to Tren-D to immortalize it for me on film before it went out of fashion.

I’m having trouble selecting pictures to post, so I’m just gonna throw ‘em all up there:

One thing I like about Tren-D is the superabundance of color!

This painting of Minnie freaks me out – I mean, what is going on with her arms there?

Yikes! There’s another one!

No wonder Mickey’s disappearing into the wall!

OK, Creepy Minnie, you just stay right there while I slowly back away...

The funny thing about Tren-D is that the cast members are all waaaaay out of the target demographic!

I think my mind was just blown.

I could tell Nathan was getting bored, so I suggested we leave.


Our next stop was the Once Upon A Toy shop.

This is what Mr. (Mrs.?) Potatohead looks like when you drop acid

When I was there the previous night, I emailed Patrick a pic of their selection of Cars toys and he actually saw one he didn’t have!

Finally, I rewarded Nathan & Jensey for so graciously following me around on my halfhearted sightseeing trip by letting them buy themselves some pretzel rods at Goofy’s Candy Co.

I sneaked this shot when they were distracted by candy. See... I can be a photojournalist too!

The ginormous Oreo I bought will make its trip report debut later….

Up Next: DHS… Again! I Must’ve Been Clinically Insane!

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