Rooting Around in the Magic Kingdom

Today was Saturday, and I got to sleep in til 9am – no rope drop for me! When I got up, I decided it might be nice to munch on a chocolate peanut butter Ghirardelli square for breakfast. Unfortunately, fate had other plans…

This is how hot it got in Jensey’s car yesterday

Fortunately for me, Little Debbie Snack Cakes can withstand temperatures up to and exceeding those of a nuclear blast.

Also, I discovered that I’d been left some towel animals in my window – I never get towel animals!

The plan for the day was to meet up with Nathan & Jensey & Amelia (Jensey’s sister) for lunch at the Plaza in the Magic Kingdom, ride a few rides with Lori, help out at PassPorter’s first Decade of Dreams meet, have dinner at Todd English’s bluezoo, and then meet Nathan & Jensey & Amelia again at Disney bride Christin’s IllumiNations cocktail hour.

Because I wasn’t planning to come back to the room, I thought I’d better wear something that would look appropriate at Christin’s wedding that night. I put on my black-and-white print skirt cuz it was hot and I don’t do the shorts thing, and I thought my black sleeveless wrap top might class up my outfit enough to cancel out my big ol’ ugly-but-comfy black sandals. However, that darn hat makes every outfit feel like it came from Holly Golightly’s closet, and when I put it on, I felt waaaay overdressed for a day of park touring.

I decided that the solution was to wear casual earrings (I dunno, I was prolly delirious from all the sugar I’d ingested already that day), except I’d forgotten to bring anything but ginormous “statement” earrings. So I decide the solution to that was to go earring shopping as soon as I hit Main Street, U.S.A.

Me on the Monorail to the Magic Kingdom – do you like my outfit?

Don’t worry – there are some good MK pix coming up as soon as the Roots get there!

I stopped in at the Main Street Bakery to unravel the Mystery of Special Occasion Cakes at the Magic Kingdom. I mention the DIS’ Cake Chatter thread a lot – it’s sort of a hobby of mine to figure out all the ways to get a special occasion cake at WDW because Disney is so stingy with the info, and I see so many lost and desperate people posting on the that thread for help with celebrating their kid’s birthday/graduation/teething, etc. People are always asking whether the Main Street Bakery sells whole cakes, so I went to investigate.

Not for sale...

According to the cast member I spoke to, the only whole cake you can buy there is the same 6-inch deal you get if you ask for a cake at the podium of any Magic Kingdom restaurant: $21, pre-made, and “they need a few hours’ notice so they can thaw it out.”

On my quest for earrings, I hit up one of the Main Street shops that was selling some of the same stuff they sell at Tren-D on Downtown Disney.

I am very careful not to own any clothing/accessories/housewares/etc. with Disney characters or icons on them (I have this idea that it allows me to pass for a Normal in the real world), so my goal was to find earrings that were not overtly Disneyish. Inexplicably, there were no mirrors in the shop, so I had to take pictures of myself and the candidates.

Unfortunately, the ones that looked best were also ginormous and dressy looking, so there went any idea that I could go incognito simply by wearing the right earrings! Oh well…

I also found a very cool Souvenir of the Day for Patrick (I forgot to mention that…  I was assuaging my guilt over leaving him at home by buying him a souvenir for each day that I was gone. Friday’s was a pair of Vinylmation pins).

It says “It’s easy being green”

On my way out of the shop, I ran into my pal The Suffragette (from our anniversary trip), who didn’t remember me but looooved my hat!

So this is when it really hit me how much Patrick helps me with my trip reports and live blog and general connectivity on our trips. I was stumbling around Main Street juggling my iPhone and the real camera, simultaneously live-blogging, snapping real pictures, taking calls and sending text messages to try to coordinate schedules with everyone I was s’posed to meet. I spent most of the morning standing in corners or plopping down on benches recording each scintillating moment of my day in the MK—which consisted entirely of standing in corners or plopping down on benches recording each scintillating moment of my day in the MK! It was very vérité but no way to enjoy a vacation….

Really, was getting this shot and posting it for the world to see THAT important?

Fortunately, help was on its way. At that very moment, the Roots were speeding to my rescue on the Monorail! Here’s what my day looked like to them:

Oooh! Apparently I started my day at the Polynesian!



OK, I know I had just seen Jensey the day before, but I was so excited to meet up with the Roots at the Plaza! They brought along Jensey’s sister, Amelia, who was also assisting them at the wedding that night – what a pal!

Because I was there, we got a crummy table by the door. But at least it was against a wall instead of out in traffic.

The View

Another Meta Moment:

We started our luncheon with delicious glasses of cool, crisp ice water.

Next, I was proud to introduce Jensey and Amelia to my patented order for a foolproof chocolate milkshake—you have to ask them to make it with chocolate ice cream and chocolate syrup. None of this pussyfooting around with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup, or straight chocolate ice cream…

Da Bomb!

Let’s see that from another angle, shall we?

We ladies unloaded the icky cherries from our shakes on Nathan.

It takes a real man to drink a shake this girly

Whole lotta shakin’ going on!

Lunch was burgers all around – oh wait, no, Nate had to be different again. He got something called a “sandwich”… ???




What the...?


While we were eating, the Mayor dropped in.

His shtick wasn’t as funny without the Suffragette along, but boy did he ham it up for the camera!

All through lunch (well, really, since I started planning my trip), Jensey and I had been scheming a way to get the Plaza to give us a birthday cupcake, on the glowing recommendation of DISer Betsy. We had this elaborate plan whereby Amelia would pretend it was her birthday and we’d all drop lots of hints, but the “Birthday Girl” wasn’t having it. So in the end I just flat out asked, “Can we have a birthday cupcake? We hear they’re really good!” Our waitress was super-nice about it – not only did she bring it, she lit the candle too!

It was tasty, but MAN was it sweet. In fact, I actually heard myself utter the phrase “almost too sweet” which has never crossed my lips before ever in the history of the universe. Which is not to say that’s a bad thing. I like my frosting thick and sugary, so this was right up my alley. But perhaps I shouldn’t have tried to stuff one down right after a giant cheeseburger and a chocolate shake!

After lunch, Amelia, Nathan, Jensey and I made our way to Tomorrowland in hopes of meeting up with Lori and her family.

“No pictures, no pictures!!”

On the way over, something exciting happened: I finally saw PUSH the Talking Trash Can!!


Only at Disney...

Not only did I finally get to see PUSH in action, I ended up having this big long conversation with him! I blame The Hat. Actually, it started when he saw me live-blogging him with my Phone…

See if you can spot PUSH’s puppetmaster in this shot!

PUSH wanted to know about the iPhone, and then he wanted to know where I was from.

Somehow the sandals just drag the whole outfit down like scuba weights!

When I said I was from Disneyland, he started ribbing me about why the MK is so much better—which, as you know, is like waving red in front of a bull…

I was having none of PUSH’s trash talk (if you’ll pardon the expression)

…So I had to get sassy with him.

Eventually he realized that Nathan was snapping away and set his sights on him and Jensey.

Jensey is a Cute Laugher!

When I had blogged the H outta that moment, we continued on our way.

Lori and her group had just gotten on Carousel of Progress when we got there, so we settled in for a bit of a wait.

I asked Nate to get some shots of the new Stitch’s Supersonic Celebration stage since it seemed like it had been under construction every time Patrick and I had ever been to WDW, and now it is finally finished.

Your ticket dollars at waste!

We also noticed the Saddest-Looking Lady sitting nearby—I hope she was OK!

There’s no crying in Disney World!!!

“Say, look how reflective Jensey’s lenses are!”

“Pardon me while I do a little touch-up...”

Finally, after what seemed like time enough for 80 years’ worth of innovation in electricity and household appliances, Lori and her family appeared!

That’s Lori’s mom on the left and Eoghan on the right, with some Irish people in the middle (I *think*)

At this point the Roots needed to go home and get ready to shoot Christin’s wedding that night, so let’s have a look at what they captured on the way out and then pick up the story from there….



Back to Tomorrowland: We had a fairly big group, so Lori and I decided we should check out the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor. We sorta accidentally broke into guy and girl groups, with the two of us and her mom leading the way. Lori’s mom is a hoot! I had so much fun chatting with her in the pre-show area and hearing all about how wonderful Lori’s wedding was.

The show turned out to be really funny too, even though the closest we came to getting picked on was having some kid in the row behind us chosen. Also, DISer Jennifaerie will be pleased to know that—for the gag where the monster asks an audience member to think of a number and tell the audience but not him (he can’t hear it cuz his eyes are closed)—the monster guessed the number WRONG this time, which is so much funnier than if he gets it right!

By the time we got out of the show, it was getting close to time for me to meet the PassPorter group, so I bid Lori and her family farewell and booked it over to Aloha Isle in Adventureland.

Up Next: PassPorter Dole Whip Meet, Plus “The Trolley Song” As You’ve Never Heard It Before!


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