The Reckoning!

OK, just to drag this trip report out a little longer, here’s what happened on our first day back in the real world!

We got in pretty late Saturday night, so we took Sunday to recover and catch up on everything we’d missed during the 2 weeks we were away. This meant sleeping til we woke up, doing 4 suitcases’ worth of laundry, sorting through a HUGE stack of mail, and peeling the cat off us at every turn.

As a testament to the miracles wrought by Patricia LeJeune and Nathan & Jensey Root, here’s Lurkyloo before and after….



Our box of honeymoon and wedding loot, which we shipped home from Celebration

The plus side to having to switch rooms at the Grand Floridian

Menagerie of Towel Animals

We also had a huge, lovely breakfast on our wedding china!

Coconut-chocolate chip pancakes!

China sans gut-busting breakfast

And we went through all 1,535 of our wedding photos just so I could upload them for you! OK, next up is the report of our at-home wedding reception. Here’s a teaser pic for you…

What 8 batches of chocolate frosting looks like!

To continue on with the remaining wedding-related stuff, click below for…

At-Home Wedding Reception Recap

And to read the story of that return trip to Walt Disney World that we booked on our honeymoon, click below for…

2 Haunted Mansions, 1 Day… Plus Free Dining!

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4 Responses
  • Kira
    March 8, 2013

    I’ve read through this trip report in full probably 8 times! It makes me so excited each time because everything you talk about feels so Disney, even the not-so-magical problems that occurred. Thanks so much for taking the time out to share this and all of your Disney experiences with us!

    • Carrie
      March 8, 2013

      Hey, I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed it! Thanks for letting me know!

  • shoshanna
    May 31, 2011

    I almost fell of the couch laughing at your “before” and “after” pics….hey the “after” is pretty much how I look right this second lol!

    • lurkyloo
      May 31, 2011

      Me too!

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