Day 5: The Best First Day of a Honeymoon EVER!

The day after the wedding, this is all we did:

Slept in. Spent the morning splashing around at Stormalong Bay. Ate lunch at Beaches & Cream. Spent the afternoon napping by the pool. Walked over to the BoardWalk for dinner at Flying Fish. Activated our APs to watch IllumiNations at Epcot.

The End.

The Long Version:

Much as I didn’t want to leave Disney property on the first real day of our vacation, we had to go out to Walgreen’s to stock up on stuff for our studio, like milk for our wedding cake and hand soap. On the way out of the Beach Club, we mailed a huge stack of etiquette-flouting wedding announcements/at-home reception invites, and of course two postcard entries to Disney’s [Two] Year[s] of a Million Dreams[/Churros] Sweepstakes.

Can you believe I actually found a picture of the I-Drive Walgreen’s online?!

After we got back to the Beach Club with our hand soap, milk, swim goggles and about 16 other things that weren’t on our list, we changed and headed down to Stormalong Bay.

These are not my pictures—I borrowed them from the Internets

We got our guest-access wrist bands, looked for the shadiest table to leave our stuff on, and spent 10 minutes poking ourselves in the eyeballs trying to get our new goggles to fit right…

Our first priority was to try out every area of Stormalong Bay: the whirlpool, the lazy river, the beach, the slide and both hot tubs.

I started with the baby waterslide.

That went OK, so I moved up to the big pirate ship water slide. It was OK, but the seams in the pipe bump your back when you go down it.

At lunchtime we had fabulous burgers and fries and milkshakes at Beaches & Cream, which wasn’t as crowded as everyone always warns you it will be. I was really impressed with how good the burgers were – I hadn’t trusted the reviews.

Then it was back to Stormalong Bay to lie in 2 feet of water on the sandy beach (little did I know this was not an experience to be replicated at an actual water park like Typhoon Lagoon!).

Then we fell asleep on some of these chaises by the pool for a couple of hours (they were in the shade then).

When we woke up, we shuffled back to our room and cleaned up for our first married date, a walk to dinner at Flying Fish on the BoardWalk.

We had a while before our reservation, so along the walk from Beach Club to the BoardWalk we stopped at Sea Breeze Point.

Sorry I don’t have any good pix yet – Patrick is supposed to stitch a bunch of them into a panorama...

We met this guy…

…and spent the rest of the trip trying to find out why he was standing around flapping his wings like crazy. (The best sounding explanation came from an Animal Kingdom CM who said birds do that to dry their wings).

We killed time wandering around BoardWalk Inn…

And visiting the Disney Vacation Club model home…

We talked to one of the reps there and learned that one of our wedding guests had stopped by a few hours earlier and taken a tour! We’re crossing our fingers he gets suckered – er, I mean hooked and buys points so we can rent from him!

We walked all the way to the Swolphin and caught a Friendship boat back to the BoardWalk in time for our reservation at…

It was a fun place to eat, and the food was good, but neither of us would order what we got again.

Some sorta cioppino (if I can find the menu we took, I'll update this)

Oak-grilled Maine Diver Scallops

After dinner, on the spur of the moment, we decided to activate our Annual Passes and go see IllumiNations in Epcot properly, for the first time (having your picture taken in front of the show doesn’t really count as seeing it…).

Here’s us not watching IllumiNations properly

This was not a very clever thing to do because we’d lose an entire day from our APs just to spend an hour in Epcot, but it sounded like fun (we were waiting as long as possible to activate the APs so we could potentially return to WDW for our anniversary next year and use them).

The show was fantastic! Patrick got a little choked up; I was fine until I thought of all the fabulous desserts we weren’t eating this time, and then I got choked up too…

Fabulous Desserts

After the show we walked back to the Beach Club and had bell services bring up our leftover wedding cake. They had been keeping it in their fridge because they didn’t think it would fit in ours, but we resolved to make it fit or get fat trying! I mentioned this next bit in another installment of the trip report, but what the heck:

So there we are, sitting on our balcony at the Beach Club eating leftover wedding cake, when all of a sudden we see fireworks in the distance. Nobody told us we’d be able to see the Pirate & Princess fireworks over the Magic Kingdom from our room! Eating cake while watching fireworks – I don’t think it gets any better than that….

Oh – also today we busted out these babies:

Free-Dessert Magnets

How ironic that I refused to wear a veil for my wedding but then spent the next 12 days wearing one everywhere we went! But it was worth it – you wouldn’t believe how many “Congratulations!” we got… or how many free desserts. Toward the end of the trip we felt like celebrities who get recognized when they’re trying to go incognito. We had to be “on” all the time to smile and wave at everyone who said hi to us, which meant no newlywed spats! But you can bet we were bummed when we stopped wearing them and nobody said anything anymore….

Patrick made them out of regular Mickey ears, the bride headband, and two hats we got on eBay for 10 bucks (click here for instructions). We wanted to have hats with brims for shade, and I’m not crazy about headbands. You wouldn’t believe how many people A) asked where we got them, and then B) suggested we sell the idea to Disney when we described how we made them! Watch for them on eBay in the near future….

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