Tokyo Disney Trip Report Finally Finished!

I’ve just uploaded the last three installments of my report on our trip to Tokyo! Now you can read the entire thing in one sitting (better put on a pot of coffee or six). The last few installments still need a bit of photo formatting, but I wanted to get the whole thing posted before I leave for Walt Disney World.

To read from the beginning, CLICK HERE

To start with what I just posted, CLICK HERE


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  • Ayesha
    June 13, 2014

    I have just finished reading 4 posts from Day 1 in Tokyo to the Day 4 , and Enjoyed all of them …. I am looking forward to reading remaining trip report tomorrow morning . This has been a really good and well written blog about Tokyo DisneyResort that I’ve came across and I really laughed out loud when come across some lines that were really funny , so I could say this trip report has had me hooked to reading it , coz it’s really well written . I wish someday I might go to Tokyo Disney too (or to any Disneyland anywhere in the World , except for Hongkong Disneyland, which I didn’t found to be too good and also its very small so far as I have read on Internet )

    • Carrie
      June 13, 2014

      Hi Ayesha! Thanks! You know, I’ve heard that Hong Kong Disneyland is getting better all the time. I certainly can’t wait to visit their Mystic Manor. But it is hard to get in the mindset of planning a trip there when Tokyo Disney is so “close” by… LOL!

  • Danny
    February 11, 2012

    I tried to find a contact button but no luck. So I wanted to post a huge “thank you” on here. I’m about halfway through the Tokyo trip report (it’s so far consumed about 4 hours of my life) but it’s been a huge help in planning my trip to Tokyo/TDR in May. Other than maybe the Touringplans/Unofficial guides to DL/WDW this has been the single most useful resource for a Disney park that I’ve ever come across. Thanks to both of you for taking so many great photos and for spending the ridiculous number of hours it must have taken to post this report.

    Now, back to Day 11 for me…

    • lurkyloo
      February 11, 2012

      Oh, wow, thanks for the kind words! I’m so glad the effort is appreciated. I really did feel like there needed to be a better resource on Tokyo Disney for English speakers, so I’m glad to hear this trip report fills the bill for you. (Oh, and the “Contact” link is very tiny and located all the way at the bottom right of each page.)

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