TRON Pop-Up Shop Photo Tour

Today was the grand opening of Disney’s TRON: Legacy Pop-Up Shop in Culver City and, since it’s right near my Trader Joe’s, I have given it the exhaustive Lurkyloo photo treatment for you!

Disney has embraced the “pop-up shop” trend—the practice of opening a temporary retail outlet to generate buzz or, in the case of Spirit Halloween stores, sell millions and millions of Avatar ears. Disney’s TRON shop is inside Royal/T, a maid cafe/store/art space, and will be open until Dec. 23. There will be different special merchandise available each week that the shop is open: next week it’s athletic wear ($65 board shorts anyone?), and the following week it’s collectible artwork from the film. The cafe will also rename its menu items in honor of TRON (mmmmm…. Identity Disk Cake….).

At 9:54 am I got in the opening-day line with eight other mere mortals and one guy who had once talked to Bruce Boxleitner “for, like, 15 minutes.”

It’s a good thing only 10 of us showed up to the grand opening, because the portion of the space devoted to TRON is only 400 square feet!

I went out for milk and came home with an $800 pair of shoes... j/k!

Hmph! $1,000 and they don't even light up?

The stuff you can afford is down here

It’s an interesting idea, and the place looks great, but it strikes me as a misguided attempt to target a small, wealthy segment of consumers who have absolutely zero interest in Disney anything. We signed up for the D23 event at the shop in December, so watch this space for more photos and commentary…

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  • Matt Furstenfeld
    November 25, 2010

    Your pictures and notes are SO COOL! You got excellent coverage! I now realize that it’s a bit of a “fan fiction” store. I am so stoked that you told me that you’ve got this website going because I have a lot more stuff to read and see!

    • lurkyloo
      November 27, 2010

      Thanks for reading!

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