2011 Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings Bridal Showcase… in Pictures

Here are a bunch of pictures from Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings’ 2011 Bridal Showcase!


“Mother of the Bride”/Moderator

New Escape Collection Albums

Alfred Angelo Pop-up Shop

Live Cake Decorating

Event setup in Whitehall Room

Finished Cake

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  • Sue
    January 6, 2012

    Do you have any idea if in 2012 they’ll have a showcase? If so…when?

    • lurkyloo
      January 6, 2012

      The official word is no repeat of the showcase this spring, but let’s keep our fingers crossed that they decide to do an event later in the year.

  • AJ
    March 29, 2011

    You didn’t tell me there was cake.

    • lurkyloo
      March 29, 2011

      You totally didn’t miss anything—it wasn’t real cake. It was pieces of cake with weird flan-textured filling and *no* frosting!

  • Melissa
    March 26, 2011

    How did the photo albums for DPS look? Do you have more photos of them by any chance? We are debating whether or not to go w/ DPS for our Wishes wedding and I know I’d want my album done for me (I’m not creative). Anyway, there have been some brides pics from the boards that I’ve really liked over the last 3 years that I’ve been lurking. Did you see any DIS brides in them?!?

    Thank you for your recap– Amazing! If only I lived in Florida & could’ve attended…le sigh.

    • lurkyloo
      March 27, 2011

      Here are the other pix I took of DPS’ albums. Most of the shots are of the standard black or white Escape albums, but the one at the end with a glossy image-wrap cover is a photo book (images printed on pages rather than mounted photographs) and the red and black one is flushmount.

  • Hope
    March 23, 2011

    Doesn’t the Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty dress look the same? It’s almost like they just switched the sleeve to the other side and gave it a different princess name. LOL

    Thanks for sharing pictures. Did people get to try on dresses while you were there? Would you have slapped on a dress if you could? Up close, did the dresses look better, the same or worse than the Kirstie K line on display at the 2009 D23 Expo?

    What was the coolest thing for you to see?

    • lurkyloo
      March 23, 2011

      That’s funny! I got to see the Rapunzel dress in person (and then got shrieked at for taking pix cuz apparently it hasn’t officially debuted—yet they were parading it around a showcase full of brides with cameras…?) and the skirt is more leafy than the Sleeping Beauty gown. But the sketches do look quite similar! People did get to try on dresses, by appointment. It didn’t occur to me to try one on—where were you when I was planning this trip?! 🙂 The dresses looked about the same as the Kirstie Kelly ones, quality-wise, which is to say, like your typical David’s Bridal dress. The Kirstie Kelly ones were just way overpriced.

      I think the thing I got most excited about seeing was the variety of white chocolate character statues on display at the cake table. On the massive DIS Boards Cake Thread, people are always asking what characters are available in white chocolate, and no one ever had a definitive list… until now! I can’t wait to post it and the pix on the DIS!

      • Hope
        March 24, 2011

        That’s funny! If they don’t want you to take pictures of something, then why have it on display?!? Ok next time, let me know when you have a trip and I’ll tell you what I’d like you to do. 😀 You clean up really nice so I think it would’ve been fun to see you in a wedding dress again! 😉

        Can’t wait to see the white chocolate character statues. I believe there were like 3 or 4 available here at Disneyland (or at least those are the ones I remember seeing at the PS). All of your cake pictures made me hungry. I don’t know how you managed to concentrated on taking pictures of anything else! 😉

  • Diane
    March 23, 2011

    Thanks for your great tweets while you were there. It was a real treat! But I have to say, something about the stiffness of that sideways/reclining mannequin wearing the wedding dress with the rest of the standing mannequins just freaks me out. Especially with its characteristically model-esque pouty face and bare feet! It’s just odd!

    • lurkyloo
      March 23, 2011

      I think she ate one of the glittery apples by mistake and it did her in!

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