Disneyland of Walt’s Imagination

My absolute favorite part of the Walt Disney Family Museum is their ginormous “Disneyland of Walt’s Imagination” model in the last room. I think it might be Patrick’s too, because he took more than a hundred photos of it on our visit last month. If I stick all of these in the already-picture-packed next installment of my Walt Disney Family Museum Weekend Getaway trip report, it might break your eyeballs. So here is a separate post devoted entirely to Patrick’s photo tour of that 12-foot model.

Disneyland of Walt’s Imagination was designed to capture his vision of the park as continually changing, so it depicts every attraction found in the park or in the planning stages from Opening Day to the last day of his life. It was built by Kerner Studio with creative input from Diane Disney Miller and Tony Baxter. You can read more details about its creation here, including things I hadn’t even noticed in two visits to the museum and then staring at all these pictures—like the fact that they included both the original style of Skyway bucket (on the Fantasyland side) and the ’60s version (on the Tomorrowland side).

I think these pictures pretty much speak for themselves—and most of my commentary would be of the “Isn’t this cool? Isn’t THAT cool? This is all SO COOL!” variety—so I will let them…

 photo P1180322.jpg

 photo P1180325.jpg

 photo P1180350.jpg

 photo P1180351.jpg

 photo P1180352.jpg

 photo P1180353.jpg

 photo P1180354.jpg

 photo P1180355.jpg

 photo P1180356.jpg

 photo P1180357.jpg

 photo P1180358.jpg

 photo P1180359.jpg

 photo P1180360.jpg

 photo P1180361.jpg

 photo P1180362.jpg

 photo P1180363.jpg

 photo P1180364.jpg

 photo P1180365.jpg

 photo P1180366.jpg

 photo P1180367.jpg

 photo P1180368.jpg

 photo P1180369.jpg

 photo P1180370.jpg

 photo P1180373.jpg

 photo P1180372.jpg

 photo P1180373.jpg

 photo P1180374.jpg

 photo P1180375.jpg

 photo P1180376.jpg

 photo P1180377.jpg

 photo P1180378.jpg

 photo P1180379.jpg

 photo P1180380.jpg

 photo P1180381.jpg

 photo P1180382.jpg

 photo P1180383.jpg

 photo P1180384.jpg

 photo P1180385.jpg

 photo P1180386.jpg

 photo P1180387.jpg

 photo P1180388.jpg

 photo P1180389.jpg

 photo P1180390.jpg

 photo P1180391.jpg

 photo P1180392.jpg

 photo P1180393.jpg

 photo P1180394.jpg

 photo P1180395.jpg

 photo P1180396.jpg

 photo P1180397.jpg

 photo P1180398.jpg

 photo P1180400.jpg

 photo P1180401.jpg

 photo P1180402.jpg

 photo P1180403.jpg

 photo P1180404.jpg

 photo P1180405.jpg

 photo P1180406.jpg

 photo P1180407.jpg

 photo P1180408.jpg

 photo P1180409.jpg

 photo P1180410.jpg

 photo P1180411.jpg

 photo P1180412.jpg

 photo P1180413.jpg

 photo P1180414.jpg

 photo P1180415.jpg

 photo P1180416.jpg

 photo P1180417.jpg

 photo P1180418.jpg

 photo P1180419.jpg

 photo P1180420.jpg

 photo P1180421.jpg

 photo P1180422.jpg

 photo P1180423.jpg

 photo P1180424.jpg

 photo P1180425.jpg

 photo P1180426.jpg

 photo P1180427.jpg

 photo P1180428.jpg

 photo P1180429.jpg

 photo P1180430.jpg

 photo P1180431.jpg

 photo P1180432.jpg

 photo P1180433.jpg

 photo P1180434.jpg

 photo P1180435.jpg

 photo P1180436.jpg

 photo P1180437.jpg

 photo P1180438.jpg

 photo P1180439.jpg

 photo P1180440.jpg

 photo P1180442.jpg

 photo P1180443.jpg

 photo P1180444.jpg

 photo P1180445.jpg

 photo P1180448.jpg

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8 Responses
  • Erin Elizabeth
    July 26, 2014

    Great pictures! I’d love to see it in person.

    • Carrie
      July 28, 2014

      Yeah, it’s definitely worth the trip to SF!

  • Hope at Disneyland
    July 22, 2014

    I don’t know how I missed this post earlier, but I’m glad it finally popped up in my feed. This is so cool! I love the little details. I’m torn between wanting to play with it and wanting to be shrunk down to size so I can wander it.

    • Carrie
      July 22, 2014

      Ooh! I like BOTH those ideas!

  • Claire (Chilly)
    July 10, 2014

    I’m not sure Patrick took enough 🙂

    • Carrie
      July 10, 2014

      😀 If you think this is a lot, just think how many there would be if I’d been shooting… Three minutely different variations of each shot!

  • Carol Palmer
    July 9, 2014

    These photos are so incredible showing the details!! I can’t wait to go to the Disney Museum some time in the future!

    • Carrie
      July 9, 2014

      So glad you enjoyed them! Patrick did a great job of zooming in on all the cool details.

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