Trip Report Update: Eurostar from London + Checking into the Disneyland Hotel!

At last! The Disneyland Paris part of the trip!

Because we have more than 500 photos from our first day at Disneyland Paris—and we didn’t even enter the park til 4pm—I’m going to break this day up into two parts: One covering all the nitty-gritty details of getting to Disneyland Paris from London on the Eurostar and then checking into the Disneyland Hotel, and another with just our experience in the park and at our California Grill dinner that night. This way, you’ll get a little more Disney right this very moment, instead of having to wait another week or two.

This post also covers the process of ordering a custom cake at Disneyland Paris (more nitty-gritty detail!) and whether it’s worth it to pay extra for the Castle Club. Dive in!




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