Day 4, Part 2: The Roots Rescue My Trip Report

Well, my journal is pretty sketchy on what happened after lunch at the Plaza – it’s basically just a list of rides and attractions. Thank goodness we had two fabulous photographers with us to document this thrilling chapter of our lives:

It appears we dragged the Roots to Swiss Family Treehouse. It’s Patrick’s favorite ride, and we not-so-secretly wanted some amazing photos of it. But first we had to mess up a couple with our mugs!

CUTE!!! Cutie cute cute!

Do not look at this picture if you have vertigo…

Or this one…

This one either…

We were lucky enough to stumble on the then-new Princess Tiana’s Bayou Jamboree, or whatever it was called, and Nathensey dutifully shot the hell out of it for us… Thanks, Nathensey!

Ah yes, “Showboat Jubliee”… that’s what it was called…

According to the list, next we rode Pirates and Pirates. No doubt a good time was had by all.

Patrick *adores* this diorama in the loading area for Pirates, and he can never get a good shot of it. Nathensey to the rescue!

Wow – I never realized how rasty-looking that DogAmatronic is!

On the way out we stopped in at the Pirates League Den o’ Pricey Makeovers to check out the elaborate theming.

As usual, if there’s an adorable kid around, the Roots will find him… even if he’s in disguise!


…What Patrick was shooting

On the way to the Haunted Mansion, we discovered one of Patrick’s favorite things at the Magic Kingdom: an empty parade route!

Yeah, I think those people got a little extra bang for their Disney buck that day…

Guess where we are now!

Just guess!

The last ride we rode together was Mickey’s Philharmagic. I do like it, but I’m still not quite seeing “favorite attraction” written all over it…

Ah, stroller parking…. I’ll bet this brings back a lot of memories for all you former cast members…

Up Next: I make good on that “water park weather” teaser from the last installment!

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2 Responses
  • Kimberly (NeverlandClub23)
    November 16, 2010

    I can’t wait for more! I’m so glad you started this website/blog as I hardly go on the DIS anymore. I love the layout and colors. Hopefully your water park adventure goes better than it did during your honeymoon 🙂

    • lurkyloo
      November 16, 2010

      Thanks for reading! I hope this format is also easier on the eyes than the DIS. It’s just nice to have everything in one place!

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