Day 4, Part 3: Osbourne Lights & Dinner With The Roots!

At this point the Roots had to leave the Magic Kingdom to let poor little doggie Huck out to visit a tree. We soldiered on alone, perpetuating their legacy by riding Space Mountain and skipping the Peoplemover because, for the first time in history, it had a massive line!

By then we realized we’d better get a move on if we were to grab a swim in Stormalong Bay before we met back up with the Roots for Osbourne Lights and dinner at Yachtsman Steakhouse. So we raced back to the Beach Club (if by “raced” you mean “lost our car in the parking lot and later took a wrong turn that put us out on I-4”).

Along the way, we found this shocking example of Bad Show:

As you may recall from my wedding trip report, one day during our honeymoon Patrick convinced me we should try Typhoon Lagoon for the first time on a brisk 60-degree day. Hilarity ensued. 60 degrees became “Water Park Weather” to us and the standard by which all coldness is measured.

Well, on this day it was actually 2 degrees shy of Water Park Weather, but we were bound and determined to go down the big water slide at Stormalong Bay, which had been closed during our last visit. We shimmied into our swimsuits and sprinted down the path toward the pool, our chattering teeth clacking like castanets in the frigid air. When we reached the top of the staircase, the lifeguard manning the slide entrance rolled her eyes and declared, “You’re nuts” as she waved us toward our doom. We managed to do the slide three whole times before we turned into peoplesicles!

Then it was back to the room—more sprinting and teeth chattering and shimmying—to clean up and head out to Hollywood Studios. We reached the Yacht & Beach Club boat dock just as a boat was leaving, so we sat down to wait. And wait. And wait. I started to stress out that the park would close before we could get there, so, with no boats in sight, we took off running/run-walking/walking/dragging/crawling. Fifteen minutes later, just as we collapsed in a heap at the park entrance, a Friendship Boat from the Yacht & Beach Club pulled up at the dock with a jaunty toot of its horn. Gaaahhhh!

This is how Hollywood Studios looked earlier, when the Roots arrived:

And then Nate appears to have bonked his head…



No, Nate, no! Don't go toward the light!!!

I love this one—it’s like a postcard!

Keep an eye on this Cast Member…. he will figure into the plot later…

The more late you are to meet them, the more adorable pix Nate takes of Jensey!


We later learned that those are the Osbourne family's real names, not, as we had assumed, the names of their pets…

…. And then we showed up and started stickin’ our faces in all the shots!

This is why my usual M.O. is only to run if I'm being chased…

"Man, is this guy EVER gonna finish his call?"

"Thumpetty thump thump, look at Frosty go…"

"I thought you had to hurry on your way…"

More kawaii!

"Merry Christmas from The Cheesemeisters!"

At this point, the shreddin’ Trans Siberian Orchestra head-banger came on, so we saluted accordingly…

By then we were totally carried away….

But why should WE have all the fun? We insisted that Nate & Jensey pose for a few shots of their own, secretly hoping that it would be one of our photos that made that year’s Christmas card.

So remember that cast member I pointed out earlier? Well he’d been kinda lurking around where we were shooting pictures, and all of a sudden he decided that we wanted him and his co-worker in a photo. So…

"OK, pal—you're not the only one who can hog the camera around here!"

Oh, wait—I get it. I’ll bet he thought it would be a cute picture because the three of them were all wearing striped scarves. Well who has egg on her face NOW?!

Me and Jensey in our traditional supermodel pose. Well, OK, I'm trying to make it a tradition—it's the only time we ever get to not smile in a picture!

Must not… smile… D'OH!







"OK, so... act like we like each other? Got it!"

Me: "Wait—is this the one when I pose like the Baroness from G.I. Joe?"

Patrick: "Uh… no?"

Me: "Sshhhhh… Don't speak, Destro, don't speak..."

Nate: "OK, totally creeped out… Looking away…."

Carriatrick: "Shmoopsie-poo!"


Me: "Can we open our eyes now?" Patrick: "My eyes ARE open—what are you talking about?"


I found the Hidden Mickeys! Wait… whaddya mean there are more?!

Pin trading again…

Looky! It's another postcard!

Oh wait—now I can't decide which version I like better

We pretty much shut down America Street, or whatever it’s called, and then headed back out to keep our late late dinner reservation at Yachtsman Steakhouse.

On the way out, Jensey stopped in at Guest Services to surprise a pal of hers with whom she worked the mean streets of Fantasyland for 2 years. Not only did Erik graciously pose as Classic Old-Skool St. Nick to Jensey’s Rudolph, he also graciously whipped out a huge book of pins to trade with Patrick—awesome!

Looks like some kind of Cast Member secret handshake!

As we boarded the tram, I commanded, “Take us to the Yacht Club!” I guess the driver didn’t speak the King’s English, because instead he drove a few hundred yards and dumped us in the middle of a parking lot, of all places! Fortunately, Nathensey had a car there, so off we went to Yachtsman Steakhouse

WARNING: If you are a vegetarian, start scrolling!

Behold… MEAT!

We were excited to introduce Nate and Jensey to Yachtsman Steakhouse. It’s one of the most consistently good Signature Restaurants we’ve found at Walt Disney World, and we always enjoy ourselves there. Unfortunately, we were having such a good time that we forgot to ask them to shoot the food. Here’s our shot:

24-oz Center-cut Porterhouse with Roasted Garlic Butter and White Cheddar Potato Gratin (instead of Smoked Paprika Fries)

Even better, IllumiNations started while we were eating—and you can kinda see it from inside the restaurant!

I wonder if Yachtman sells fewer desserts than the other Signature Restaurants due to its proximity to Beaches & Cream. Because that night, as we do every time, we passed on the usual Disney dessert suspects (molten chocolate cake, crème brulee, Zzzzzzzz….) so we could waddle over to Beaches & Cream for sundaes.

If you get to Beaches & Cream late enough, they might be out of sundae glasses!

We were all pretty stuffed from dinner, but Patrick was determined to finish the last bite of his ice cream…

As a special Christmas treat, Nate & Jensey were spending a couple nights at the Yacht Club for a mini Disney vacation. I was dying to see what the rooms looked like cuz it’s the only Deluxe hotel we haven’t stayed in. So while they checked in, we waited for them in the lobby like a couple of tuckered out little kids.

Then we all trudged down a looooooooooong, twisty-turney hall, found their room somewhere on the other side of Hollywood Studios, and then stood crammed out of sight behind Nate as he kindly shot a few pictures for me.

Oblivious to Nathensey’s politely stifled yawns and discreet glances at their wristwatches, I prodded Patrick to take a few more shots of the room for PassPorter.

I’m so glad they let us peek in their room because now I know I would *never* want to stay there!

Eventually we noticed Nathan propped up in a corner with his hat over his eyes and realized Jensey was actually sleeping with her eyes open as she smiled and nodded at everything we said, so we bid them goodnight and photographed our way back to the Beach Club.

The Yacht Club's halls just feel expensive!

We paused to document the holiday splendor of the Beach Club’s lobby.

The famed gingerbread carousel

Sorry the horses are blurry—they were really bookin'!

Last shot of the night—the nook where we met with our officiant the night before our wedding, otherwise known as the place where exuberant families in DVC ads while away perfectly good theme park hours playing board games!

Up Next: Who knows? It’s been 11 months since we went on this vacation—I’m just glad I remember where it was!

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14 Responses
  • Beth
    February 7, 2012

    Your pictures were incredible! I am hoping to get to Hollywood Studios this Christmas …after seeing your pictures….I have got to make it happen! I too love taking pictures….can you give me any advice…tips…on your camera settings?

    • lurkyloo
      February 7, 2012

      Hi there! The photos in this post were taken by our friends Nathan & Jensey Root, who are professional photographers. They are really generous with their advice and tips, and I think the best way to get in touch would be to post on their Facebook page. Nate also does an occasional column on their blog that answers questions about stuff like lenses and locations. Check it out!

  • Hope
    December 21, 2011

    The camera loves you Carrie. You sure you’re not a professional model on the side?:)

    • lurkyloo
      December 22, 2011

      Oh stop! 😳 …. No, wait, don’t stop! :mrgreen:

  • Juli
    November 27, 2010

    Love the photos of your and Patrick. You two are just so adorable.

    • lurkyloo
      November 27, 2010

      Wow – thanks!

  • Chilly
    November 19, 2010

    So why didn’t you like the hotel room? To boaty?

    • lurkyloo
      November 19, 2010

      The decor was too spare for me—almost like at a Value resort, where you have your bed, a table, 2 chairs and that’s it. I know it probably has all the same furniture as a room at the Beach Club or BoardWalk, but they feel more finished and accessorized.

      • Samantha
        December 21, 2011

        I’d have to agree. It looks pretty generic. Especially the tv wall with the sideboard.

        • lurkyloo
          December 21, 2011

          It’s strange because the Beach Club rooms feel so much more themed, yet I believe the two resorts were designed in tandem…

  • Jackie
    November 16, 2010

    Lovely update with great photos and really cute captions! Five stars (except the meat part)! We always crack up at Patrick’s joke poses, and the phone booth shots did not disappoint.

    • lurkyloo
      November 17, 2010

      Sorry about the meat—I’m a meatatarian, but all of Yachtsman’s grisly slabs of beef are too much even for me!

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