Day 16: The Last Day of the Honeymoon

Today was the best last day EVER! It coulda been really bad – not only were we at the end of our Walt Disney World trip, we were at the end of our honeymoon. But after a bit of moping (on my part) at the beginning, we turned things around and I decided to savor every last second of the trip. Also, I hit on a plan to ride Haunted Mansion in Disneyland and Disney World on the same day that totally distracted me!

We woke up in our new, second Grand Floridian room, and I went to the window to see what our view looked like.

It looked like this!

We hit the concierge lounge for breakfast and, on our way back, decided to flex our concierge privileges to get last-minute lunch reservations in Epcot. Of course Le Cellier was still not available, but we got the new Tokyo Dining in Japan, a place I would prolly never think to book at Disney World (we eat lots of sushi at the local laundromat) but was pleased to try out on a lark. Checking out was a bit complicated – there was a big wait for a bell person, and the concierge lady got kinda short with us for some reason when we dragged our own suitcases up to her desk to check out… I don’t remember why.

Then we went out front to check our luggage at the airline check-in desk. I thought this was only available for Magical Express riders, but anyone can use it, and it is sweet! They put your luggage on your plane and give you boarding passes and everything.

Standing in line, I got REALLY sad that we were checking out of the Grand Floridian (where we’ll probably never stay again) and wrapping up our trip. This was despite the fact that we already had a return trip planned for 7 months later to catch the free dining offer! I just kept thinking how we’d never be on our honeymoon again or get all that extra-special pixie dust. I was kinda sniffling, and Patrick worked really hard to cheer me up by telling me all the fun things we were going to do that day.

We’d stashed our carry-ons with Bell Services, so we were footloose and fancy free til we left for the airport around 4pm (thank gawd for the time difference going back – our flight left at 7pm and got into LA at 9:30pm local time!). So we rode the monorail to the MK.

We rode Haunted Mansion again but had to pass on the newly reopened Splash Mountain cuz the President’s Day Weekend crowd was all in line for it.

We decided to ride the steamboat and got great views of the park. One funny thing that happened, and which I think other uber-planners will get a kick out of, was when we overheard a woman talking about planning her trip to Disney World. Basically, she did the exact opposite of what the planners do – couldn’t find an on-site resort because she called too late and they were all booked, couldn’t get any dining reservations, had timed the trip for the second-busiest holiday of the year and couldn’t believe the crowds, etc., etc. Patrick leaned over and whispered, “Thank you for all your planning – we have had the perfect trip.”

About this time I began to formulate a plan… With the aforementioned time difference, our flight was going to get in to LA at 9:30pm, and Disneyland would be open til midnight. What if we got off the plane, drove straight there, and rode Haunted Mansion the same day we’d ridden it in Florida? It was brilliant – I snapped right out of the doldrums and grabbed this lifeline of a plan to keep me from moping over the end of the honeymoon.

We decided it was about time to fetch the O Mobile from Grand Floridian and get to Epcot. We took a boat from MK to GF – my new mostest favoritest mode of transport at WDW. It’s fun and adventurous and romantic all at once. We took the last of the foreign coins we’d brought and made a wish in Seven Seas Lagoon. Patrick decided we should wish that the honeymoon will never end.

So long, pesos, drachmas and rubles!

We got our carry-ons from Bell Services and grabbed the O Mobile and set off for Epcot – and didn’t get lost this time! It seemed fitting to spend our last few hours in the park where we’d been married. Knowing I wouldn’t see it for a while, I decided to look at it through fresh eyes and try to memorize everything.

I also decided to pose as a French stereotype on the bridge to France…

Hand-rolled cigarette to be Photoshopped in later...

Off to Japan!

Then we blew the rest of our Disney Honeymoon Registry money on a fabulous lunch at Tokyo Dining! We had a wonderful seat in the corner of the big windows looking out on the Japan Pavilion.

The service was slow but really friendly, and we weren’t in a hurry.

Garden Salad - Mixed greens, tomato, asparagus and seasonal vegetables. Choice of dressing: Ginger, Creamy Sesame, or Oriental

Roppong Tempura Combo - shrimp and scallops

Sushi Deluxe - Tuna, yellowtail, salmon, Isumi-dat, shrimp, conch, squid, egg omelet, salmon roe, and 3 pieces of Tuna roll

I forgot to take a picture of my eel roll….

For dessert, they gave us FREE ginger cake because it was our honeymoon! I ate the non-gingery part.

Best of all, it came with two lovely hair accessories…

After lunch, we rolled downstairs to the Mitsukoshi Department Store to get a souvenir for our kitty sitters (mini sushi eraser set) and a new journal for me (with cherry blossoms!). And then (pretend you forgot about the part where we ate free ginger cake) we got gelato from Italy to eat as we strolled around the lagoon. Heaven!

Why, it’s not a Ghost Globe at all – it’s just a machine built by old Mr. Withers to scare people away. And he would’ve gotten away with it, too, if it hadn’t been for those pesky kids!

When we got to Africa I was asked to sit in with the band…

Finally it was time to get in the car and head for Orlando Intergalactic Airport. But I wasn’t sad because I was still convinced we could make it to Disneyland before it closed. And then I realized I’d taken my annual pass out of my wallet in preparation for the trip (note to self: Keep your AP on you at ALL times!). So I called as Patrick drove and learned that I could pick up a temporary pass at Guest Services, but we had to get there before 11pm. Gulp!

Waiting for the flight, we spotted our luggage being loaded on the plane…

If you squint real hard, you can see the red and blue bags on that far luggage cart!

I got to board before Patrick, and when he got to our seats he told me he’d just had a nice chat with another couple who got married at the Wedding Pavilion/American Adventure Rotunda on Feb. 18 and were headed off on their honeymoon. Awww…..

What was funny was that they were wearing their Just Married pins and, I think, wedding ears, while we had decided to retire our hats and just wear pins, so they were getting TONS of attention from the flight attendants as we got our first taste of cold, cruel post-honeymoon reality. I was like, “I never should have taken those free desserts for granted!” But then the bride saved the day and told the flight attendants that we had just gotten married too, so they gave us ice cream sundaes! HOORAY!!!

We got married and rode an airplane and all we got was this lousy picture!

By the time we got off the plane at LAX and got our luggage, it was 10pm and we still had to catch a shuttle to our car. I knew there was no way we’d make it to Disneyland in time to get a temporary pass for the park… but I was so tired, by that point I didn’t care. I am definitely going to time things so we can ride both Haunted Mansions in September!

When we got home, the cat tried to pretend like he didn’t care that we’d been gone for two weeks, but after a few minutes of this…

"Oh, it’s you. Lemme just finish up in here and I’ll come say hello..."

… This was my view of him for the next two days:

Day 17: The Reckoning!

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