Retro Polynesian Travel Posters at Captain Cook’s

A couple weeks ago, Patrick was sent to Walt Disney World on a top-secret project, and I got to tag along. (And when I can tell you more about what he was working on, I surely will!) I’m working on a post about all the differences we noticed after an 18-month absence that included the introduction of MyMagic+, but it’s kinda depressing me just writing about it, so here’s something AWESOME we saw instead!

Just days before we left, the first photos emerged of the newly remodeled Captain Cook’s counter-service restaurant at the Polynesian (Village) Resort. I immediately zeroed in on the retro-fabulous travel posters lining the walls and knew I had to drag Patrick there to document them all.

 photo ltuntitledgt184.jpg

When you later read about our awful experience with MyMagic+, please remember that these posters are something I think Disney got completely right. Often they will take an artistic idea halfway to awesome, getting it almost right but then careening off the rails with the addition of a bulbous, off-model Mickey or a “2014” emblazoned across it in neon glitter.

These posters are perfect. This isn’t the calculated retro-whimsy of latter-day Shag. These feel like real relics of the golden age of travel, evoking a feeling of nostalgia while still being absolutely fresh. Sure, posters are a small detail, but they make all the difference, especially in the potentially dreary setting of a resort counter-service restaurant.

Now it just remains for Disney to capitalize on them by selling prints, postcards, magnets—anything that would let us take a few (or all) of them home with us!

 photo ltuntitledgt186.jpg

 photo ltuntitledgt187.jpg

 photo ltuntitledgt188.jpg

 photo ltuntitledgt189.jpg

 photo ltuntitledgt190.jpg

 photo ltuntitledgt191.jpg

 photo ltuntitledgt192.jpg

 photo ltuntitledgt193.jpg

 photo ltuntitledgt194.jpg

 photo ltuntitledgt195.jpg

 photo ltuntitledgt196.jpg

 photo ltuntitledgt197.jpg

 photo ltuntitledgt198.jpg

 photo ltuntitledgt199.jpg


 photo ltuntitledgt180.jpg

 photo ltuntitledgt181.jpg

 photo ltuntitledgt182.jpg

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6 Responses
  • Bobette
    August 26, 2014

    Wonderful! Will the posters be for sale at gift shops?

    • Carrie
      August 26, 2014

      I hope so! Right now there isn’t any merchandise, but, boy, if Disney made posters or notecards or even tea towels, we’d buy ’em all!

  • Elizabeth
    August 26, 2014

    Hammock lady looks so happy with her umbrella drink!

    LOVE these posters.

    • Carrie
      August 26, 2014

      Seriously! Who wouldn’t want to be Hammock Lady? 🙂

  • Carla
    August 26, 2014

    Love, love, LOVE these! In my dream house I shall have a room in which the walls are covered with vintage travel posters and vintage Disney ride posters.

    We went back in May and also did not have a good experience with My Magic+. The bands pretty much became just a convenient room key and credit card. We were forced to pick three rides at AK when we only wanted one. I would have been happy to cancel the other two so that others could book them, but the system wouldn’t let me! So, we were no-shows for those two rides, taking up space that someone else could have used. I’m sure we were unable to choose rides at other parks because other people were in the same situation–unable to cancel or change their ride times due to a system glitch or unavailability. It was a crap shoot as to whether or not we could access the system using our laptop or cellphones, and the cast members with I-pads were either nowhere to be found or had huge lines. I have seen some people giving the system glowing reviews, but I can think of a thousand better things Disney could’ve spent all that money on!

    • Carrie
      August 26, 2014

      OK, you’re making me feel better about my next post, which is sooooo negative but it’s all stuff that actually happened to us with MyMagic+!

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