Kevin Kidney & Jody Daily’s Anaheim Halloween Parade Floats

Two of our all-time favorite artists are Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily, who have consistently created some of the best-looking art, sculptures and other merchandise ever sold by Disney—not to mention the only parade I’ve ever loved, Mickey’s Soundsational Parade. A few years ago, they moved to Anaheim and began helping the city revamp its now-91-year-old Halloween parade.

Once called “the biggest Halloween party in the nation,” it drew up to 75,000 spectators, was televised in LA and Orange County, and featured celebrity grand marshals like Babe Ruth and Jodie Foster. In the early ’50s, the parade even included Disney characters and floats designed by Disney artists like Yale Gracey to introduce the public to the idea of Disneyland by representing the different lands.

The parade’s popularity waned as Anaheim grew, and it was ultimately discontinued. But a small group brought it back in the late ’90s. With their re-creation of the 1953 “Flying Sasser” float in 2012, Kidney & Daily began a fruitful association with the Anaheim Halloween Parade that has resulted in the addition of 15 new and re-created vintage floats.

You can hear a great podcast interview with Kevin Kidney detailing the complete history of the parade on Mousetalgia.

This year we finally got to see the parade in person. It was held the Saturday before Halloween and started at 6pm, following a route that headed east of Highway 5 on Broadway, threaded through Anaheim’s tiny downtown on Center Street, and ended at the newly revamped Anaheim Packing District. I held down a spot on the curb near the end of the route while Patrick grabbed us a fantastic Mexican dinner from Urbana inside the Packing House. You want to be on the west side of the street at that point because it’s divided and the parade stays on the left (if you’re facing north) as it heads toward the Packing House.

 photo IMG_6938.jpg

It was hard to get non-blurry shots, so if you just want to see the floats close-up, scroll down a bit. They parked all of them next to the Packing House after the parade so folks could take photos with them.

 photo IMG_6939.jpg

 photo IMG_6941.jpg

 photo IMG_6943.jpg

Andy Anaheim, the Disney-designed city mascot!


 photo FullSizeRender_1.jpg

Mickey was in the parade! Somehow he made it back to Disneyland in time to be in the Paint the Night parade.

 photo IMG_6952.jpg

Cleanup crew for Mickey’s ride…

 photo IMG_6945.jpg

There were also marching bands in the parade! Lots and lots of marching bands…

 photo IMG_6946.jpg

Cleanup crew for the band…

 photo IMG_6956.jpg

 photo IMG_6958.jpg

 photo IMG_6959.jpg

 photo IMG_6961.jpg

I was inordinately excited about the debut of Anaheim’s new transit option, Polly Trolley. I mean, how cute a name is “Polly Trolley”?!

 photo IMG_6962.jpg

Another way-too-blurry one I just HAD to post because, you know… woman whizzing down the street in a giant piece of pie!

 photo IMG_6963.jpg

 photo IMG_6970.jpg

Not all the floats were designed by Kidney and Daily, but there were some other clever ones

 photo IMG_6975.jpg

I really wish I had a better shot of this one with the saucy witch atop it… she kinda makes the float!

 photo IMG_6983.jpg

It ain’t a parade without Shriners!

 photo IMG_6982.jpg

Even our camera didn’t wanna see THIS nightmare fodder!

 photo IMG_6986.jpg

Trust me… this endless phalanx of pint-sized cheerleaders was ADORABLE!

 photo IMG_6999.jpg

There was a whole section of the parade reserved for hearses. This one was the most bad-ass…

We missed getting a shot of Charles Phoenix in his spangly cowboy finery, unfortunately. But we did get some of Tony Baxter and Bob Gurr riding in the parade!

 photo FullSizeRender_2.jpg

 photo Baxter Gurr.jpg

At last, Kevin & Jody’s floats started to come along!

 photo FullSizeRender_3.jpg

The one that started it all… Flying “Sasser”!

 photo IMG_7001.jpg

 photo IMG_7004.jpg

 photo IMG_7009.jpg

Hey, guy, you’re ruining our shot!

 photo IMG_7012.jpg

 photo IMG_7013.jpg

 photo IMG_7014.jpg

 photo IMG_7017.jpg


 photo IMG_7020.jpg

After that it was another 20 or 30 minutes of marching bands, police and fire vehicles, civic clubs, and basically every child in Anaheim wearing even a suggestion of a Halloween costume.

When it wrapped up, we and everybody else dashed into the Anaheim Packing District for dessert (hot chocolate affogato from Dark 180—they even topped up my hot chocolate when it ran out before the ice cream did!). Then we took a turn through the Harvest Festival in the park, which was basically a postage-stamp-sized collection of carnival rides and the floats parked on the grass.

 photo IMG_7030.jpg

 photo IMG_7033.jpg

 photo IMG_7029.jpg

 photo IMG_7034.jpg

 photo IMG_7035.jpg

 photo IMG_7037.jpg

Our action photos of the mobile volcano and tiki bar were terrible, but here they are parked…

 photo IMG_7039.jpg

 photo IMG_7040.jpg

 photo IMG_7042.jpg

 photo IMG_7083.jpg


 photo IMG_7044.jpg

 photo IMG_7043.jpg

 photo IMG_7046.jpg

 photo IMG_7045.jpg

 photo IMG_7047.jpg

 photo IMG_7048.jpg

 photo IMG_7049.jpg

 photo IMG_7051.jpg

 photo IMG_7052.jpg

 photo IMG_7053.jpg

 photo IMG_7054.jpg

 photo IMG_7055.jpg

 photo IMG_7056.jpg

 photo IMG_7057.jpg

 photo IMG_7058.jpg

 photo IMG_7059.jpg

 photo IMG_7060.jpg

 photo IMG_7062.jpg

 photo IMG_7071.jpg

 photo IMG_7065.jpg

 photo IMG_7069.jpg

 photo IMG_7064.jpg

 photo IMG_7066.jpg

 photo IMG_7073.jpg

Wish they’d left the lights on for this one. It looked so great!

 photo IMG_7075.jpg

 photo IMG_7077.jpg

 photo IMG_7076.jpg

 photo IMG_7078.jpg

 photo IMG_7080.jpg

 photo IMG_7081.jpg

 photo IMG_7085.jpg

 photo IMG_7087.jpg

Maybe Patrick’s right — maybe we could have just shown up after the parade to see the parked floats, but there was a goofy, small-town charm to the parade that made it worth seeing at least once. Check it out next year!

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  • Jennifer
    November 2, 2015

    What a charming parade! I love the retro vibe. And the hearses – that’s cool! Why don’t more towns have one like it? Hopefully I can get down there to see it next year. Thanks for the post!

    • Carrie
      November 22, 2015

      Oooh! I hope you do!

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