Touring Walt Disney’s Office: Part 3

And now, the thrilling conclusion of our photo tour of Walt Disney’s recently restored office suite at the Disney Studios lot!

When you exit Walt’s working office, you walk through what used to be a closet (or maybe the bathroom?) leading to a small room where he used to relax and get physical therapy for his polo injury.

 photo WaltsOffice 134_zpszhqeqmvy.jpg

On the right is a beautiful stained glass panel. I think the tour guide said it was painted by one of the Disney artists, but I’m afraid I’ve forgotten who.

 photo WaltsOffice 153_zpspsertpu7.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 151_zpsmheetgco.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 132_zpsc92odec1.jpg

The Archives set up a small display of Walt’s personal effects in the pass-through too. You’ll see his Bank of America deposit book, California Association of Highway Patrolmen sponsor card, chrome Eveready penlight, Edaville (South Carver, MA) railroad pass, polo mallet, reading glasses, Remington 60 DeLuxe electric shaver, Seattle World’s Fair Gold Pass, straw hat and monogrammed toiletry bag.

 photo WaltsOffice 127_zpsdfvj87m6.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 128_zpsqi87zfdv.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 129_zpsh5catlks.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 130_zps5kz3nnzk.jpg

This necktie was found in the back of the center drawer of Walt’s formal-office desk when the Archives staff were repacking the office for storage. You gotta wonder, was it in there because it was Walt’s favorite or because he never wanted to have to wear it again?

 photo WaltsOffice 135_zpse3gj8ow4.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 138_zps6dkfww5y.jpg

The Suite 3H brochure they give out on the tour says the room beyond the closet was set up as a small bedroom and bathroom, but that Walt never really used it as a bedroom. But I love how he stashed little apartments all over the place! The Archives decided to use it for a rotating collection of displays. Right now it’s set up with examples of the animation furniture custom-built by Disney Studio architect Kem Weber.

 photo WaltsOffice 131_zps6dayaxrj.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 155_zpssrgl3qm5.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 156_zpsosp9vnzh.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 139_zpsatqva8f1.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 140_zpssytgancl.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 157_zpsvimce8y9.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 158_zpsc2ki4rfm.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 159_zps94ugcf6a.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 141_zpss9jomajd.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 142_zps3xgnnulb.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 143_zpsgmx6oe5k.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 160_zpsev9npigm.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 161_zps1m7ke1lg.jpg

One of these dudes is Kem Weber:

 photo WaltsOffice 150_zpshii9vfhz.jpg

They’ve enlarged one of the few photographs of this room as it appeared in Walt’s day.

 photo WaltsOffice 171_zps5zliy8fb.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 145_zpsllrnop6o.jpg

 photo FullSizeRender_zpsupyvtxaz.jpg

It looks like the table, chair and floor lamp are original to this room.

 photo WaltsOffice 165_zpsvgtpodtg.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 147_zpscverixg1.jpg

Kem Weber’s concept for Roy Disney’s office.

 photo WaltsOffice 148_zpss7l8ch8i.jpg

Kem Weber even designed this clock!

 photo WaltsOffice 163_zpsvraafiqu.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 167_zps28dwifyl.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 168_zpsddcnl8pb.jpg

In case you need to call anybody at the studio in 1945…

 photo WaltsOffice 169_zpscaenwjix.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 172_zps3k2rscac.jpg

…And then you’re back out in the entrance area!

 photo WaltsOffice 175_zpsjagwixuh.jpg

Did I mention Walt had a Squaw Valley Winter Olympics torch? Well, he did!

 photo WaltsOffice 173_zpsxjjfzbdu.jpg

“What in the H am I s’posed to do with a Squaw Valley Winter Olympics torch…?”

 photo WaltsOffice 180_zpsfvmmfcx6.jpg

At that point the tour concluded and, in the nicest possible way, we were shown the door.

 photo WaltsOffice 177_zpsoylmf0jk.jpg

If you’re a Disney employee, here’s how you can request a tour…

 photo WaltsOffice 184_zpst8mvvoxv.jpg

There are more neat photographs in the hall outside Suite 3H, like this 1940 shot of the Westminster Choir (who performed for initial tests of the “Ave Maria” sequence of Fantasia) getting a private showing of Pinocchio in nearby Screening Room 3H-12.

 photo WaltsOffice 186_zpsjjhdwt6v.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice20187_zpsjnsc1v6d.jpg

Walt’s Nine Old Men!

 photo WaltsOffice 191_zps8fz7zhmh.jpg

On the way out, our host took us on a mini tour of the rest of the old Animation Building, which allowed me to snap a lot of mediocre photos of the art on the walls!

 photo WaltsOffice 188_zpsufkl4r6b.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 190_zpsrwvx2v0z.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 193_zpsc8pfxmyo.jpg

I think our host said this office belonged to the Nine Old Men. Or maybe it was just Frank and Ollie… I can’t imagine them squeezing nine whole men into one tiny suite!

 photo WaltsOffice 194_zpss5lydonq.jpg

There’s a nice display of movie props about halfway down the hall on the third floor:

Headpieces, shoes and assorted props from Enchanted

 photo WaltsOffice 195_zpsbagt4dfy.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 196_zpsjrg032fh.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 197_zpstpkqx6ly.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 198_zpsk1mjlpmi.jpg

Props from Dick Tracy

 photo WaltsOffice 199_zpszy7yxond.jpg

And then it’s back to posters for obscure mid-century Disney films!

 photo WaltsOffice 200_zpswygzoeh4.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 202_zpsljtkwaht.jpg

Nice view of the theater where we sometimes get to attend screenings…

 photo WaltsOffice 201_zpss3gsgfef.jpg

I’ve always loved this diorama of the movie-making process!

 photo WaltsOffice 212_zpskitgeubu.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 211_zpsayosfpwt.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 210_zps3pe3rvzx.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 208_zpsamlghrwk.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 207_zpsu7cq5vfv.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 206_zpstzjj0wbv.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 205_zpsrsu4pcnw.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 204_zpstfdugaig.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 203_zpsmwsrdexb.jpg

“Future Home of Gelson’s Supermarket!”

 photo WaltsOffice 213_zpsrowdmu3c.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 215_zpsuyryq663.jpg

Down on the second floor is the Art of Disney’s Animation exhibit I’m always trying to photograph when we get to go to those screenings. Dunno if I did any better this time!

 photo WaltsOffice 216_zpslj3ks2yx.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 217_zpsngnnfeqj.jpg

The story of The Cold-Blooded Penguin made a big impression on me as a kid, so I always take lots of photos of this art.

 photo WaltsOffice 218_zpsffw6qv3f.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 219_zpsqnf442om.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 220_zpslilzlcuh.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 221_zpsecjxj95z.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 222_zpsqohmuhbv.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 223_zpsqjcffxii.jpg

Some of my all-time favorite Disney backgrounds are from “Lady and the Tramp.”

 photo WaltsOffice 224_zpstldlrmk9.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 225_zpsmt18din4.jpg

 photo WaltsOffice 226_zpslwnpy2gc.jpg

Some info about the Animation Building:

 photo WaltsOffice 228_zpsgo73sjua.jpg

And then we were done! If you ever get a chance to tour Suite 3H, I highly recommend it. It looks like D23 is doing another studio tour on November 5, and tickets go on sale next Wednesday!

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    October 14, 2016

    Another great post! Thank you for sharing!

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      October 14, 2016

      Yay! Somebody read this one! 😀

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